Is Andile Mpisane Married? Who Are His Girlfriends and Baby Mama?

Andile Mpisane is happily married to South African model Tamia Louw. The two embarked on their marital journey in the month of December 2021 and they have been doing pretty fine since then.

Mr. Mpisane’s engagement and marriage to Louw came as a big surprise to the public because he was believed to have been married to the mother of his kids at the time he went down on one knee to propose to Tamia. The Royal AM boss’s love life has always attracted the interest of the public over the years. Now that he is finally married, so many people are still wondering if it would still be his last.

Andile Mpisane Has Been Romantically Linked To Several Women

Despite his young age, Andile Mpisane has been in at least three high-profile relationships. At the time he tied the knot with his wife, he was 20 years old. Interestingly, two of the women who have walked into his life are older than him. He’s known to have dated someone younger once.

Mpisane is filthy rich and can always get whatever makes him happy. However, it is generally believed that his mother makes decisions for him, including who to be with and how to handle every woman he has ever been with – an allegation MaMkhize has always refuted.

Andile has indeed had an interesting and colorful love life; one that is probably intense for someone as young as he is. Again, his love life can be said to have also been controversial to some degree – no thanks to his constant drama with his baby mama and the public scrutiny he had faced as a result of his involvements with women.

Let’s take a look at the women the young man has publicly dated or has been linked to.

Andile Mpisane and Tamia Louw

Andile kept his relationship with Louw away from the curious public until 17th December 2021, when he shared a video of himself thrusting an engagement ring to Tamia on one kneel.

Meanwhile, the public thought he was still married to the mother of his children at that time. Recall that his baby mama had jokingly claimed she was married to Andile but declined to go into details. Mpisane, on his own part, never confirmed, replied, or refuted the claim, which led to so many people doubting his baby mama.

Interestingly, Andile and Louw had their engagement and wedding on the same day. They brought a priest who guided them as they signed their marriage certificate in the presence of another witness.

The Royal AM star showed up for his wedding in an “oversized” Dior suit worth R61 400 while Tamia wore a simple Zulu gown and hat. The pair’s engagement and marriage came as a big shock to the public because Louw has never been in the picture all along as she has never been seen with the young man publicly before then.

Although Andile has never mentioned it, it could be that he was seeing Tamia before his baby mama gave birth to their second child.

The Royal AM midfielder and his new wife haven’t been quite open about their relationship. Ever since the public came to know about them, none of them has publicly shared how, where, and when they met and became friends. No one also knows how long they dated before making things official.

In fact, a lot is still not known about their relationship and it appears none of them, including Andile Mpisane is willing to divulge information about their family life to the public or media. Shauwn’s son is only known for flaunting his flamboyant lifestyle on the internet and not talking about his personal life publicly.

Tamia, on the other hand, does not hold back whenever she wants to show her fans her enviable lifestyle on her Instagram and Twitter pages. However, she doesn’t bring her family affairs to the public space.

Tamia Louw Is A Model And Content Creator

Andile’s new wife is a KwaZulu-Natal-born model, content creator, and student. Louw might have married into a wealthy family, but it is a well-known fact that she is that girl, who also makes her own money.

According to unverified reports, she has an estimated net worth of R4.3 million. However, information about how she was able to build such a massive asset is under the radar.  Tamia doesn’t have the habit of flaunting her luxury cars, expensive clothes, and jewelry, but she surely has a Land Rover which was given to her by her husband.

Not much is known about Tamia’s background, family members, and life before fame. However, one thing that is clear is that she has always been a smart, hard-working girl and food lover, especially oysters.

The Two Are Already Expecting Their First Baby Together

Andile and his wife who is 5 years older are expecting their first baby together, as confirmed by Tamia recently. The curious public has been making speculations about Louw’s pregnancy right from the time the couple celebrated their one-month wedding anniversary on January 17, 2022, with lovely pictures.

The couple simply put the speculations to rest by sharing some maternity shoots, showing Andile and Tamia’s growing baby bump.

However, one of the photos got the public talking as it showed the Gqom superstar covering his wife’s bare busts with his hands. The racy picture was said to have been inspired by power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z’s past glamorous editorial shoot.

Mr. Mpisane is going to be a father for the third time when Tamia eventually gives birth to their baby. For the model, however, it’s her first pregnancy as she has never given birth to a child in the past.

Andile’s Mom Sees Tamia More Like Her Own Daughter

When Andile’s engagement went viral, some people were initially concerned about what Tamia’s relationship with other members of the rich Mpisane family would be like. A lot of people believe Ma’Mkhize influences most of her son’s choices, hence, some people were eager to know her stance on Andile’s marital choice.

It later turned out that Shauwn wholeheartedly gave the two her blessings. In fact, she shared in one of her posts that she has taken Tamia as her own daughter. The Royal AM CEO also pointed out that she never forced the young lady on her son as widely speculated; adding that his son’s decision to get married and the woman he chose was entirely his choice.

Shauwn also sent a lovely message to her son and his wife on the occasion of their one-month wedding anniversary. She disclosed that their wedding day was the happiest day of her life because she had waited for that day since Andile was a kid.

Asides From Andile Mpisane’s Wife, Meet His Past Girlfriends

Andile Mpisane and Kamo Mphela

Kamo Mphela was romantically linked to Andile in 2021 and all through the period they were rumoured to be dating, none of them ever confirmed or refuted the rumor publicly until the internet ran out of reports about them being an item.

But before then, some of their close friends divulged that the two had been seeing each other for a couple of months. Another source also claimed that MaMkhize was very comfortable with her son’s closeness with Kamo, especially the fact that Andile is older than the celebrity DJ.

