Who Is DStv Owner?

Multichoice is the owner of DStv. Multichoice is a South African business that was established on October 6, 1995, as M-NET’s secondary subsidiary.

Multichoice, the satellite television provider, has its main office in Ferndale, Randburg, South Africa, and its subscribers are primarily from these three countries: Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and South Africa. Presently, DStv offers more than 200 radio stations and television channels to its subscribers. In Sub-Saharan Africa, the list of channels varies and differs depending on the location.

Who Is The Owner of DStv?

Multichoice is the proprietor of DStv. The digital satellite service started broadcasting on October 6, 1995. Although DStv’s ownership has not changed since its start, the services it provides have changed over time.

After roughly 11 channels initially launched during its start, DStv has introduced new services ever since.

The W4 Eutelsat satellite was launched in 2000 and offers Ku-band services to Sub-Saharan Africa and the islands of the Indian Ocean. Interactive television was introduced two years later, and the Dual-View decoder was added in 2003.

Following in 2005 were the DStv PVR decoder and the DStv Compact subscription package bundle.

Who is the founder of the Digital Satellite Service, DStv?

Multichoice introduced DStv as a digital satellite service in South Africa on October 6th, 1995. Multichoice launched as a media corporation and secondary subsidiary in 1995, almost seven years after M-net was established in the country.

Recall that M-Net first made its presence known in 1986 as a single-channel analog pay-television service. Naspers and regional companies/businesses jointly launched the outfit.

Following its establishment as a secondary subsidiary business, MultiChoice swiftly took over M-Net’s activities, including account administration, sales of decoders, and subscriber services (also offered at nearby stores).

DStv, an acronym for Digital Satellite Television, was officially launched shortly after MultiChoice opened its doors.

M-Net, MGM, TNT, Syfy, SuperSport, ESPN, Cartoon Network, BBC News, CNN, and Sky News debuted with the introduction of DStv.

Since then, over the past 20 years, television channels have started airing on the platform when MultiChoice and another media conglomerate or broadcaster sign channel carriage contracts and/or renew them. Transmission stops when these contracts are not renewed.

Interestingly, DSTV is a primary satellite television service in Sub-Saharan Africa. Besides providing multiple audios, the service also offers television and radio channels and services to subscribers.

Who Owns DStv Nigeria?

Adewunmi Ogunsanya, a Nigerian businessman and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), and MultiChoice Africa jointly own DStv in Nigeria. Through the DStv and GOtv platforms, DStv Nigeria offers high-quality entertainment to homes in the most populous country in Africa.

Available Bouquets on DStv

DStv serves the continent via satellite, online, and mobile apps. Here are the bouquets available on DStv.

  • DSTV Access 

More than 55 local and international TV channels, including Africa Magic, Aljazeera, SuperSport BLITZ, E Entertainment, SkyNews, CNN, and Bloomberg, are included in this particular package.

  • DSTV Family 

The entire DSTV Access channel lineup, along with extra channels including Euro News, Mnet Series, Cartoon Network for kids, Channel O, Africa Magic, ESPN Classic, and over 20 audio services, are available to customers of this family-friendly choice. However, HD channels are not included.

  • DSTV Compact Plus 

All of the DSTV Compact channels are included in this plan, plus SuperSport 7 and SuperSport 10, which are two more sports channels.

  • DSTV Compact

There are 190 channels on the DStv Compact, including radio and audio stations. M-Net City, EVA +, E! Entertainment, and BBC Brit are a few of them.

  • DSTV Easyview

In addition to 95+ audio channels, DStv EasyView offers 131 TV channels, including Cine Magic, Magic Showcase, 1 KZN, and Soweto TV.

  • DSTV Premium

Those who purchased the DStv Compact bundle have access to sports like basketball, golf, tennis, motorsport, Spanish La Liga, etc. Additionally, subscribers have access to all DSTV SD/HD video and audio.

DStv Price Controversies

DStv has come under fire over the years for raising its prices yearly. Subscribers always accuse the company of price gouging and seemingly abusing its monopoly in the country’s satellite TV market due to the brand’s consistent fee increases, which frequently exceed the rate of inflation.

More DStv viewers, it was stated in 2022, are becoming less. The pricey subscription fees are one of the causes of this. DStv Premium memberships reportedly decreased from 2.35 million to 1.92 million between 2015 and 2018.

According to recent studies, MultiChoice’s 90-day active subscribers in South Africa had their ARPU fall from R317 per month in March 2018 to R269 in the month of March 2022.

The controversy over DStv pricing hasn’t changed still. The brand announced a price increase in 2023, sparking a backlash from the public.

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