Telkom Data Deals, Bundles and Their Prices

Although Telkom is usually criticized for having expensive data plans, there are affordable data deals and bundles for every Telkom user. There are cheaper ones for those who do not need so much data on their phones and even unlimited data for those who make use of so much data. The unlimited and more expensive bundles are more economical for those who use more data weekly or monthly.

To choose an ideal data deal, you should have a good idea of all the different Telkom data deals. If you are a Telkom user and will like to know more about the different Telkom data deals and bundles available, keep reading.

Different Telkom Data Deals and Bundles and their Prices

Telkom data deals differ in their prices depending on the quantity of data and the number of days the data is expected to last. The telecommunication giant has up to five different types of bundles to suit the needs of their different classes of customers. Here are some of the different data deals and bundles you can choose from as a Telkom user.

1. FreeMe Bundles

The Telkom FreeMe bundles are very affordable and can be paid for by practically any Telkom user. It is most suitable for those whose data usage is low or on average. Aside from the data, the FreeMe bundles also come with extras like free call minutes and SMS. This bundle lasts for two months, but the WhatsApp and streaming data are valid for just one month. Here are the different free me bundles you can choose from, depending on your current data usage and need.

FreeMe Plan: 800MB | Price R99

  • Data: 500MB
  • WhatsApp data: 150MB
  • Streaming data: 150MB
  • On-net call minutes to other Telkom lines or landlines: 500 minutes
  • Off-net call minutes to other networks: 15 minutes
  • Free SMS: 50

Telkom Data Deals

FreeMe Plan: 1.5GB | Price: R139

  • Data: 1GB
  • WhatsApp data: 250 MB
  • Streaming data: 250MB
  • On-net call minutes to other Telkom lines or landlines: 500
  • Off-net call minutes to other networks: 25
  • Free SMS: 100

FreeMe Plan: 3GB | Price: R189

  • Data: 2GB
  • WhatsApp data: 500 MB
  • Streaming data: 500MB
  • On-net call minutes to other Telkom lines or landlines: 1000
  • Off-net call minutes to other networks: 50
  • Free SMS: 200

FreeMe Plan: 6GB | Price: R249

  • Data: 4GB
  • WhatsApp data: 1GB
  • Streaming data: 1GB
  • On-net call minutes to other Telkom lines or landlines: 1000
  • Off-net call minutes to other networks: 100
  • Free SMS: 400

FreeMe Plan: 11.5 GB | Price: R299

  • Data: 7.5GB
  • WhatsApp data: 2GB
  • Streaming data: 2GB
  • On-net call minutes to other Telkom lines or landlines: 1000
  • Off-net call minutes to other networks: 200
  • Free SMS: 800

FreeMe Plan: 28GB | Price: R689

  • Data: 20GB
  • WhatsApp data: 4GB
  • Streaming data: 4GB
  • On-net call minutes to other Telkom lines or landlines: 3000
  • Off-net call minutes to other networks: 1000
  • Free SMS: 2000

2. Monthly Data Bundles

This data bundle is best for Telkom users who prefer buying data once every month. It is also very affordable, but unlike the FreeMe plan with some extra bonuses, the Telkom Monthly data bundles do not have any bonuses attached to them. The good side of this data plan is that you can roll over unused data to the next month. If you fall into the category of people who prefer subscribing to data monthly, here are the monthly data deals Telkom offers.

  • Price: R7.5 | Data: 25MB
  • Price: R14.50 | Data: 50MB
  • Price: R29 | Data: 100MB
  • Price: R39 | Data: 250MB
  • Price: R69 | Data: 500MB
  • Price: R99 | Data: 1GB
  • Price: R139 | Data: 2GB
  • Price: R199 | Data: 3GB
  • Price: R299 | Data: 5GB
  • Price: R499 | Data: 10GB

3. Night Surfer Once-off Data Bundles

If you intend to use so much data for the month, you should go for the Night Surfer Once-off data bundle. It is once off in the sense that you cannot roll off unused data into the next month and will be required to unsubscribe after the bundle expires. This data bundle is valid for 31 days and can only be used at night, from midnight to 7 am.

This bundle is best for night workers, so even if you intend to use so much data, but don’t have the ability to stay up late at night, then you can as well never bother about subscribing to this data plan. The Night Surfer Once-off data bundle costs R149, which gives you 100GB that you can use at night only for 31 days.

Hourly and Weekly Data Plans

As the name implies, these bundles can only last for the specified number of hours or weeks. This bundle is best for users who need data for a limited time or number of hours.

  • Time: 1hr | Data: 75MB | Price: R5
  • Time: 24hrs | Data: 150MB  | Price: R10
  • Time: 12am on Friday – 12am on Sunday | Data: 500MB | Price: R39
  • Time: 12am on Friday – 12am on Sunday | Data: 1GB | Price: R59

4. Social Media Data Bundles

Transfer Data or Airtime on Telkom

Once again, as this bundle’s name implies, it can only be used only for social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, etc. It is best for those whose major need for data is to use social media. This data plan also comes at different prices and duration, and here are the different social media data bundles Telkom users can choose from.

