Eva Modika Biography, Age and Net Worth

Eva Modika (born on March 1) is a South African socialite, club hostess, businesswoman, social media influencer, and reality television star. The estimated range of her net worth is between $100,000 to $500,000.

Monika is well-known as one of the best club hostesses in South Africa. She has anchored numerous club events and also worked with several prominent people in the industry. She became a person of immense public interest after her appearance in a Showmax lifestyle and reality TV show.

Summary of Eva Modika’s Biography

  • Full name: Eva Modika
  • Nickname: The Queen of the North
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: March 1
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Eva Modika’s Net worth: Ranges between $100,000 to $1,000,000
  • Famous for: Appearing in the Showmax reality TV show Diamonds and Dolls
  • Eva Modika’s Instagram: evamodika
  • Twitter: @Evamodika21
  • Facebook: Eva Modika

Eva Modika was Born in Limpopo, South Africa

Eva Modika’s parents gave birth to her in a township called Seshego in Limpopo province. She was born on the 1st of March, but the exact year she was born is not public knowledge.

There is also no available information about her childhood, family members, family background, upbringing, and early life. Modika received her basic education in her birthplace, after which she was enrolled at the Vaal University of Technology for further studies.

Currently, she is studying law at the University of Johannesburg.

She is a Famed Club Hostesss and Businesswoman 

Eva Modika is a club hostess, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. Her older sister Michelle, a former news reader for Capricorn FM, introduced her to the party scene.

She has worked at several clubs across the nation. In her opinion, the biggest and best thing that has happened to her is working as a club hostess. She earns a sizable living through retainers and bookings, so she is never idle.

Modika also runs a clothing business that she founded with the proceeds from running nightclubs. She equally owns a beauty store in Sandton.

She owns monetized social media pages. She promotes and advertises the goods of companies and people, for which she gets a respectable payment. Information about her modeling career is undocumented.

Eva Modika’s Reality Show

Eva Modika appeared in the Showmax reality TV show “Diamonds & Dolls”, which aired in 2022.

Tebogo Ramokgadi, a self-described musician and social media influencer from South Africa, and his four ‘imperfectly perfect girls’ (his dolls) are the subjects of the six-episode series, which follows them as they pursue fame and money.

The broadcast features them as they introduce viewers to the glam and champagne lifestyle. Along with Eva Modika, other “dolls” include fashion blogger Lolo Mlunjwana, sports star manager Lumi Jemma, and nightlife promoter Inno Morolong.

Does Eva Modika Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

Eva Modika is currently not married. She is not dating anyone publicly at the moment. It could be that she is single or dating someone secretly. However, she has been linked to South African singer Master KG.

Rumour about the duo dating started making the rounds in June 2021 when it emerged that the “Jerusalema” hitmaker bought the club hostess a Gumba Gumba Telefunken television.

Master KG denied the report, claiming that he was merely on talking terms with Eva as he had just got to know her. Modika also reacted by denying that she has a Gumba Gumba Telefunken television in her home.

However, some sources claimed that Master KG was a regular visitor at the socialite’s apartment and that the two were dating then. There is no record of Monika’s past relationships. She, however, mentioned in a 2022 interview on Mac G’s hit “Podcast And Chill” show that she doesn’t date broke men.

What Is Eva Modika’s Net Worth?

The estimated range of Eva Modika’s net worth is between $100,000 to $500,000. She gained the most of her income by charging clubs for hostess duties. She also became wealthy as a result of her business and social media influencing career.

Modika charges thousands of Rand for her services as a club host, according to multiple reports. She was making roughly R60,000 per month at the beginning of her career. Her current fee schedule, however, is not known to the general public.

Eva Modika’s Has Built A House For Her Parents 

She resides in one of South Africa’s poshest cities, Sandton, Gauteng, to be precise. Sadly, she has not disclosed her exact address or the specifics of her home, so it is unclear whether she genuinely owns it or is just renting.

The club hostess has built a house for her parents. She posted a video of the finished structure she constructed for her parents on her Instagram page on June 28, 2020. She, however, did not mention the exact location of her parent’s new apartment.

The number of vehicles owned by Eva Modika and all the car brands in her garage are not listed anywhere. As a well-known performer, it is assumed that she owns a large collection of exotic vehicles. However, Modika owns a Bentley Mulsanne, which she occasionally drives.

Eva Modkia Spurgled R65,000 On Plastic Surgery

There is currently no information available on Eva Modika’s actual physical measurements. Although she isn’t particularly tall, she does have an hourglass figure. Surgery played a significant role in helping her get her fantastic body.

In May 2022, the reality TV actress and socialite disclosed that she had undergone surgery to get the ideal body she had always wanted.

She underwent an eight-hour Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and a 360 liposuction treatment on her stomach in a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, for a whooping R65,000 in total.

Actually, Modika had already undergone a failed procedure in South Africa before having her current surgery in Turkey. She told the reporters that she had lumps near her umbilical cord as a result of errors made by her South African surgeon during the procedure, which occasionally bothered her.

It also caused her to develop fibrosis. She also admitted that she frequently used Photoshop to remove the lump from her shots. Modika is on a mission to alter her body to an almost flawless state surgically, and it seems that she is not bothered about people’s opinions about her body or even ready to slow down.

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