Who Is Don Billiato Owner and What is the Price in South Africa

Billiato, also known as “a taste of wealth,” is a premium tequila drink launched by Cassper Nyovest (aka Don Billiato) in December 2021. It costs about R300 to be able to afford a 750ml bottle.

A few months after its launch, the luxury drink emerged as the 8th best-selling liquor in South Africa. It has experienced high demand in the market in recent times and so is often sold out at designated retail stores. Billiato is quite affordable and has garnered positive reviews. With the liquor drink breaking into the top 10 best-selling liquors in the country in its first year, it’s being considered SA’s fastest-growing liquor brand.

Who is The Owner of Billiato Drink?

Even though Billiato was launched by the renowned SA music producer and entrepreneur Cassper Nyovest on his birthday celebration at his residence―the luxurious Kyalami mansion, many still question whether he is the actual owner of the brand. In May 2022, it was rumored by Musa Khawula, a popular entertainment blogger, that Cassper Nyovest wasn’t the owner of the luxury drink.

Musa stated in his Twitter post that Billiato is owned by David de Mardt, CEO of Cruz and that the Family Tree Records owner works as a brand ambassador. Introducing his fans to the said owner and director of Billiato, the entertainment blogger uploaded a supposed picture of David de Mardt.

Shortly, Cassper Nyovest had to set the record straight in another tweet. He first corrected Musa Khawula that the person he posted as David de Mardt wasn’t the real David. The shrewd businessman implored Musa to stop spreading lies on social media as he is the majority shareholder of Billiato. He categorically stated that he is not a brand ambassador or influencer of the premium tequila drink. Instead, he is the owner, founder, chief executive, and marketing director of Billiato.

Besides Nyovest, there are many other South African celebrities who own alcoholic brands, as the business is quite lucrative in the country. They include:

What is Cassper Nyovest Best Known For?

Refiloe Maele Pholo, professionally known as Cassper Nyovest, is a multi-awarding-winning rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is also a businessman and amateur boxer. He first ventured into the liquor business when he partnered with luxury vodka brand, Cîroc to launch the limited-edition bottle. He further owns a sneaker line called Root of Fame in partnership with Drip Footwear founder Lekau Sehoana.

The Billiato owner established his record label, Family Tree Records in 2014. He has managed popular artists in the country, including Nadia Nakai and Tshego. Considered one of SA’s most successful music artists, Cassper Nyovest is said to be worth over $5 million. Over the years, he has signed lucrative endorsement deals with brands such as MTN, AG Mobile, Coca-Cola, Castle Lite, Samsung, Shoprite, Nike SA, and Cîroc.

When Was Billiato Launched?

Cassper Nyovest launched his alcoholic brand in an all-white party held for his 31st birthday celebration on December 16th, 2021. The launch party was held at his luxurious mansion in Johannesburg and was graced by SA’s top celebrities such as Pearl Thusi, DJ Black Coffee, TT Mbha, Kamo Mphela, Mbali Nkosi, Lasizwe Dambuza, Sarah Langa, among others. Billiato cocktails and other drinks were served at the open bar.

Is Billiato a Gin or Vodka?

Billiato is a premium tequila drink and not vodka or gin. In September 2021, when the ‘Tsholofelo’ hitmaker announced his upcoming venture into the alcohol industry, he stated that he would be launching his liquor drink but refused to specify what type it was. He later replied by describing the drink as a taste of wealth without giving a succinct answer to the question.

Eventually, Cassper Nyovest disclosed that it was tequila. He also explained that the name of the drink comes from the word billion. And Billiato is a name associated with the culture of the Vaal township people in South Africa, who consider themselves to be Italians. Describing the drink as one of a kind shooter, the music star launched Billiato for people to have an idea of what wealth tastes like.

What is Don Billiato Price in South Africa?

A few months after the ‘Thuto’ singer announced that Billiato had been made available in reliable liquor stores in the country, it was posted on social media that its price at Tops was R279.99. Presently, you need at least R300 to be able to afford a 750ml of a taste of wealth. The price of Billiato in SA now ranges from 277.00 to R299.99.

Where to Buy Billiato

Cassper Nyovest’s Billiato can be found in a number of liquor stores, as well as online stores, including:

  • Makro
  • Konka
  • John’s Liquor
  • Tops
  • Spar
  • Pick n Pay

The Premium Liquor is a Best-seller Drink in SA

Elated with the success of his alcoholic brand, The Family Tree Records founder took to Twitter to announce that Billiato ranks as the 8th best-selling liquor drink in South Africa in October 2022. Cassper also shared that the premium tequila drink is the fastest-growing liquor brand in the country. Consequently, he appreciated his fans for the overwhelming support shown to him so far.

Billiato has been the hottest drink in the liquor market since its release. Many consider it to be affordable, and thus, it has been constantly in high demand. It was sold out in Johannesburg shortly after its launch. Also, following its availability at Konka Night Club, Billiato was immediately out of stock as Andile Mpisane purchased the whole drinks made available at Konka.

The ‘Doc Shebeleza’ hitmaker has been busy marketing his liquor brand on Twitter. He also shares reviews about the product on the social media platform. Little wonder, the business recorded huge success in its first year.

Is AKA Billiato’s Ambassador?

Don Billiato and AKA are known to be long-time rivals. As a result, they are often embroiled in feuds. In October 2022, Cassper Nyovest shared a post on Twitter, unveiling Kiernan Forbes as the new ambassador of Billiato. He shared a photo of Forbes holding a bottle of Billiato in his hand and captioned it, “Introducing the new Brand Ambassador of Billiato. Mix it with Lemonade”.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions as many believed it was a joke from the award-winning rapper. It was evident that the bottle of Billiato was photoshopped into AKA’s hand. The businessman later wrote that he could also play the trolling game. It was presumed that the announcement was a means of his retaliation against AKA for attacking him with the ‘Composure’ performance at the Spring Fiesta concert.

Though Cass saw it as a trolling game, AKA didn’t find it funny as his management stated that they are considering taking legal action against the Billiato owner as his post violated AKA’s rights to have his likeness and image protected by law. They have since debunked the news by stating that AKA is not the ambassador of Billiato.

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