Unlike his wife and baby mama, Mphela is one year younger than Gqom superstar. The public became curious to know more about the two’s friendship as a result of their closeness. Andile and Mphela were spotted hanging out and being all over each other in early 2021 at a nightclub in Morningside, Durban.

The speculation was re-ignited sometime in October 2021 when the popular Instagram page The Popcorn Room shared videos of Andile and Kamo hanging out somewhere together with some people.

No one knows if truly Andile and the DJ dated secretly, as speculated. Several reports suggest that they probably kept a low profile on their relationship because of Andile’s relationship with his baby mama then.

Mpisane’s Rumoured Girlfriend Mphela Is A Celebrity Entertainer

Kamo is one of the fast-rising entertainers in South Africa. She is a well-known singer, dancer, and DJ. She broke out into mainstream success after she shared a video of her dancing on social media.

The Soweto-born star started her dancing career in 2018 and her singing career followed in 2019. Kamo was nicknamed the “Queen of Amapiano” due to her dancing skills. She tried her hands at acting before fame but couldn’t make a mark because she discovered the craft was not for her.

Born on November 29, 1999, Miss. Mphela has done so well for herself, so far. Her success has been extremely rapid and probably intense for someone in her early 20s. She broke from the box of the dance music queen to drop her 4-track debut EP titled Twentee in 2019. Her second EP titled Nkulunkulu was released two years later.

She has also released several other songs, including Suka Emabozen and Menemene, and has collaborated with A-list South African artists such as Busiswa, MFR Souls, Major League DJz, and the late Killer Kau.

In addition to amapiano, Kamo has also danced to other South African popular music genres, including pantsula, Kwaito, and Gqom.

Kamo Has Been Linked To Sensational Singer Focalistic In The Past

Kamo and Focalistic were rumored to be dating some time ago. Both of them have worked on several musical projects and are known to be very close. However, speculations began flying around that they were more than colleagues.

While Focalistic ignored the rumor, Kamo, on one occasion, came out and set the record straight. She mentioned that she is quite close to Focalistsic but that nothing was going on between them.

She further described their relationship as more of the brother-sister kind. Information on Kamo’s past relationships is not open to public scrutiny and she is currently not in a known relationship.

Truth About Andile Mpisane and Sithelo Shozi

Sithelo Shozi is the mother of Andile Mpisane’s two children. Both of them began dating when the Royal AM chairperson was just 17 years old. One thing led to another and Shozi got pregnant with the then 18-year-old Andile’s child.

The pair’s relationship has always been under the spotlight and has also been quite a controversial one. Shozi has on several occasions been labeled a predator for allowing a teenager to impregnate her. She is seven years older than Andile.

The public began questioning her motive for dating the young man after she became pregnant with his child. It’s not clear how the two met in the first place, however, their relationship was not really a stable one as it was going back and forth.

Regardless of the controversies surrounding their relationship at the time, Andile, on a couple of occasions, spoilt Sithelo with lots of expensive gifts. The Royal AM chairman gifted his baby mama an expensive Rolex watch on Valentine’s Day in 2021 and also bought her a BMW M4.

Recently, he bought her a Mercedes-Benz G-Class. He spoils their daughters with extravagant gifts as well. Shozi also bought her baby daddy a PlayStation 5 and a high-end Nike sneakers for his 20th birthday.

Reports have it that Shauwn’s son dumped his baby mama for Tamia after demanding a paternity test on their second child. The elite family is said to have always heard stories about Shozi’s motive for dating Andile and that the squabble over the paternity test led to Shozi being dumped by the father of her two children.

Shozi is Andile Mpisane’s Baby Mama With Two Adorable Daughters For Him

The couple’s first daughter Florence “Flo” Mpisane was born on the 2nd day of May 2020. She was named after her grandmother, political icon Florence Mkhize. Likuwe Coco” Mpisane is the name of their second daughter. She was born on the 21st of July 2021.

Regardless of their messy breakup, Andile and Shozi have been raising their kids together. Flo and Coco have a step-brother – Shozi’s oldest child and first son who came from a previous relationship. He was born on 31st March 2016.

Shozi Is Rumoured To Have Been Kicked Out Of The Mkhize’s Sprawling Mansion

Recent reports making the rounds have it that Andile’s baby mama has been sent out of the family’s apartment in KwaMhlanga. She was allegedly told to move to the family’s other home at Pietermaritzburg in December last year, which is also their clubhouse.

It was also alleged that she was asked to stay there so the family can have access to the kids. Another story has it that Mamkhize also took the kids away from their mother, an allegation she vehemently denied.

In a post she shared on Instagram, the elite businesswoman affirmed that Shozi was not sent packing and that her kids were not taken from her. Above all, she said that she bore no grudges against the mother of her grandkids despite her ‘flaws’.

Meanwhile, Sithelo has laughed off claims that she was kicked out of the Mkhize’s apartment by Andile’s mother. In an Instagram Live video, she responded to a follower who called her a ‘homeless hun’, by simply saying that she is being taken care of.

Who Exactly is Andile Mpisane Baby Mama Shozi?

Sithelo Shozi is a South African DJ and influencer born in 1995 in Umkomaas, KwaZulu-Natal. Her mother is a minister but there’s no available information about her father and family background.

Shozi has a sister, who she is very fond of. Andile’s baby mama graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal with a Bachelor’s Certificate in Political Theory. She also attended POW Academy in Durban, where she developed skills in playing recorded music.

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