Who Is Master KG’s Wife or Girlfriend Now?

Master KG does not have a wife but has been in a long-term on-and-off relationship with fellow Limpopo artist, Makhadzi. Though they were reported to have split in June 2023, the rumor is yet to be confirmed.

The ‘Jerusalema’ hitmaker has been together with his Queen, Makhadzi, since 2016. However, they made the relationship public in early 2020, and since then, they have been going on and off and even using some of their breakups as publicity stunts. Even though Master KG hasn’t opened up about getting married to Makhadzi, on some occasions, he has referred to the ‘African Queen’ singer as his wife.

Is Master KG Married?

Master KG, whose real name is Kgaogelo Moagi, is not married. He, however, has been in a long-term relationship with Makhadzi. After keeping the relationship secret for some years, the award-winning producer revealed his relationship status on April 1st, 2020, when he tweeted that he would be getting married to Makhadzi after the end of the pandemic. He also moved on to disclose that he was expecting a child with the singer.

Although the post was meant to be part of the April Fool’s Day celebration, many people believed Master KG. Hence, the ‘Riya Venda’ crooner had to counter her partner’s claims about being pregnant. She shared a post-workout picture of herself and also clarified that she wasn’t pregnant with Master KG’s child. Oftentimes, Makhadzi and Master KG have been rumored to be getting ready to embark on a forever journey.

For instance, in January 2022, when the ‘Shine Your Light’ hitmaker took Makhadzi to his family house to meet his mother, it was believed that they were getting set to walk down the aisle. Then in the next month, Makhadzi referred to the record producer as her soul mate in a lovely birthday post she dedicated to him.

Afterward, the couple began referring to themselves as husband and wife. While Master KG called the African Queen his wife in December 2021 while performing on stage together; Makhadzi, in December 2022, asked slay queen Eva Modika to leave her husband alone after accusing her of sleeping with Master KG. Currently, it’s uncertain whether Master KG had secretly tied the knot with Makhadzi or they have parted ways as speculated.

Master KG’s Long On-and-Off Relationship with Makhadzi

Since meeting for the first time in the year 2016, the popular Limpopo celebrity couple have called it quits more than once. Nevertheless, some of the breakups are believed to be publicity stunts. With the urge to collaborate with Master KG on a song, Makhadzi went to the studio to meet him sometime in 2016, and they started working together.

They eventually became close friends and then lovers, as they were spending so much time together in the studio. They collaborated on many songs and equally managed to keep their blossoming affair low-key. Nevertheless, the Limpopo celebrity couple went public with their relationship in early 2020. They often gushed about each other on social media, and it was quite glaring that they were head over heels in love.

The Two Broke Up in August 2020 But Got Back Together

Sadly, Master KG and Makhadzi broke up in August 2020 as they were both focused on reaching new heights in their careers, which, of course, affected their relationship negatively. After speculations about the couple’s relationship hitting the rocks, Master KG finally took to Facebook to announce the split. He admitted that he had parted ways with Makhadzi, and they made the mutual decision to focus on their careers as they were still young and needed to achieve big things.

Also, Makhadzi confirmed the breakup by commenting on the post that, indeed, the relationship had ended. After the separation, fans of the couple kept on believing that the two would rekindle their romance, and their wish came true when a video of Master KG and Makhadzi making out in a studio session went viral in October 2021.

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In December 2021, Master KG confirmed that he had rekindled his romance with Makhadzi by kissing her on stage during a performance.

The Couple Separated For The Second Time in December 2022

Following that reconciliation, the couple subsequently showed affection for one another with heartwarming messages on social media. Believing that the couple had finally worked things out, the music artists gave their fans another heartbreak when they announced their split in December 2022.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Makhadzi shared her man’s number, reportedly asking beautiful ladies to reach out to him for a good payment. She insinuated in the post that the ‘Jerusalema’ crooner cheated on her with two females who traveled from Botswana to sleep with him. She eventually deleted the post, claiming that her Facebook account was hacked.

Then in January 2023, Master KG took to Facebook to announce that he and his queen were no longer a couple. Nonetheless, they will continue working together to entertain their lovely fans. Shortly after, Makhadzi, while publicizing her latest gig in the same month, highlighted Master KG’s post and told her followers that it was a typing error. She added that her man was only trying to tell her that he misses her and can’t wait to be at her gig.

Even though Master KG further hinted that his relationship with Makhadzi had ended when he announced his birthday celebration, excluding her from the line-up, he later assured everyone that they were still going strong when he made another announcement on January 25th, 2023, saying that his upcoming birthday on February 3rd, 2023 would be hosted by his Queen.

Surprisingly, their relationship allegedly took a new turn in June 2023 when it was reported that the couple have called it quits, and Makhadzi is presently dating Botswana businessman Lawrence Muluadzi. However, both Master KG and Makhadzi are yet to confirm the rumor.

Master KG Dated Queen Lolly in 2020

After his breakup with Makhadzi in 2020, Master KG briefly dated Nomfundo Shezi, better known as Queen Lolly. She was alleged to have caused his breakup with his girlfriend, as Makhadzi allegedly caught Shezi with Master KG when she visited his house, and they engaged in a physical fight.

Lolly claimed to have been sleeping with Makhadzi’s boyfriend for a while and had aborted a pregnancy for him during the lockdown. She further revealed in December 2020 that she was pregnant with Master KG’s child and won’t be going for an abortion as he suggested again. Master KG, on the other hand, accused Queen Lolly of trying to tarnish his image because he broke up with her and also refused to produce a song for her.

She Has Claimed That She Had a Child for Him

On February 2nd, 2023, Queen Lolly was a guest on a Youtube podcast titled, Omakhwapheni, which refers to secret partners, side chicks, and mistresses. On the podcast, the music artist claimed to be Master KG’s baby mama. She asserted that she had more than one child with him but miscarried one. Also, she alleged that she dated the acclaimed producer before he became a big name in the industry and, thus, has a nine-year-old son with him.

Replying to the baby daddy allegation, Master KG tweeted that Queen Lolly is not his baby mama, and he doesn’t have a child with her. He added that people say whatever for anything that will get them trending on the news. Later on, Makhadzi came to her bae’s defense, asking Lolly in a since-deleted Twitter post how she could have a nine-year-old son with someone she claimed to have known for three years.

The self-proclaimed celebrity side chick didn’t take the post lightly. Hence, she blasted Makhadzi in a video that went viral, calling her a “Vetkoek”. She asked her to stay out of her business with Master KG as they are both involved with him. She further told Makhadzi to stop feeling like she owned Master KG because she was not the only woman in his life.

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