Who Is MoFaya Owner and What is His Net Worth?

MoFaya owners are DJ Sbu and Siphiwe Likhuleni Shongwe, a South African businessman. DJ Sbu, however, has been the face and voice of the brand since its inception and he has a net worth of $2 million. 

MoFaya is a beverage company owned totally by black people. By fostering a sense of social responsibility and collaboration with others, the brand’s owners have empowered and built up entrepreneurs. In general, they promote a culture of education, empowerment, and passion.

DJ Sbu Co-owns MoFaya Drink

DJ Sbu and businessman Siphiwe Likhuleni Shongwe are joint owners of MoFaya. It was the latter that approached DJ Sbu with the suggestion to launch a black-owned beverage company.

In 2014, the business began operations and ran its first advertisements. Since then, they have been in business and have seen a considerable increase in both production and marketing.

Unbeknownst to many, DJ Sbu is not MoFaya’s sole owner. Since he has served as the brand’s spokesperson and public face since its inception, many people assume he is the only owner of the business. He claims Siphiwe has been with him from the start and that his co-partner prefers to do it that way since he is naturally camera-shy.

DJ Sbu often mentions how his partner was inspired by the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, Julius Malema, who founded his own party and rose to immense prominence after he was dismissed from the biggest political party, the ANC.

DJ Sbu himself bought the idea of setting up MoFaya as a 100% black-owned company after he was dismissed by the giant media company, SABC.

So far, despite the ups and downs, disappointments, initial rejections, and tryouts, Mofaya has come to stay as one of the favorite local drinks in the country.

MoFaya was Launched in 2014 with One Variant

MoFaya was launched in 2014 with one energy drink variant. The brand subsequently added three extra flavors following a tremendous expansion in sales.

DJ Sbu’s company achieved another milestone in 2020 when they introduced 12 carbonated drinks to the range of drinks. They include Raspberry – Isichomani, Cola – Sash Mnyamane, Lemon – Boss Zonke, Granadilla – Slay Queen, Grape – Tjovitjo, Coco Pine – Yellow Bone, Iron Brew – Intsimbi, Lemonade – Botsotso, Ginger Beer – iGemmer, Litchi – Akekhugogo, Orange – Mzekezeke, and Crème Soda – Nomalizo.

The Johannesburg-based company’s preferences are energy drinks, alcohol, sports drinks, and beverage. As of 2017, MoFaya was selling over 1.2 million cans every month.

DJ Sbu comes from a humble beginning and it’s no surprise that he has been doing amazing work in pushing the brand to the frontline both within and outside the country. Currently, products from the brand can be found in more than 180 stores nationwide.

In 2018, he was massively supported by locals when he was seen selling his beverage drinks at the famous Bree taxi rank. In 2020, he reportedly partnered with Tanzanian artist Ali Kiba to market and promote MoFaya in the country.

Some time ago, he was spotted with American radio host and TV personality Lenard Larry McKelvey, professionally known as Charlamagne tha God at The Breakfast Club, New York in a bid to gain some international exposure.

Did DJ Sbu Actually Sell his Stake in MoFaya for R493 million?

DJ Sbu shared on Instagram on April 1, 2017, that he had sold a 26% stake in his MoFaya beverages company to the multi-million company Coca-Cola for R493 million. He also mentioned that he had worked on the project for two years before it finally came to fruition.

According to him, the deal would make it possible for the MoFaya drinks to be available in almost every store in the country, in over 17 countries in Africa, as well as SADC.

MoFaya, he concluded, would be operating from the Coca-Cola head office starting in July 2017. However, it later turned out that the veteran TV/radio host played an April Fool prank on his followers.

In a subsequent chat with South African entertainer Phat Joe, DJ Sbu shared that the prank caught the attention of his long-lost friends and ex-girlfriends who quickly reappeared and tried to mend their friendships with him.

What is DJ Sbu’s Net Worth Today?

DJ Sbu’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. He did not generate the staggering figure from his beverage company alone. There are other endeavors that also contributed to making him wealthy.

Business Ventures

DJ Sbu is the founder of the African Entrepreneurs initiative platform, Hustlers Academy and Leadership 2020. The Educational and economic empowerment center has mentored and trained many aspiring leaders.

Radio Station

DJ Sbu also makes his money from his radio station the Massive Metro radio station as well as the Home Grown Radio network. He basically utilizes the platforms as a training ground for other young people interested in a career in radio.

Paid Gigs and Concerts

DJ Sbu is one of the most booked DJs in the entertainment industry. Being a talented disc jockey, he is often spotted at clubs and other events entertaining the audience. Remarkably, his stage performances and outings are usually electrifying and thrilling.

One of the highlights of his DJ career was his stellar performance at the Vinyl Experience Competition.

TV Gigs

DJ Sbu is a top-notch broadcaster with many years of experience. Some of the notable TV works he has been part of over the course of his career include the reality series Friends Like These and the SABC1 talent competition Gumbi Fire.

Music Records and Collaborative Songs 

DJ Sbu began his musical career shortly after he launched his broadcasting career in 1998. He rose to prominence after he joined YFM station, leading to his music career gaining much visibility.

He has released several songs over the years and is best known for his hit songs Lengoma and For A Reason. Leope has also worked with numerous artists in the country, for which he was handsomely rewarded financially.

DJ Sbu has sold thousands of his music records and albums since he started making music. Some of his popular songs include;

  • Reading your mind (2011)
  • Lengoma ( 2011)
  • Way of Life (2011)
  • Remember when it rained (2006)
  • Qina (2012)
  • Ngiyabonga (2014)
  • Get Together (2006)

TV & Radio

In 1998, DJ Sbu began working for the community radio station Tembisa Infor Radio. He produced programs on the weekends when he was employed by the media company.

Later, in 2000, he joined YFM and began hosting the well-liked weekend program Beauty and the Beast. Before going back to YFM, he spent some time working at Ukhozi FM.

The Kwaito artist also worked at SABC but was sacked from the Megan media firm in 2015. He claimed he was sacked for promoting his MoFaya drink during an award show.

Acting Roles 

DJ Sbu has played a few different TV roles. They include

Additionally, he had an appearance in commercials for the corporate brands Toyota Tazz and World Online.


The sensational DJ is the owner of the podcast, Hustlers Corner SA. He recently shared that his podcast jointly works with the international company with REVOLT TV, which is owned by American rapper Seans Love Combs, professionally known as P Diddy.

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