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Smart ID Online Application Process and the Requirements to Meet

There are a lot of things to know about the upgraded identity system, including how to apply online and the requirements to meet. The Smart ID Online Application process is quite an easy task to handle, as long as you press the right buttons.

In this piece, you will also get to know the various ways the ID is considered more secured and effective than the green barcoded ID book that was in existence before its introduction.

How to Check Outstanding Vehicle Licence Fees Online and If There’s Penalty to Pay

Having outstanding vehicle license fees is not something to be proud of, but if you find yourself in such a situation, there are certain things you need to know.

First, you must look for a way to clear the outstanding fees and be ready to make some financial commitments because there is no way it can be cleared without you making some payments. Once the payment goes through, you will be cleared instantly, and you can go ahead to move your vehicle around without worry.

How to Do A Telkom Sim Swap or Check Your Mobile Number

With the Telkom SIM swap service, customers can use a particular mobile number for life, even though they may change their phone at intervals. It cancels the need to inform your close contacts and business associates that you have lost your phone and have acquired a new SIM as you can opt for a Telkom SIM swap, and everything is alright again.

There are several reasons why a Telkom customer may decide to request a Telkom SIM swap. As mentioned above, a customer who loses or misplaces their phone would rightly request a Telkom SIM swap to retrieve their Telkom mobile lines. If one’s SIM card is damaged, this is a reason to request a Telkom SIM swap.

DStv Family Package Channels List and Its Price

A basic family is made up of the father, mother, and children. While the father may love watching sports, the mother may prefer soapies and reality TV shows, while the children, on the other hand, may prefer cartoons and kiddies programs. While choosing a DStv bouquet, it is important to understand your family’s needs and go for one that perfectly suits it. With the family in mind, DStv has grouped channels to meet the needs of all members. This package is called DStv Family Package.

All the members of a typical South African family can now enjoy watching their favorite channels paying for just one bouquet. If you love the DStv family package idea and would love to know the price and channel list, then you should keep reading, as we have put all of that together with you in mind.

How To Unlock DStv Free Channels and Watch Them Without Paying

Since the emergence of DStv under the parentage of Multichoice Group in 1995, it has continued to grow both in the services it offers and its subscribers. By 2020, the service had more than 20 million paying subscribers, with only South Africa making up 8.7 million. While the DStv premium service has helped it grow this much, services such as the DStv free channels, which customers can watch without paying, also helps. These free DStv channels are available for users without paying a dime, and one can easily unlock them using the DStv Now application.

Capitec Cash Send: How To Send Money or Reverse a Transfer

Capitec Cash Send is a method of transfer used by Capitec Bank to make the transfer of money from one Capitec account to another easier for all their customers. With your mobile phone and at your convenience, you can transfer money by either using the app or USSD code. To get the Capitec app, you can choose to download it from Google Play Store (for Android phone users) or App Store (for iPhone users) on your phone or visit any Capitec bank branch around you.

It is pertinent to note that before you are allowed to make use of the app to transfer money, you have to have an account with Capitec Bank and activate the mobile app. To open a Capitec Bank account, you have to visit any branch around you. The only document you will need for this procedure is a document of identification.

Telkom Customer Care: Call Center Contact Number and the Services You Can Request

Telkom is a major telecommunication company located in South Africa. The organization was founded in the year 1991 and currently runs businesses in more than 32 countries in Africa, including Tanzania, Namibia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. Telkom customer care is one of the departments of the telecommunication company that relates more often with clients. They provide a whole lot of services ranging from voice to data, broadband, and even internet services.

There are various ways you can reach out to the company’s customer care service. All the channels are very effective and fast as well. So, it’s up to you to go for the most suitable option.

Netflix South Africa Packages and Prices for 2021

With over 208 million subscribers as of April 2021, Netflix is one of the most successful international video-on-demand streaming services. The platform’s careful selection of movies and TV shows has made people across the globe trust it, with certainty that almost everything on Netflix is worth watching. The 2020 global lockdown resulting from the coronavirus pandemic left a lot of people bored at home, and Netflix became the companion of many.

Since Netflix was launched in South Africa, they have worked with production companies to showcase the talent and creativity of South Africans to the world. The major limitations most South Africans and Africans at large have with streaming Netflix is the huge amount of data it consumes, besides the subscription fee. But in order to satisfy everyone, Netflix has made its services affordable to all by dividing their packages into different categories.

