Boity Thulo’s Net Worth and a Look At the House and Cars She Spends On

Boity Thulo is a South African TV personality, rapper, actress, businesswoman and model. As of this writing, her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

Boity Thulo is a perfect example of a beautiful, determined, and goal-oriented lady. Even though she was not raised in a wealthy home and faced financial challenges as a young girl that even affected her education, she has been able to take on the challenge. Today, she has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. As an independent lady, she has tried her hands on a good number of ventures and succeeded. Boity Thulo’s net worth has been built from these numerous gigs, including – but are not limited to – acting, modeling, TV presenting, entrepreneurship, and hosting a reality show.

All of this hard work has earned Thulo a fabulous lifestyle as she always looks stunning and gorgeous at all times. Her hard work also earned her a spot (16th) in the 2019 edition of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 for her contribution to the music and entertainment industry. It is generally believed that Boity Thulo’s net worth of $1.5 million has barely scratched the surface (of its growth potential) when you place it side by side with her entrepreneurial efforts.

Boity Thulo’s Career As An Actress And TV host Contributed To Her Huge Net Worth

Boitumelo Thulo, who has become a fast-growing South African celebrity, was born on 28th April 1990 in Potchefstroom, North West Province. She was raised by her mother, Modiehi Thulo, and grandparents, who were strict but gave room for creativity. Their approach to raising her contributed to making her the creative and disciplined woman she is today. She attended Potchefstroom Girls High School, where she was involved with the school’s band before studying Criminology and Psychology at Monash University. However, Boity had to drop out of college due to financial constraints.

She finally decided to enroll in a casting agency, which allowed her to model for some brands. In 2010, she got the chance to appear in a Wimpy commercial. In 2011, she landed the opportunity to be a presenter at YOTV educational show “Crib Note.” This opened doors for her to host other television shows like Ridiculousness Africa, Club 808, Zoned, SkyRoom Live, Changed Down, and the popular Big Brother Africa, which has an audience in over 40 African countries, all of which gave her more fame and of course more money.

In 2013, she made her acting debut when she played a lead role in Ferguson Films’ popular TV series Rockville. She acted alongside veteran actress Connie Ferguson and has since thanked Ferguson Films’ for trusting her with a lead role in the project and letting her showcase her acting talents to the world.

In 2014, she starred in the short film Dear Betty; two years later, in 2016, she was featured in the movie Mrs. Right Guy. Although the exact amount she was paid for hosting these shows and starring in these movies is not public information, it is no doubt that she was handsomely remunerated for all this work.

She Also Has A Growing Music Career As A Rapper

Boity Thulo is a multi-talented lady who has a bone for almost all thing entertainment. Aside from being an amazing television host and TV and film actress, the model and brand ambassador is also a rapper. She made her debut musical appearance on the Migos, where she joined South Africa’s music whiz kid, Nasty C, to perform as one of the opening acts in 2017.

Not long after that, she released her debut music single titled Wuz Dat featuring Nasty C in 2018. The single went platinum and is the best-selling single of all time by a female rapper in South Africa. Wuz Dat has gotten over 1.9 million views on YouTube, and from that (her views on YouTube) alone, she certainly made up more than a thousand dollars. The track also won the Best Collaboration award at the 2018 South African Hip-Hop Awards, which meant that Boity Thulo became the first female to win this award.

In 2019, she released her second single titled Bakae, which also did very well – although not as good as the first – judging from the YouTube views. Both the audio and the official video have over 800k views in total, which also means Boity earned up to a thousand dollars from YouTube only. In December 2020, she released an EP 4436 featuring Riky Rick and other artists. Her lyrical video Too Sexy with Riky Rick has 18k YouTube views.

Boity’s songs are not only streamed on YouTube. They are also streamed on other platforms like Spotify. The amount she makes from a platform like Spotify is not an open piece of information, but you can obviously tell that she makes a reasonable amount of money from them. The delectable TV personality is also the most followed rapper on Instagram.

She Was Listed In Forbes 30 under 30 in 2019

Boity Thulo is a very hardworking and ambitious lady. Aside from music, acting, and hosting shows, she has invested in several business ventures. Little wonder how she earned a place in the Forbes 30 under 30 in 2019. In 2018, she collaborated with Sissy-Boy to launch their jean collections, and in the same year, a new collection from the duo was launched. The money she makes from this collaboration has not been made public knowledge.

Also, in 2018, she partnered with Impulse South Africa to create a fragrance. In 2020, when everyone was using up their savings to cater to needs, Boity launched another fragrance, an Eau de Parfum in collaboration with Halo Heritage, labeled “Bioty Pink Sapphire.” The Eau de Parfum is sold in Clicks Stores in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, and Mozambique. She also expanded her partnership with Halo Heritage by launching eponymous hair care products in 2020.

In 2018, the businesswoman also partnered with Human Limitless to launch her own toning and body support formula, Boity Toning Support, a weight loss supplement to help ladies stay beautiful. To cap it all up, Boity Thulo also has a drink in her chain of entrepreneurial products. In 2021, she launched ‘BT Signatures,’ an alcoholic drink for 18-year olds and above. Although she hasn’t revealed how much she makes from these investments, they have contributed significantly to Boity Thulo’s net worth.

