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Top 10 Highest Paid Coaches In The PSL

Football management has evolved today, and club administrators, especially elite clubs, are under more pressure to deliver on their promise now more than ever. This gives rise to a situation where astute tacticians are in hot demand. Asking clubs price them away from their current job by offering a higher pay packet and better working conditions. This situation has led to some coaches earning more and becoming the highest-paid coaches in their football divisions.

The situation is no different in the South African football division as the Premier Soccer League (PSL) has also placed a high premium on coaches and managers so much that they have become an endangered species.

Which is the Biggest Mall in South Africa? Here Are the Top 10

South Africa is one of the countries with the most malls anywhere in the world. It has over 200 malls spread through its provinces and covering more than 24 million square metres. Because of the ever-growing needs of shoppers, the malls keep expanding as the years go by in the country.

With many large malls, South Africa has some facilities ranked amongst the top on the African continent. These malls have attracted shoppers, leisure seekers, and even tourists who troop into the different facilities each year with one need or the other. Here is a look at some of the biggest malls that the country has to offer.

The 10 Richest Politicians in South Africa and their Net Worth

Politics in South Africa has been one of the most evolved in the entire African continent, looking at how much it has changed since the end of apartheid. Apart from the struggle for the control of power that naturally remained at the center of the country’s politics, there has also been an overwhelming struggle to control wealth and resources by groups, individuals, and, needless to say, politicians. This has raised the torchlight on who could be the richest politicians in South Africa.

Top 5 Biggest Retailers In South Africa

When it comes to the retail business in Africa, South Africa is without-a-doubt a market leader. It is home to many retail stores that not only have their presence in the country but also beyond. The number of retailers in South Africa is always on the rise, this is attributed to the increasing middle-class market competition and also urbanization.

Active Telkom USSD Codes and the Tasks You Can Perform With Them

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code is simply a communications protocol that facilitates communication between the mobile network operator’s computers and GSM cellular telephones. USSD serves different purposes, and Telkom USSD codes are not an exception. With it, transactions are carried out with little or no assistance, effort, and guidance. They help clients to solve problems pretty fast and conveniently without, sometimes, going to the bank.

Youngest Millionaires In South Africa Right Now and How They Made Their Money

South Africa has some of the richest individuals on the African continent. Even though it has many hardworking young people, not too many are in the class of the very rich. Needless to say, there is still a class for the youngest millionaires in South Africa, who have distinguished themselves in their professional lives, and may not be set to become the next generation of billionaires the country will produce.

Most of the young people on the list started it all from the scratch, although some have got support and backings from their families. They have started their enviable businesses and built empires that have sustained for a while. Among the young millionaires are people who started making money as early as their teenage years and into their 20s.

All Active MTN USSD Codes In South Africa and How To Use Them

MTN USSD codes are among the best innovations the giant telecommunication company has come up with in recent years. Their USSD service platform allows users to directly interact from a cellphone on a menu. Interestingly, you don’t need to have an internet connection to make use of these USSD codes as it is text-driven.

Unfortunately, most MTN users are not aware of the existence of some of these MTN USSD codes while others find it difficult to make use of them. With these codes, you can do a lot of transactions from your comfort zone, just you and your phone. In fact, you may find yourself not visiting those MTN offices, banking halls or ATM spots like before if you eventually master most (if not all) of the MTN USSD codes made available for clients.

10 Richest Black South Africans and Their Net Worth

History has not always been on the side of Black South Africans, most especially during the apartheid regime. By the time independence had returned to the country, the advantage was still not with the blacks as they were late to start in the economic race, and important resources had already been captured. Nonetheless, many have been able to emerge from the dust to rule the economy of the country. Among the richest black South Africans are also those who are among the richest people in the country and the African continent, including Patrice Motsepe.

They combine to have control of close to 6 billion dollars, even though a better part of the amount comes from the man who sits at the top of the log, Motsepe. Many of the richest black people in South Africa have developed their fortune from the mining industry. Others have come about their wealth from businesses they start and multiple investments across different sectors, including the financial sector, real estate, energy, coal, and construction.

The 10 Most Expensive Houses in South Africa

South Africa has a reputation for having most of the elegant mansions in Africa. Most of these sprawling cribs are so beautiful that they leave a lot of people jaw-dropping and appreciative as well. Virtually all of them come with a lot of classy and amazing features – the ones that can actually stand the test of time. If you have the money and really want to lavish it on a property, you can check through the list below to find out the most expensive houses in South Africa right now and maybe make a choice.