How To Do a SIM Swap On MTN – Online Methods and Self Service Codes

There is hardly a thing as frustrating as losing one’s SIM card, either because it’s damaged or lost. This is because there are many people who may want to contact you via the line or you have used it for various registrations or it’s probably linked to your bank account. The good news is that you can easily retrieve your line through a SIM Swap on MTN.

The process of carrying out a SIM Swap on the network is very easy and can be done either online or through the self-service code. More so, you can have it done by visiting an MTN store. Before you attempt to carry out such a swap, there are a lot of important things that you might need to know and keep at the back of your mind.

Methods for MTN Contract Cancelation and the Call Center Numbers For Customers

Almost all network providers offer contracts to their customers. These contracts come with data packages, airtime, and SMS at different prices. Usually, contracts attract a monthly billing fee which customers must agree to during the application process. These contracts were put in place to improve customer satisfaction, but situations may arise that can cause a customer who is on a contract to decide to cancel. In situations like this, the process for MTN contract cancelation is quite easy to initiate and complete.

However, before a customer decides to cancel a contract, it is important to know what it entails, and the possible consequences that may come with the decision. If you are interested in canceling your MTN contract and want to know how to go about it, you are reading the right article.

How To Check My UIF Status Or Make A Claim Online

As of the first quarter of 2021, South Africa has an employment rate of 32.6% and about 46.3% of unemployed people are within the age of 15-34. It is a known index that the unemployment rate is equal to the high crime rate in any society, especially for those within the age bracket aforementioned. However, the South African government is doing all it can to see to it that while people are unemployed, something is done to help them take care of their basic needs like feeding and shelter. They have put up schemes like SASSA Special Relief Fund and the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

With the Unemployment Insurance Fund, employees can save up a percentage of their monthly income by contributing it to the fund, and any time they lose their jobs or may not be paid by their employer, they can apply to start getting the benefits from the money that have been contributed up to that point. With this, the unemployed can cater to basic needs for the period of time they are still searching for new jobs.

How To Check My MTN Number and the Self Service Numbers For Easy Access

There are many reasons some people find it difficult to memorize their MTN number. When people buy a new sim card, it takes some weeks, months, and sometimes a year or more to finally memorize their number. And then, when someone has more than one mobile number, it takes a sharp memory to have all of them upstairs accurately. In a bid to proffer a solution to these challenges, MTN came up with ways to make things a bit easier for its customers to easily retrieve their numbers with little or no difficulty anytime any day.

The paragraphs below outline ways to check for your phone number without breaking a sweat if you are an MTN user. Before we get down to business, it is important to note that your MTN phone number is written on your SIM pack, and the underlisted methods can only be needful if your SIM pack is not readily available at the time you want to check the number or if you have lost the pack.

How Do I Check My SASSA Balance Or Change The Banking Details?

In 2005, the South African Department of Social Development (DSD) created the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). The aim of creating the agency was to help provide relief funds to less privileged South Africans who may be living below the poverty line or on the verge of a financial crisis. Through the SASSA, the government provides grants in form of cash, food parcels, or vouchers to its needy citizens.

Grants are offered to people in different categories and the government has put different measures in check to avoid fraud or giving out grants to people who don’t need it while those who need it suffer in lack. One of the things every SASSA beneficiary should know is how to check their balance using the different methods available. Also, the government has made it possible for beneficiaries of the social grant to be able to change their account details whenever they want.

Truworths Account Payment Options and How To Check Your Balance

Truworths is a South African leading fashion retail business that offers fashion services to clients both locally and internationally. Unlike most businesses in the country, it’s an online retail business that competes with other notable brands in the ever-evolving fashion market. The brand is part of an international holding investment company known as Truworths International.

The Cape Town-based brand is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Truworths has a range of specialized retail chains which are either exclusively owned or license-operated. They include Truworths, Truworths Man, Inwear, Identity, Daniel Hechter, LTD, Ginger Mary, Uzzi, Hey Betty, Earthaddict, Earthchild, Naartjie, Office London, Loads of Living and Context, and specialist chain YDE. This fashion retail company basically deals in clothing, accessories, footwear, homeware, and related merchandise that are one of a kind.

