Nico Matlala Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Nico Matlala is a 39-year-old South African businessman born in 1985. His net worth is between $1 million to $5 million. 

Matlala has long been connected to various scandals and controversies, including his contentious relationships with several well-known South African female celebrities and his legal issues. He has been accused of numerous offenses, such as fraud and deception, and is known for living an ostentatious lifestyle, which he has used to attract multiple women.

Summary of Nico Matlala’s Biography

  • Full name: Nico Matlala
  • Gender: Male
  • Year of birth: 1985
  • Nico Matlala’s Age: 39 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Nico Matlala’s Ex-Wife: Lebohang Mabe
  • Nico Matlala’s Net worth: Ranges between $1 million – $5 million
  • Famous for: Flashy lifestyle and relationships with high-end ladies
  • Nico Matlala’s Instagram: nicomatlala_rsa
  • Facebook: Nico Matlala

What Is Nico Matlala’s Age?

The South African businessman was born in 1985 in Polokwane, Limpopo Province. His birth date and month are not public knowledge. However, he is 39 years old currently.

He comes from a humble beginning. He was raised in Polokwane, where he also completed his elementary and high school education before proceeding to the University of South Africa for further studies.

He began his business career after graduation. So far, he has done well for himself through the various endeavors he’s been part of in the business world.

He is a Top Business Consultant

Matlala is the executive chairman and founder of the ATP group of companies as well as the co-founder of the protection agency, Nakwe Protection Agency. He has over 10 years of experience in IT consulting, construction, business development, and logistics, which are the core areas his ATP company covers.

The businessman’s protection company is a 100% black-owned establishment that provides bodyguard solutions to individuals and corporations. Some of the company’s services include a communication network utilizing the latest technology, skilfully drafted, workable, and well-implemented standing orders, as well as effective equipment and backup resources.

Mr. Matlala is said to be the founder of the Johannesburg-based firms Ketsopele-it Solutions and Matlashezi (PTY) LTD, which were established in 2016 and 2007, respectively.

He served as the chief executive director of Asisebendzeni (PTY) LTD for years until his resignation in 2017. He’s been serving as the Managing Director at Philile-thina since 2013.

Nico Matlala’s Net Worth

Nico Matlala has an estimated net worth that sits between $1 million to $5 million. He made his wealth through his business ventures – ATP Group and Nakwe Protection Agency. There is no documented account of how much he makes annually from these businesses.

Regardless, it’s quite clear that he is doing well for himself. It’s not known if he has other side hustles through which he makes extra income.

Nico Matlala’s House

The Polokwane-born businessman lives in a palatial apartment in one of the choicest cities in South Africa. However, the exact location of his house, its worth, and its full features are not public knowledge.

Sometime in 2021, the businessman uploaded some pictures of himself in his living room, and one could easily tell that the house is nicely furnished with modern gadgets.

Matlala, who is famed for his flashy lifestyle, owns several luxury cars. While it is difficult to tell if all of them belong to him, he’s been seen in some of the cars in his car collection on several occasions.

Some of the cars in his garage include a red 2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T,  a yellow 2017 Mercedes Benz AMG GT, a black Ford Mustang GT, and a red Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8.

The businessman also owns a green and white Ninja bike, a Gucci Wrapped Porsche 911, a white Mercedes-Benz Classe C Cabriolet, as well as a black Mercedez Benz G-Class.

Who Is Nico Matlala’s Wife?

Nico Matlala is in a relationship but has not revealed the identity of the woman involved or any details about her. It is yet to be confirmed whether the pair have married and when the marriage took place.

In August 2023, Matlala posted a photograph of himself with the woman, praising her for making him happy. The Polokwane native is also a father, and he shared an image of his partner and some children enjoying a boat ride.

There is no available information about the names or birthdates of his children.

The businessman was previously married to the South African businesswoman Lebohang Meme Mabe. He paid her lobola in 2018 and subsequently went to Facebook to announce their marriage.

Sadly, news broke out a couple of months after that the marriage had crashed. He was reportedly seen throwing Mabe out of his house. While Mabe remained tight-lipped on the matter, her uncle would accuse the businessman of not fully paying her lobola and conning people for a living.

Nonetheless, no one knows the real cause of their separation, and it appears the two have amicably settled their differences.

Shortly after Matlala announced his marriage to Mabe, a Tswane businesswoman named Millicent Kgwale accused him of swindling her R135000 and using the money to pay for Lebohang’s lobola.

Kgwale, who claimed she borrowed the money from the bank, disclosed that Matlala asked her to partner with him in a multi-million fiber optic cables installation, after which he used the money to marry a wife.

Nico later admitted doing a transaction with the woman but claimed she was impatient. He also claimed that he had since refunded her the money.

Other Controversies He has Been Involved in

Controversies and scandals are nothing new to Nico Matlala. He has frequently made news for the wrong reasons. In 2019, South African banker Sello Ledwaba accused him of defrauding her of her hard-earned money.

Ledwaba asserted that she gave Matlala a loan of R140000 to utilize for his construction company. He refuted the accusation, though. He was detained by the North West Hawks’ severe commercial crime team in March of the same year for allegedly cheating the Matlosana municipality of R1.8 million in 2016.

In July 2016, it was alleged that more than R4 million that was meant to be distributed to service providers ended up in a variety of accounts, one of which belonged to Matlala, who reportedly gained more than R1.8 million without offering any services.

He ultimately faced fraud charges and was taken to court in Klerksdorp. In January 2018, Matlala was accused of defrauding several people, including a Johannesburg businesswoman who lost a luxury vehicle.

Abdul Olatunji, the proprietor of a Sandton nightclub, reported to the Douglasdale station that Nico had sold him a Mercedes-Benz V-Class for over R1 million, but the car was later recovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old is Nico Matlala?

Nico Matlala was born in 1985 in Polokwane, a township in Limpopo province. His exact birthdate has not been made public, but he is currently 39 years old.

Who is Nico Matlala’s Wife?

Matlala has recently been in a relationship with a woman. He posted several photographs of them together on Instagram and commented on the positive effect she has had on his life since they met.

Does Nico Matlala Have Kids?

Yes. The South African businessman is a father, but the exact number of children he has and their ages and birth details are under wraps. One of his teen daughters is his spitting image, and they share a beautiful father-daughter relationship.

What Does Nico Matlala Do for a Living?

He is a businessman with many years of experience in IT consulting, construction, business development, and logistics. The Polokwane native is the executive chairman and founder of the ATP group of companies as well as the co-founder of the protection agency, Nakwe Protection Agency.

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