Interestingly, these exotic mansions are situated in developed areas in the country and close to where you can fully have a wonderful connection with nature while living the best moments of your life as an owner of a luxury home. Wondering what the most expensive house in South Africa looks like? Well, you’re about to find out. But in the meantime, we can tell you that you’ll need at least R55 million to own a house on this list.

How to Send a Please Call Me on Telkom – The Code and Number to Use

Even with so many affordable Telkom data and airtime deals to suit the needs of different customers, the network provider understands that there are times when users may not be in a good financial state to be able to put a call through, even though they may need to reach a contact at the time; as such, they also have services to suit this need. As a Telkom user, whether you have airtime or not, you can send a ‘Please Call Me’ message to others for free. Many people think this offer is only for those who are low on airtime and/or cash, but this is not always the case.

10 Most Expensive Cars in South Africa and the Celebrities Who Own Them

You cannot be said to have attained that celebrity status, for most people, until you start driving around in the best or, at least, the most flashy cars around. Live in a small house if you may, and wear simple clothes if you want, but the car has to be top-notch because that will place you in a different class. With that said, some of the most expensive cars in South Africa are owned by celebrities.

How to Submit A UIF Claim Application Online and the Registration Forms to Use

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) was created to serve as a lifeline to workers as some circumstances beyond human control may lead to an unfortunate outcome. It is a short-term financial aid offered to workers who are registered with the UIF and equally contribute a certain percentage of their monthly remuneration to the fund. Financial assistance is usually given to workers by UIF when they become unemployed due to dismissal, retrenchment, or retirement. They can also claim the UIF benefits when they are ill, on maternity leave, adoption leave, or are dependents of deceased contributors.

Easy Ways to Transfer Data or Share Airtime on Vodacom

Vodacom has come a long way in the telecommunication business in South Africa and beyond. The company has thousands of customers who patronize their products and services for obvious reasons – they are the largest network provider in South Africa with an outstanding record to show for their initiatives.

There are several ways you can easily connect to their services. Whether you want to transfer data, share airtime, or even carry out other essential services on the network, all the procedures involved are easy and simple to follow.

How to Transfer Money from Nedbank to Capitec, FNB or Other Banks

Nedbank is a financial institution with a history that can be traced to as far back as 1831. It was formerly known as Cape of Good Hope Bank and after several rebranding and remodeling, the name was finally changed to Nedbank Group in 2003. Today, Nedbank Group has grown to have up to 74 million clients and 626 clients across Africa. Nedbank has been able to achieve this growth and more as a result of their consistent improvement in customer service.

One of the ways Nedbank has improved its customer service is by providing several methods to make transfers from their Nedbank account to Capitec Bank, FNB, or other banks in South Africa.

Top 20 Richest People In South Africa: You Won’t Believe Who Worked Hardest This Time

Wealth is a crown and those who wear it must be recognized as the kings of the society and be accorded the deserving respect that comes with the crown. But, it is not easy to get the crown. You would have to jump through hurdles, overcome quite a number of very unflattering obstacles, and have a story to tell. When you eventually get the crown, you can be sure that the world will be waiting to help you tell your story and there are very many ways to do that.

What’s more, more South African billionaires and millionaires are springing up with each passing year. So, it’s that time of the year again when you’re regaled with lists of the richest people around, how they get their money and how much they are truly worth.

How to Check Telkom Airtime and Data Balance With or Without a Code

Getting cut off while surfing the internet or making a call can be very embarrassing. Therefore, it is important for network users to ensure that they have sufficient airtime and data before making calls or surfing the net. All network-providing companies, including Telkom, have codes and other methods customers can use to check their current airtime and data balance. As a Telkom user, you are expected to be familiar with the different methods of checking your airtime and data balance. If you are a Telkom user and wish to familiarize yourself with the different methods of checking your airtime and data balance, this article will explain all of that and even more.

How To Check SASSA Application Status

The entire process of applying for the SASSA grant is straightforward. While some categories of grants can be applied for online, others can only be applied for at any SASSA office. However, irrespective of how you apply, you can always keep track of your application to know if it is still in progress. As the application process is straightforward, so is the process of checking your SASSA grant application status. You don’t have to bother about visiting the SASSA office closest to you and standing in a queue as the process can easily be done online. As you continue to read, you will get to know how to check your application status and the meaning of each of the levels of progressions.