How to Recover A Lost SASSA Card and Fix Other Problems You May Encounter

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) issues a biometric payment card known as SASSA Card to the beneficiaries of social grants. The agency plays a pivotal role in the delivery of social security services to the citizens of the country, especially eligible children, people with disabilities, and older persons. Over the past years, SASSA has paid grants to tens of millions of people as the agency ensures that the right social grants are paid to the right people at the right time and place. Hence, the beneficiaries of these grants are registered on SASSA’s national social grant payment system.

How to Cancel Subscriptions on MTN or Check Active WASP Content Services

You may constantly be recharging your phone, but your airtime keeps exhausting, or your phone bill is unusually high. Several things could cause this, including a high tariff package or needless premium subscriptions in the form of active WASP content services on your line. If any of the above is the reason, you can either change your tariff, cancel such premium subscriptions on MTN, and check to see what services are on your line.

Unlike a Tariff plan that you set all on your own, many of the premium services run by Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPs) have a bizarre way of getting on one’s phone, and they continuously bill phone users until one finds and deactivates them.

What To Know About MTN Contracts, How To Apply and Check Your Application Status

Since 1994, MTN has been in the business of providing good network service for its users. Originally starting off operations in South Africa, the company has grown to become the largest network provider in Africa and the ninth largest network provider globally with about 273.44 million subscribers. But despite being the largest in South Africa, MTN is not relenting when it comes to providing optimum service for their millions of users, which has contributed to why the network keeps growing. One of the ways MTN provides reasonable customer satisfaction is through MTN Contracts. As an MTN user, to get the best of your network provider, you should take advantage of the contracts they offer.

Differences Between DStv Compact and Compact Plus Package – Channels List and Prices

A lot of people always wonder if the difference between the DStv packages – Compact and Compact Plus – is just the price and nothing more. Well, the fact that the prices are different should outrightly tell you that the more expensive package which is Compact Plus should offer more entertainment to its subscribers. If you are trying to choose between DStv Compact Plus and Compact packages and want to know more about their differences and channels list, you are in the right company.

Aside from being more expensive than the Compact bouquet, DStv Compact Plus subscribers will also enjoy access to more channels which means more entertainment. However, just like it is with the lower/cheaper packages, the fact that Compact is cheaper than Compact Plus, and has fewer channels does not mean that subscribers will not get enough value for their money.

Telkom Data Deals, Bundles and Their Prices

Although Telkom is usually criticized for having expensive data plans, there are affordable data deals and bundles for every Telkom user. There are cheaper ones for those who do not need so much data on their phones and even unlimited data for those who make use of so much data. The unlimited and more expensive bundles are more economical for those who use more data weekly or monthly.

To choose an ideal data deal, you should have a good idea of all the different Telkom data deals. If you are a Telkom user and will like to know more about the different Telkom data deals and bundles available, keep reading.

How To Activate Capitec App Without Going To The Bank

The Capitec banking app is one of the easiest apps to use. The Capitec bank’s brainchild was designed to make banking simpler, less cumbersome, convenient, and more friendly. Since its establishment in 2001, the bank has risen to become the second-largest financial institution in South Africa. The Capitec banking app is just one out of numerous digital features they have come up with.

The Capitec Bank app serves both individuals and businesses. It contains a whole of user-friendly features that banking an amazing experience. To enjoy their banking app services, you need to some less-cumbersome steps to make that happen.

An Overview of eFundi and How to Login to the NWU Gateway

In South African universities, learning and connecting with lecturers and other students in and out of campus has been getting easier; and for students of the North-West University (NWU), it is also very interesting, especially with the introduction of the eFundi, an online learning tool that every student of the institution should take advantage of. To help improve your experience on the portal, we have essayed all you need to know about logging in, changing your password, as well as a brief overview of eFundi and more.

How to Cancel Telkom Contract or Upgrade Yours

Fibre deals, data/airtime bundles, and broadband deals are not the only products and services Telkom offers. The telecommunication brand also offers Telkom contracts. While there are different data bundle deals to suit different kinds of customers’ preferences, there are also different Telkom contracts. All these contracts have different prices and terms to suit the different needs of customers.

To qualify to apply and buy a Telkom deal, you have to be eligible, keep reading this post to know the eligibility requirements to buy a Telkom contract, and how to apply for a contract, and most importantly, how to cancel your Telkom contract.