Who Is Lasizwe Dambuza, Khanyi Mbau’s Brother

Lasizwe Dambuza (born July 19, 1998) is a 26 years old social media personality, actor, YouTuber, and television presenter who is also the half-brother of Khayi Mbau, the popular South African socialite.

Besides his familial relationship with the celebrity actress, musician, and TV presenter, whom he is known to have an amazing relationship with, Lasizwe Dambuza is better known for his personal contribution to the South African entertainment industry.

Summary of Lasizwe Dambuza’s Biography

  • Full Name: Lasizwe Dambuza
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: July 19, 1998
  • Lasizwe Dambuza’s Age: 26 years old
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
  • Lasizwe Dambuza’s Parents: Menzi Mcunu (father) and Lindiwe Dambuza (mother)
  • Siblings: Thandeka Mcunu, Khanyi Mbau, and Zonke Nkabinde
  • Famous for: Being a social media personality, actor, YouTuber, and half-brother to Khanyi Mbau
  • Lasizwe Dambuza’s Instagram: @lasizwe
  • Twitter: @lasizwe
  • Facebook: Thulasizwe Lasizwe Dambuza

Lasizwe Dambuza was Born in Soweto

Lasizwe Dambuza was born on the 19th of July 1998 in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, where he was also raised. He attended Meredale Primary, a mixed-race primary school in Meredale, south of Johannesburg. After completing primary school, he moved to Mondeor High School. He spent a better part of his childhood with his late mother, Lindiwe Dambuza.

While she lived, she worked as a nurse at Lesedi Private Hospital before her eventual death in 2016. There are no reports that his parents were married, however, the name of his father is Menzi Mcunu – who is also of blessed memory.

Who are Lasizwe Dambuza’s Siblings?

1. Khanyi Mbau

Lasizwe Dambuza has siblings on both of his parent’s sides. In fact, it is reported that he has eight siblings in all. And while a few are known, the identities of others have remained mysterious. But perhaps the most popular sibling on his father’s side (and even on both sides) is Khanyi Mbau. The very famous South African celebrity shares the same father with Lasizwe – she is his elder sister.

Khanyi Mbau was for so long the darling of Mzansi entertainment fans as a TV personality and actor before Lasizwe Dambuza became known as a YouTuber and actor. However, despite being around for so long, she was only recently revealed as his half-sister, and they have since developed a good relationship.

From what can be seen in public and on social media, Lasizwe and Khanyi Mbau seem to be the closest of their siblings. On their social media handles, the pair share heartfelt messages with each other.

2. Thandeka Mcunu

Another known half-sibling of the YouTuber is Thandeka Mcunu, who is a South African businesswoman and television personality. She was a regular guest on Khanyi Mbau’s show ‘Mbau Reloaded,’ and even though nothing is known of her relationship with Lasizwe Dambuza (which seems to be nonexistent at the time of this writing), she is the eldest of the two half-siblings. Like Khanyi, Lasizwe also shares the same father with Thandeka.

3. Zonke Nkabinde

Lasizwe Dambuza is also the younger sibling to Zonke Nkabinde, who is not as famous as her other siblings. She shares the same mother with Lasizwe Dambuza, but unlike her siblings, Zonke is not one who wants to be in the limelight as she is not found in the entertainment industry.

Lasizwe Dambuza Wanted to Be in Front of the Camera Since He was a Child

Lasizwe Dambuza has always had a thing for the entertainment industry, and this passion was fueled even more when he was younger and still in primary school. His mother, Lindiwe Dambuza, always took him to television auditions on the weekends, and after some time, she could no longer afford the auditions.

Since he could no longer go for auditions, he decided to start enrolling in competitions that had audio-visual equipment and phones as prizes (for winning the competition). And fortunately, Lasizwe finally won a phone in a radio competition. With his new phone, Lasizwe Dambuza started creating video content.

Thankfully, his mother owned a laptop, and she made it available for his use. With his mom’s laptop, he started learning the basics of video editing, and sometimes he would even use the laptop to record his videos.

Lasizwe Dambuza was fond of burning his video into DVDs and playing it on television. Every time he watched himself, the urge to be on TV grew bigger. His passion to be on TV drove him to start creating content for Facebook. Fortunately for him, he had his breakthrough with the video titled Ek Sal Doom Jou.

Lasizwe Dambuza is a TV Presenter and Actor

Lasizwe Dambuza is known for several endeavors, among which is his work on TV as a  presenter. The multi-talented personality was one of the major presenters for MTV Base Africa’s You Got Got. He has also featured as a presenter on SABC3 and SABC1. At the 2017 South African Hip Hop Awards, Dambuza was one of those who presented an award.

He made his debut in the movie industry in 2020, as he starred in the Netflix movie Seriously Single in November of that year. In September 2021, Lasizwe partnered with Steers to push the “#NomatriquencyxSteers” campaign, which got him a job with the brand. He has also appeared on the e.tv TV series Durban Gen.

A List of Lasizwe Dambuza’s On-screen Appearances

  • Generations
  • Dinner With Vuzu
  • MTV Base You Got Got
  • The Scoop Africa
  • The Real Gaboza
  • Craz-e World Live
  • VOOVScoop
  • @Lasizwe: Fake It till You Make It
  • Durban Gen

He is also a YouTuber

Lasizwe Dambuza is one of the South Africans who is putting the country and Africa as a whole on the front line on YouTube. On his eponymous YouTube channel – Lasizwe Dambuza, he shares comedy videos about things that happen in typical African countries. Lasizwe has amassed fame on his YouTube handle, with over 800 million views on his channel.