  • Duration: 24hrs | Data: 24MB | Cost: R2
  • Duration: 24hrs | Data: 50MB | Cost: R3
  • Duration: 24hrs | Data: 75MB | Cost: R4
  • Duration: 24hrs | Data: 100MB | Cost: R5
  • Duration: 24hrs | Data: 250MB  | Cost: R10
  • Duration: 24hrs | Data: 500MB | Cost: R15
  • Duration: 7 Days | Data: 75MB | Cost: R5
  • Duration: 7 Days | Data: 100MB | Cost: R8
  • Duration: 7 Days | Data: 250MB | Cost: R12
  • Duration: 7 Days | Data: 500MB | Cost: R18
  • Duration: 7 Days | Data: 1GB | Cost: R35
  • Duration: 7 Days | Data: 2GB | Cost: R60
  • Duration: One month | Data:100MB | Cost: R10
  • Duration: One month | Data: 250MB | Cost: R15
  • Duration: One month | Data: 500MB | Cost: R25
  • Duration: One month | Data: 1GB | Cost: R40
  • Duration: One month | Data: 2GB | Cost: R70
  • Duration: One month | Data: 3GB | Cost: R100

5. Once-off Data Bundles

This is another Telkom data deal that you may also want to consider purchasing. This bundle comes with different data plans to suit the budget of the different classes of customers who may need it. From the 2GB for R100 to the 20GB for the R505 data plan, half of the data can be used anytime, while the other can only be used at night.

The 2GB data plan on this bundle has a validity of two months, the 20GB plan is valid for six months, while the 100GB plan can last up to a year. So, if you are good at maximizing data, the 100GB  plan may be a good choice since it can last for up to 12 months. Here are the different data plans in the once-off data bundle:

  • Data: 25MB | Price: R7.30
  • Data: 50MB | Price: 14.65
  • Data: 100MB | Price: R29.25
  • Data: 250MB | Price: R39.95
  • Data: 500MB | Price: R69.50
  • Data: 2GB (1GB Anytime + 1GB Night Surfer) | Price: R100
  • Data: 4GB (2GB Anytime + 2GB Night Surfer) | Price: R140
  • Data: 6GB (3GB Anytime + 3GB Night Surfer) | Price: R201
  • Data: 10GB (5GB Anytime + 5GB Night Surfer) | Price: R301
  • Data: 20GB (10GB Anytime + 10GB Night Surfer) | Price: R505
  • Data: 20GB (Anytime) | Price: R905
  • Data: 50GB | Price: R1815
  • Data: 100GB | Price: R3227

How to Get Cheap Data on Telkom

Almost all telecommunications users desire to find the cheapest data bundles for their network. Telkom knows this, and like other network providers, they also have cheap data deals. Here is how to get cheap data deals from Telkom:

  • Visit any Telkom branch to buy
  • Buy your data bundles from the Telkom app
  • Visit the office Telkom website to buy your data bundles
  • Dial *180# to buy your data bundles
  • You can also take advantage of Telkom WiFi packages where you can purchase 5GB for as low as R99

Here are the cheap data deals you can get from using Telkom WiFi data:

  • 5GB | R99
  • 10GB | R149
  • 20GB | R249
  • 40GB | R359
  • 60GB | R459
  • 80GB | R559
  • 120GB | R759
  • 220GB | R1059

Which Telkom Tariff is Best for Data?

For record sake, Telkom has two tariffs, Telkom More and Telkom Sim Sonke. The Telkom More tariff is the default tariff all Telkom sim cards come with, even though both tariff plans have the same data plans and data usage speed. However, Telkom Sim Sonke has more call benefits. Sim Sonke users get to call at 30c per minute for Telkom to Telkom calls and 75c per minute for calls from Telkom to other networks. You can switch to Sim Sonke by dialing the Telkom Master code *180# and following the prompts.

How Much Does Telkom Unlimited Data Cost?

All the data bundles we have discussed above are unlimited; what that means is that you can finish your data before the expiry date. Telkom has unlimited plans for those who use so much data; these unlimited data plans are called Telkom LTE and WiFi packages. Before you consider using Telkom WiFi packages, you should first determine whether or not the Telkom WiFi network is available in your location. You can do this by visiting the Telkom website or sending your address in an SMS to 43482.

If Telkom WiFi coverage is available in your location, you can then proceed to choose a plan. Here are the different Telkom WiFi packages:

Unlimited Lite Business Hours

This package costs R599 and can only be used from 12 am to 5 pm. This plan is attached to bonuses of call rates of R0.7 to any network and an AEG solo classic style headset.

Unlimited Lite All Hours

The Unlimited Lite All Hours plan costs R899. Unlike the business pack, this plan can be used at any time of the day. It comes with call rates of R0.7, an AEG solo classic style headset, and voice-over LTE calls.

The former plan is best for businesses that close at 5 pm, while the latter is good for homes and best for those who work from home.

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