Active MTN Data Deals and Price Hacks For Cheap Data

There is undoubtedly a good reason why MTN has grown to become the largest network provider in Africa. It is either their good network coverage, customer service, call cost per second, or data bundles that have made many people use MTN as their internet surfing network. Most smartphone users who have MTN as their network service provider already have a particular data bundle they purchase. Still, before settling with a bundle, even if it suits your need, it is important to know other MTN data deals, and how much they cost so you don’t miss out on a better offer.

MTN has a wide range of data bundles that come at different costs to meet the need and fit the budget of all kinds of users. As you read, we will take you through all these bundles, their pros and cons, and their prices.

Complete List Of MTN Data Bundles And Their Prices

MTN data deals or bundles are divided into hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and social media bundles. The data plan you should go for will depend on your current need at the time.

Hourly Data Bundles

These are some of the cheapest data bundles you can get on MTN. Each offer in this data bundle category has a duration of one hour. This category is best for light data users who need little data for a limited time.

Price Data Duration
R2 15MB 1 hour
R30 1GB 1 hour


  • You can get data for as low as R2
  • With the 1GB data plan, you can buy as much data you need for just one hour, especially if you won’t need data again for a while.


  • The data offers in this category are small and may get used up before you finish what you need it for.
  • If you need more data, you may have to continue subscribing every hour, which is not just time-consuming but may end up being more expensive.

Daily Data Bundles

Like the hourly data bundles, daily data bundles are best for those who do not have a recurrent need for data. The data offers in this category are also cheap.

Price Data Duration
R5 25MB 1 day
R8 50MB 1 day
R10 75MB 1 day
R15 120MB 1 day
R27 300MB 1 day
R50 1GB 1 day


  • Cheap data; with as low as R5, you can buy a bundle.


  • Your data may get used up before the day runs out.
  • Buying data every day may lead to spending more money.

Weekly Data Bundles

The data offered in this category are cheap and most suitable for light data users who usually have a weekly budget for data.

Price Data Duration
R10 50MB 1 week
R17 120MB 1 week
R25 200MB 1 week
R55 500MB 1 week
R70 1GB 1 week
R199 5GB 1 week


  • Data offers are cheap.
  • Suitable for both light and moderate data users.


  • Data may get exhausted before the week runs out.
  • You may have to purchase a data bundle again, which in the long run may end up being more expensive.

Monthly Data Plans

The data plans here are suitable for light, moderate, and heavy data users. The offers may be more expensive than others, which is probably because they have a longer duration.

Price Data Duration
R20 100MB 1  month
R29 150MB 1  month
R39 200MB 1  month
R60 350MB 1  month
R75 500MB 1  month
R89 750MB 1  month
R99 1GB 1  month
R149 1.5GB 1  month
R189 2GB 1  month
R229 3GB 1  month
R399 6GB 1  month
R469 10GB 1  month
R699 20GB 1  month
R999 30GB 1  month
R1499 50GB 1  month
R2499 100GB 1  month


  • This category also has cheap data.
  • Light, moderate, and heavy data users can have options to choose from this category.


  • The best MTN data deals in this category are expensive.
  • The data may not last for the entire month.

MTN EverydayGigs

In this data plan, subscribers will make a one-time payment for a specific amount of data to be sent to them every day. This type of plan is best for those who want to limit the amount of data they use every day.

Price Data Duration
R29 1GB 1 day
R49 2GB 1 day
R149 7GB 1GB every day for 7 days
R199 14GB 2GB every day for 7 days
R499 30GB 1GB every day for 30 days
R699 60GB 2GB every day for 30 days

Social Media Data Bundles

MTN Data Deals

If the only thing you wish to use data for is social media, then this category of data bundles is just for you. The offers are cheap and very affordable.


Price Data Duration
R2 50MB 1 day
R5 100MB 3 days
R10 250MB 7 days
R30 1GB 20 days


Price Data Duration
R5 100MB 1 day
R20 500MB 1 week


Price Data Duration
R5 100MB 1 day
R20 500MB 1 week
R50 1GB 1 month


Price Data Duration
R5 100MB 1 day
R20 500MB 1 week
R50 1GB 1 month


Price Data Duration
R5 100MB 1 day
R20 500MB 1 week
R50 1GB 1 month

How To Buy A Data Bundle On MTN

You can buy MTN data bundles using different methods. Smartphone users can purchase data using their bank mobile app and the MTN mobile app. They can also chat with MTN chatbot on WhatsApp.

But the easiest and fastest method of buying MTN data is via the good old way of using USSD code. Dial *136# and follow the prompts.

How To Get Free Data On MTN

MTN Data Deals

If you have never gotten free data from MTN, you should. The network provider has made it possible that any first-time user of the MTN mobile app gets 1GB for free. To download the MTN app and get free, follow the steps below:

  • Open Google play store.
  • Search for the MTN app.
  • Download the app.
  • Open the app, and unlock your free 1GB data.

How To Get Cheap Data On MTN

The cheap data in the lists above offer a minimal amount of data that may not be enough for you to stay online as long as you wish. There are other cheap data offers from MTN, but they are only available to those on MTN Pulse, and only those below the age of 25 are eligible for these MTN data deals.

To migrate to MTN Pulse, visit the pulse page on the MTN official website and click on the yellow ‘Join Pulse’ button or dial *406# to migrate. You will be required to provide your name and ID number.

Offers On MTN Pulse

MTN Pulse Student Bundle
Price Offer Duration
R49 5GB Anytime Data and 5GB Night Express data 1 week
Combo Bundles
R5 50MB Anytime Data, 50MB Night Express, and 5 minutes MTN to MTN call 1 day
R10 200MB Anytime Data, 200MB Night Express, and 15 minutes MTN to MTN call 1 day
R19 500MB Anytime Data, 500MB Night Express, and 60 minutes MTN to MTN call 1 day
R30 400MB Anytime Data, 400MB Night Express and 60 minutes MTN to MTN call, 60 minutes pulse-pulse call 1 week
R79 1GB Anytime Data, 1GB Night Express and 100 minutes MTN to MTN call, 60 minutes pulse-pulse call 1 month
Data-Only Bundles
R5 60MB Anytime Data and 60MB Night Express 1 day
R10 250MB Anytime Data and 250MB Night Express 1 day
R5 1GB Anytime Data 1 day
R5 500MB Anytime Data and 500MB Night Express 1 day
R5 1.25GB Anytime Data and 1.25GB Night Express 1 day
Social Media Bundles
R5 300MB 1 day
R10 1GB 1 day
R19 3GB 1 day
R30 3GB 1 week
R79 8GB 1 month


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