How to Check Telkom Airtime and Data Balance With or Without a Code

Getting cut off while surfing the internet or making a call can be very embarrassing. Therefore, it is important for network users to ensure that they have sufficient airtime and data before making calls or surfing the net. All network providing companies, including Telkom, have codes and other methods customers can use to check their current airtime and data balance. As a Telkom user, you are expected to be familiar with the different methods of checking your airtime and data balance. If you are a Telkom user and wish to familiarize yourself with the different methods of checking your airtime and data balance, this article will explain all of that and even more.

How To Check Your Telkom Data Balance

Just like there are different ways to buy Telkom data bundles, there are also several ways of checking your data balance. Customers can choose any of these methods depending on their preferences.

 Telkom Airtime and Data Balance

The use of USSD code is the most convenient method of checking Telkom data balance. It is the easiest and commonest method, mostly because it doesn’t require you to have data or internet access, unlike other methods. Here is how to check your Telkom data balance using the USSD code:

  • Dial *188# on your Telkom mobile line
  • Almost immediately, you will see your Telkom data balance on the screen of your phone

You can check your data balance on the Telkom Website

Although the use of USSD code seems to be the most popular method for checking your Telkom data balance, it is not the only way. There are other methods, however, they all require that you have data on your phone. These are other methods for checking your data balance without a USSD code.

Yes, you can check your Telkom data balance by visiting the official Telkom website. If you already have an account, click on the ‘login’ button, but if you don’t, you will have to first register. Do so by clicking on the ‘register’ button and inputting the required details, after which you can log in.

 Telkom Airtime and Data Balance

If you already have an account, enter your username and password then click on the login button. In case you have forgotten your password, it is nothing to worry about because you can retrieve it by following these steps:

  • Open the messaging app on your phone
  • Type ‘password’ as the message content
  • Send the message to 0123210215
  • Your password will be sent to your line

You Can Check Your Data Balance Using the Telkom Mobile App

Another way to check your Telkom data balance is by using the Telkom mobile app which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or App Store for Android phones and iPhone users respectively. After downloading the app on your phone, register your number on it. With that, you can log in anytime to check your data balance.

Telkom Users Can Also Check Their Data Balance Through SMS

The SMS method is also one of the easiest ways to check your data balance. Here is how to go about it:

  • Open the messaging app on your phone
  • Send an empty message to 188

Your data balance will be sent to you almost as soon as you finish sending the message.

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Check Your Mobile Data Balance Using the IVR Code

 Telkom Airtime and Data Balance

Another way to check your data balance is by using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). and the process is also very easy. All you need to do is dial 188 on your Telkom line and you will be directed to an IVR menu. Follow the voice instructions until you are directed to the check data balance option.

How to Check Your Telkom Airtime Balance Using USSD Code

The use of USSD code is also one of the commonest ways to check your Telkom airtime balance. Perhaps, this is because of the ease and convenience but most importantly, it can be used by non-smartphone users. This method is as simple as dialing *188# on your phone and almost immediately, you will have your airtime balance on the screen of your cellphone.

Other Ways to Check Your Airtime Balance

The use of USSD code is not the only way to check your airtime balance, although it is the easiest and most straightforward method. Here are ways you can check your Telkom airtime balance:

On WhatsApp

This is a very interesting method of checking your airtime balance and it can only be done with a smartphone and requires that you have internet data on your phone. Telkom users who wish to use this method will also need to have WhatsApp installed on their phones.

To check your airtime balance on WhatsApp, save the mobile number 0811601700 on your contact list, refresh the WhatsApp contacts and you can chat with a Telkom customer care agent. Ask for your airtime balance and the customer care agent will respond to you. Please note that for this to be possible, the number you registered your WhatsApp account with has to be your Telkom line.

On the Telkom Mobile App

The process is similar to using the app to check your data balance. After downloading the mobile app, register your number, then log in at any time to check your airtime balance and perform any other activity you would like to carry out. The use of the Telkom mobile app to check your data balance requires data and that you download the app. This method may not be as easy as the use of USSD code, but it gives you access to more information, like your airtime usage and balance history.

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You Can Also Check Your Telkom Airtime Balance Online

Checking your Telkom airtime balance online is another method available to only smartphone users. You will also need data to access the website. To do this, visit the official Telkom website, log in and you will have access to different information and services, including your Telkom airtime balance.

To log in, you will have to input your username and password. If you are yet to register on the platform, you will be required to register first. In case you have registered before but have forgotten your password, use the steps on how to recover your Telkom account password above to retrieve it and then proceed to check your airtime balance.

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