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TT Mbha (born 1979, Age: 45 years old) is a South African real estate agent who is best known as the CEO of Black Real Estate. He is also popular for starring in the show, Living The Dream With Somizi. While there’s no doubt that TT is doing well in his career, his net worth has remained a mystery. 

TT Mbha’s portfolio makes him one of the most accomplished South African real estate agents in luxury residential homes. He knew his calling was the real estate business from a young age and began pursuing his dreams against all odds. Before real estate, he was a fashion designer, but at a point, he couldn’t resist his love for beautiful houses.

Mbha is indeed a household name in the real estate business in South Africa. He has his foot in the media sector, where he is doing great. An outstanding motivational speaker, he uses several platforms such as TV shows, interviews, and conferences to talk about his business line and encourage the “Black child” to always live their dreams and become the best versions of themselves.

Summary of TT Mbha’s Biography

  • Full name: Thabo Mbha
  • Nickname: TT
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: 1979
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • TT Mbha’s Wife: Esperanca Mbha
  • TT Mbha’s Children: Tumi and TJ
  • Famous for: Being the CEO of Black Real Estate
  • TT Mbha’s Instagram: ttmbha and MzansiCribs
  • Twitter: ttmbha
  • Facebook: ttmbha

TT Mbha was Born in Soweto 45 Years Ago

Black Real Estate CEO Tt Mbha was born in 1979 in Pamville, Soweto. Not much is known about his background, family members, and childhood because he has kept information about this aspect of his life away from the public for years. TT was not born by the wealthiest parents in Soweto that year. He once shared how he would visit developed places as a boy to admire beautiful houses in his locality. The real estate agent was raised to see everyone like family, respect his elders, and not discriminate against anyone irrespective of the person’s color, background, or financial status.

Mr. Mbha had his high school education at Parktown High School and later studied Clothing Management at Wits Technikon. He also has other qualifications that have helped his career immensely. The prominent realtor holds a Chartered Marketer South Africa CM (SA) qualification endorsed by the Marketing Association of South Africa MA (SA).

He equally has a Marketing Degree from the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM), a Clothing Management Degree from Wits Technikon, an Advanced Diploma plus a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Cranefield College.

In addition, the Soweto native holds a Chartered Marketer designation from the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA), a certificate in Strategic Marketing from the University of Cape Town, and a Master Practitioner Designation from the Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa.

Now you know why he is one of the best realtors in the country. TT Mhba has over a 17-year, award-winning professional track record. His certificates and qualifications helped shape his career and take it to great heights.

A recap of his qualifications and certificates

  • Clothing Management Degree from Wits Technikon
  • Certificate in Strategic Marketing from the University of Cape Town
  • Chartered Marketer South Africa CM (SA) qualification endorsed by the Marketing Association of South Africa MA (SA)
  • A Master Practitioner Designation from the Estate Agency Affairs Board of South Africa
  • An Advanced Diploma plus a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Cranefield College
  • A Chartered Marketer designation from the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA)
  • A Marketing Degree from the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM)

The Real Estate Marketer’s Real Name Is Thabo Mbha

It’s always fascinating to learn the real names of celebrities. Though popularly known as TT Mbha, the real estate mogul’s full name is Thabo Mbha. It is quite understandable that not many people know that Mbha’s birth name is Thabo. This is because his nickname “TT” has been used for a long time.

The South African realtor’s username across several social media platforms also has a touch of his nickname. According to him, the abbreviated name is somewhat of a brand he has created for himself. Did we mention that TT has an overwhelming number of followers on social media? He’s being followed by thousands of people, and he is one man who is very approachable and always willing to help people grow.

A Close Look At TT Mbha’s Real Estate Career 

Before venturing into real estate, TT Mbha worked as a fashion buyer for Edgars, having obtained a degree in Clothing Management from Wits Technikon. He became a co-founder of Square Metre Holdings CC in his early days, precisely in 2004, after which he jointly founded Totally Tailored Marketing CC in 2006.

Four years later, the Soweto-born realtor made another successful career move that would see him become one of the celebrated personalities in the media field. This time, he joined the television production company Black Brain Group as a group executive director for sales, marketing, and strategy.

In 2014, it was announced that the businessman has started working for one of the USA’s largest real estate companies, Keller Williams Realty Worldwide, as a master practitioner. At Keller, TT Mbha was able to maximize every growth opportunity that came his way. The international brand also helped his career immensely and was instrumental to his growth as a realtor.

Armed with the needed requisites, TT successfully launched his personal real estate agency called Black Real Estate Pty Ltd in 2014 in partnership with the elite real estate brand Keller Williams. Keller operates in South Africa, Belgium, the United States, Austria, Turkey, Germany, Indonesia, the UK, Vietnam, Switzerland, and many other countries.

Mbha’s Black Real Estate offers turnkey services for real estate management, sales, and consulting. They target the high-end elite market and have sold properties to prominent people. They also take care of the everyday home-seeker as well.

The Marketing Brand, Mzansi Crib, Is His Brainchild As Well

Mzansi Crib forms part of TT’s Black Real Estate. The aspirational real estate marketing brand, however, focuses on residential sales on three-tier levels. They include:

  • UltraLuxuryMzansiCribs R20 million – R100 million
  • LuxuryMzansiCribs R10 million – R20 million
  • MzansiCribs R1 million – R10 million

Recently, Mbha returned with season 2 of the home improvement show Msansi Crib Makeover. TT’s love for home makeovers was what inspired him to launch the show. The show is all about celebrating and giving back to ordinary South Africans who have impacted other people’s lives.

Mansi Crib Makeover focuses on uplifting the community; a person who embodies the spirit of ubuntu is nominated by community members, and that person gets his home renovated for free. The real estate business is TT’s known primary source of income, and a bigger part of his overall wealth came through it.

TT Mbha Is Poised To Make A Name For Himself In The TV Industry

One of the ways Mbha maintains and grows his wealth is through smart business investments and ventures. He has a reputation for making good business decisions, and they all are paying off. The realtor is a TV personality who has appeared in a couple of shows in the South African TV industry, including Living The Dream With Somizi, a docu-reality show that gives viewers a glimpse into Somizi Mhlongo’s life.

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The show also hosts South African celebrities who participate in discussions on random topics and other insightful activities. Mbha was one of the show’s familiar faces and very close to Somizi then. He missed season 3 of the show and later made a comeback.

Currently, TT has been doing a great job as the host of his won reality home improvement show, Mzansi Crib MakeOver. The show has been amassing a large viewership since it first premiered in January 2021. Both TV shows have helped in skyrocketing his fame and net worth.

The Realtor Lives A Glamourous And Flashy Lifestyle That Shows He’s Extremely Wealthy

TT Mbha doesn’t hide the fact that he is filthy rich. His lifestyle, cars, and house prove that he is successful in his endeavors. Although not much is known about his house and cars, his life as a socialite exudes royalty and class.

Fashion is the realtor’s second passion, and he doesn’t hold back from showing the world how stylish he is. TT puts his stylish looks all out on social media, and his fans love it so much.

He also has an impressive car collection that includes the German Audi series, Mercedes Benz, and other models that are not known publicly. He is an ambassador for Jaguar South Africa – thanks to his love for exotic cars.

There is no information about his house, its location, and its features. However, we do know that he lives in a befitting mansion with his wife and adorable two daughters.

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