In April 2019, Lasizwe was awarded a Silver play button from YouTube as he reached 100,000 subscribers. He is currently heading to the one-million-subscriber mark and will soon be awarded another YouTube creator award for the milestone.

Lasizwe Dambuza Has Landed Several Brand Endorsement Deals

With over 1.4 million followers on Instagram and more than 750k subscribers on YouTube, Lasizwe Dambuza has become a hot target for brands. He debuted the character “Nomatriquency” – a female character he depict on his YouTube channel  on a campaign for the quick-service restaurant brand, Steers, and the impact on the brand was enormous.

The fictional character is featured as the restaurant supervisor in a web series that serves as an advertisement for a fast-food outlet. Here are some of the brand deals he has sealed;

  • Teen Marketing Director for Fanta
  • Steer South Africa
  • Pantene South Africa
  • Samsung Mobile South Africa

Is Lasizwe Dambuza Gay?

Yes, Lasizwe Dambuza is gay. From a very young age, Lasizwe Dambuza always preferred to mingle and socialize with his female counterparts instead of the males. Some sources have credited his inclination toward females to the absence of a male figure in his life while growing up.

He was so much like a girl to the point that was even peeing like the female gender, but he found out he was doing it wrong when he watched a kids’ program on TV. As he became a teenager, at 15, it was obvious to Lasizwe that he was gay as he felt more sexually attracted to his fellow guys and didn’t feel the same way for ladies.

He then took the bold step of opening up to his mother, who did not buy the idea. However, we do not know if she actually accepted him as a homosexual before she passed on. His sexuality has been a source of criticism – even while he was much younger. However, criticisms have not stopped him from expressing his sexuality as he has come to accept that as who he is and continues to upload posts of himself dressed in artificial hair and other female fashion accessories on his social media platforms.

Lasizwe Dambuza Once Tried to Make Everyone Think He is No Longer Gay

Knowing that South Africans are interested in his sexuality and private life, Lasizwe Dambuza once played what turn out to be a trick on his fans. Sometime in 2020, he shared a picture of himself and a young lady, looking all loved up.

To raise more questions in the mind of people, he captioned the picture with; #SheSaidYesToUs, #LuckiestGuyInTheWorld, and other romantic words. He also reposted the picture on Twitter with the caption, “Love looks great on us.”

As the picture went viral, social media users went crazy about this update as they began to think he was no longer gay. The confusion was based on the fact that the YouTuber has never been one to shy away from controversy, as it now seemed he was trying to divert attention from his sexuality.

Again, social media users pointed to a statement he made about being fed up with men, especially, South African men, as a possible reason why he is coming out as “straight.” As it stands, we believe Lasizwe Dambuza is still gay. And even though there is no follow-up on that post to say it was a prank, it is obvious that he did that for fun.

Lasizwe Dambuza is still gay, and he has alluded to that fact in other posts he has uploaded since, mentioning in particular that he does not date women.

Who is Lasizwe Dambuza’s Partner?

Lasizwe Danbuza has not been forthcoming with the identity of his lover as of yet. There is no person that has been officially associated with the handsome YouTuber as his better half. This is because information regarding his love life and relationships is still under wraps.

However, from his post on his Instagram handle, there have been some controversial pictures with Mohale Motaung, the ex-husband of TV personality Somizi Mhlongo. Even though there are rumors, information available reveals that there has not been concrete proof that the duo is together or in a relationship – even from their posts.

However, Lasizwe and Mohale have not just been making posts of each other but were spotted in his sister’s show “Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau” with one another as they embraced.

Even though the above stated may not be enough to suggest that there is a relationship between the pair, they seemed to enjoy each other’s company as they held hands through the interviews. In recent times the duo has been a trend on Instagram as a result of a love-enveloped post they captioned “Always and forever, my love.”

Despite all these suggested events that point to a possible romance between the two South African celebrities, we cannot say emphatically that Lasizwe and Mohale are actually a couple as none of them has come out to speak about the relationship they share or talk about issues regarding their closeness with the intention of clarifying the speculations of their fans and public.

On the question of who Lasizwe Dambuza’s partner is, there has been no other person (besides Mohale Motaung) speculated as a possible partner. All we can do is wait and hope that in due time the YouTube personality will reveal who the mystery man in his life is.

Lasizwe Dambuza Has Been Able to Support University Students with Their Fees

Lasizwe Dambuza has also shown that he is a philanthropist and someone who wants to give back to society. In March 2021, he joined the ‘Fees Must Fall’ protest in South Africa to show his support for students who were protesting about the high rate of fees in the country. He has used his platform to raise funds to assist students through the #R10GoesALongWay campaign.

He started off the campaign by donating R10,000 while urging the public and all concerned citizens to make a donation of at least R10. To his utmost surprise, what started as a simple appeal blew up, and in 24 hours, Lasizwe and his team (King Aya, Sibu Mabena, and Takkies Dinwiddy) had raised R400,000 for student fees.

The total sum kept growing as South African celebrities, and several brands continued to show their support through their donations to the cause. In five days, the team was able to raise R1 million, and then Standard Bank stepped into the fray and matched their total balance at the time with an R1 million donation of their own.

With this huge effort, Lasizwe was able to raise above R2 million, which was used to assist students with their registration fees between 2020 to 2021.

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