Boity Thulo Is A Model And Also Has A Reality Show

2020 was Boity Thulo’s year because of the giant strides she made, especially in business. Aside from all the investments she got into, Boity also started her own reality TV show dubbed Own Your Throne, which airs on Bet Africa. Initially, she was skeptical about going around with cameras, but finally, she decided to take up the challenge, which she did successfully.

Boity Thulo is also a model and has been on the cover page of popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, Bona, Glamour, Hype, and True Love – including Saturday Star newspaper. Brands have not overlooked her commercial value as they have lined up juicy endorsement deals for the 34-year-old model. Boity Thulo is on the endorsement payroll of brands like Moet, Huawei, Celltone, Dr. Minx Medical Spa, to mention a few. In 2020, she became the brand ambassador of Hype energy drink. Her monetary returns from these deals are unknown, but they certainly have contributed to Boity Thulo’s net worth.

The success rate Boity Thulo has achieved in her life and business ventures should be studied for reference. In 2020, when the world and the global economy were on lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, which led to a pandemic, the Wuz Dat hitmaker seemed to have found her spark in those times with the catalog of achievements she recorded during the period. Boity Thulo’s net worth certainly grew exponentially that period.

Although there is no accurate record of her net worth before adding all these businesses to her cap, her $1.5 million net worth seems to be only the start. Her business savviness has seen her diversify her income sources, which is a wise thing to do in this era of unpredictability as exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Quick Look At Boity Thulo’s Different Sources Of Income

  • Her TV Show – Own Your Throne
  • Music
  • Endorsements
  • Modeling
  • Acting
  • TV Hosting
  • Boity Toning Support
  • Boity Haircare

Boity Thulo’s Net Worth Has Helped Her Acquire Some ‘Toys’ For Herself

You may be wondering what Boity spends her money on; well, she owns a foundation – Boity Thulo Foundation – through which she lends a helping hand to women and youths, with a special focus on education, empowerment, and mentoring. The serial entrepreneur is also not shy of spending some dollar bills on some toys for herself. Like many other wealthy celebrities, Boity Thulo’s net worth has helped her acquire a collection of fast luxury automobiles.

On her 23rd birthday, She bought herself a Mercedes AMG

Boity Thulo got her first car on her 23rd birthday in 2013, and when she did, many fans did not believe she got the car herself as she was relatively new to the South Africa celebrity scene. Rumor had it that her boyfriend at the time, Cassper Nyovest bought her the car. However, she debunked all of that in an interview with True Love magazine. The exact amount Boity acquired the Mercedes AMG is unknown.


  • 5.5-litre V8 twin turbochargers engine
  • 577 bhp 5,250-5,750rpm Maximum horsepower
  • 664 lb-ft peak torque

Two years later, she gifted herself another Mercedes on her birthday

In 2015, after her 25th birthday, Boity Thulo gifted herself another Mercedes Benz. To further prove that she could actually afford a car for herself, she bought a Mercedes Benz GLA 45 AMG worth about R1 million.


  • Can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds
  • Torque of 354 lb-ft
  • 382 horsepower

In 2019, she bought herself Rover Lumma CLR R8 Sport V8

In 2019, Boity Thulo surprised her fans with a new Rover Lumma CLR R8 Sport V8 worth over R2.5 million that she got for herself. She posted a picture of the ‘beast’ on her IG page and called it ‘Esther.’ She seems to be fond of calling her cars actual human names as she had named her Mercedes Benz GLA 45 AMG, ‘Angelina.’ The TV personality has indeed proven to be a boss lady.


  • Rear cameras
  • Screens on the back of the seats
  • Panoramic roof

She bought a Mercedes-Benz for her mother to celebrate her 49th birthday

In 2019, Boity Thulo surprised her mother, Modiehi Thulo, with a car gift – a bright red convertible Mercedes Benz. Although she admitted that her mother was not one to bother about things and would have accepted whatever gift she gave her, even if it was a bouquet, the Bakae hit-maker said she wanted to celebrate her mother while she could. She posted pictures of her mother’s reaction to the gift on her social media page with a heartwarming caption where she addressed her mother as ‘Queen Mother.’

Modiehi also went on her IG page to appreciate her daughter for the gift and celebrate her the way she did. She described the car gift as the second best gift she has received on earth after her daughter, Boity. She went on to pray that God would continually bless her in all she does. How sweet!

In 2016, Boity Thulo Bought A Mini-Mansion…Or Maybe Not

In May 2016, days after her 26th birthday, Boity Thulo wowed her fans (and maybe herself) when she announced that she purchased a house in Gauteng. The South African boss lady said she gifted herself the mini-mansion to mark the occasion of her 26th birthday. The beautiful house located at Midstream Ridge Estate in Centurion was said to have been sold at the cost of R3.75 million. Boity revealed that she was surprised that she could actually afford such a house at that point in her life.

In a now-deleted post she put out on her IG account, the former Club808 presenter admitted that she never thought it would be possible at her age and went on to thank God for everything. However, 4 months after she made the announcement – in a plot twist, an article in the Sunday newspaper claimed they conducted a deed search on the property and realized that it did not belong to her as the property was listed for sale on

As you would expect, this became the trending subject all over social media, with many calling her a ‘show off.’ Despite the unpleasant rumors, it took the reality TV star six months before she responded to the naysayers in an interview where she quashed the rumors while insisting that the house was hers. However, she has since deleted the post where she announced the purchase of the said property from her Instagram handle.

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