Active MTN Data Deals and Price Hacks For Cheap Data

There is undoubtedly a good reason why MTN has grown to become the largest network provider in Africa. It is either their good network coverage, customer service, call cost per second, or data bundles that have made many people use MTN as their internet surfing network. Most smartphone users who have MTN as their network service provider already have a particular data bundle they purchase. Still, before settling with a bundle, even if it suits your need, it is important to know other MTN data deals, and how much they cost so you don’t miss out on a better offer.

MTN has a wide range of data bundles that come at different costs to meet the need and fit the budget of all kinds of users. As you read, we will take you through all these bundles, their pros and cons, and their prices.

SASSA Child Grants Application Requirements and How Much You Can Get

Since the establishment of the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in the year 2005, the agency has helped improve the standards of living in the country. For several years now, the agency has been providing assistance to people vulnerable to poverty, especially the elderly, those with young children, as well as people with disabilities. The SASSA assistance given to people with young children is provided in the form of a child support grant, care dependency grant, and foster child grant.

While the child support grant assists parents with the costs of the basic needs of their young ones between the ages of 0 and 18 years, the care dependency grant provides assistance to children with severe mental and/or physical disabilities. The foster care grant, on the other hand, assists foster parents in raising children placed in their care by court order according to the terms of the Child Care Act.

How to Check MTN Data or Airtime Balance and Ways To Recharge Your Line

Getting interrupted while browsing the internet, chatting with friends, or making a call can be very annoying and embarrassing as well most times, but this problem can easily be dealt with. All you need to do is ensure that you have sufficient airtime balance to make a call before putting the call through and regularly checking your data balance to know when a top-up is required. Checking your MTN data and airtime balance has never been easier.

Like other networks, MTN understands the urgency with which people may need to recharge their lines or top up their data; thus, they have made it possible for all users to recharge and top up without leaving the comfort of their homes.

The 20 Richest Musicians in South Africa and their Net Worth

It is never unusual to find people wondering who the richest musicians in South Africa might be. This is because the industry has dominated the music scene in the whole of Africa for some time now, releasing back-to-back hits across different genres. From people like AKA to Master KG, who has kept the world spellbound and dancing in 2019, to many others that have been around for almost always, hard work has become the buzzword for music stars in the country. However, with emphasis on their finances, some have been duly paid by the industry, while others will still count their blessings.

How Does eWallet Work? – PIN and Code Numbers to Use

An eWallet is a digital wallet that allows users to make transactions online with a smartphone or computer. South African eWallet services, provided by First National Bank (FNB), are one of the most convenient methods to send and receive money without the use of a debit or credit card. With their eWallet, you only need your eWallet PIN and some codes to access your funds.

Initially, sending cash through eWallet was only possible for FNB customers while non-customers could only receive, but currently, FNB has made it possible for everyone to send and receive money using eWallet. Unlike other international eWallets like PayPal which is not limited to just one country, FNB eWallet is only available to those who have an active South African mobile number.

How To Send Please Call Me On MTN and The Call Back Code To Use

If you have an urgent need to speak to someone about something important but do not have enough airtime to make or initiate a call, what do you do? You can buy airtime or borrow from your network. If those options are also not available, you can send a Please call me on MTN using either an SMS or USSD code designed for the said purpose if you are an MTN subscriber.

The service makes it possible for you to send an SMS to someone, requesting that the person calls you back. What is fascinating about the service is that it is straightforward to use, and it is free of all charge, unlike most other interesting services the network has provided for. Here is all you need to know about how to make use of this all-important service.

How to Buy Data or Airtime on Telkom and Make Payments On Your Account

Making calls and surfing the internet are the major reasons we all have phones and other electronic gadgets like tablets and laptops. However, without airtime and data on your phones, the purpose of having one is almost defeated. All Telkom users at one point or another will need to purchase airtime and/or data from Telkom, and while some Telkom users are already familiar with the process, others are not.

If you fall into the second category, it’s nothing to worry about. Just keep reading this article, and before you are done, you would have known how to buy airtime and data from Telkom using various means.

How to Check Vodacom Data and Airtime Balance

With the consistent advancement in technology as the years go by, Vodacom has also been faithful with making use of available resources to make things easier for their customers. Checking your airtime and data balance keeps getting easier as the years roll by, with the launch of different methods for checking Vodacom airtime and data balance. There are so many methods users can now choose from, depending on their preference and situation at the time. Familiarizing yourself with these different methods will help you choose the best option at any time.