Does Makhadzi Have a Husband or Boyfriend?

Makhadzi is known to be dating record producer Master KG. Though there have been reports that they have tied the knot in a private wedding, the couple is yet to confirm their marital status.

The multi-award-winning singer has been in a rocky relationship with the ‘Jerusalema’ hitmaker for over five years now. They are arguably Limpopo’s most popular celebrity couple. Makhadzi and Master KG started out as friends before their bond grew stronger, culminating in a loving romantic affair.

Even though they have called it quits once, the two are presently waxing strong as a couple. They have also reached new heights in their individual careers. The cute couple constantly works together as a team and has released numerous collaborative songs including ‘Tshikwama.’

Did Makhadzi Have a Secret Wedding?

In September 2022, social media went into a frenzy when pictures of Makhadzi in a wedding gown went viral. It was soon speculated that the Limpopo singer had tied the knot with another man in a secret wedding, dumping her heartthrob, Master KG.

The pictures caused mixed reactions online. While some social media users were of the opinion that it wasn’t Makhadzi but her look-alike, many believed that she was the one in the wedding gown.

Seeing Makhadzi getting married to another man broke the hearts of her fans, who anxiously anticipated her affair with Master KG to lead to marriage. After the Facebook pictures went viral, it was detected that the pictures were not recent. Also, it was realized that the pictures were taken from Makhadzi’s music video titled ‘Venda Manyalo.’

She was dressed as a bride in the music video, which got many confused. Even though the news of Makhadzi’s secret wedding with another man turned out to be false, there have been suspicions that Master KG and Makhadzi are officially man and wife. On many occasions, the record producer has referred to the ‘Ghanama’ crooner as his wife.

Makhadzi, on the other hand, also refers to Master KG as her husband. The pair, however, are not known to be married, but it seems they have exchanged vows in a private wedding like most celebs do.

Are Makhadzi and Master KG Still Together?

Yes, Master KG and Makhadzi are still relishing a blossoming relationship. After splitting in mid-2020, they got back together in late 2021 and have remained in each other’s arms since then. Contrary to media reports that they called it quits in mid-2022, the couple are still together and seems not to be letting go of each other anytime soon.

Interestingly, they seem to have moved their relationship to the next level as Master KG publicly called Makhadzi his wife at a show where they had an individual performance.

Who is Makhadzi Dating Now?

Makhadzi and Master KG have been in a romantic relationship since 2016. Like other relationships, they have had their ups and downs and even went on their separate ways on one occasion. Nevertheless, they have realized they are better people around each other and have worked things out between themselves.

Timeline of Master KG and Makhadzi’s Longterm On-and-off Affair

2016 – Makhadzi and Master KG Became Friends

Although the exact time the two Limpopo artists got acquainted is unknown, it is believed they met for the first time sometime in 2016. At the time, Master KG was more popular as his single, ‘Skeleton’ feat. Zanda Zakuza was being played on almost every radio station. This made Makhadzi very eager to work with him as she was more popular in the streets than radio then.

Eventually, she went to the studio to meet Master KG so they could collaborate on a song. Having liked her sound, he agreed and they started working together. They became close friends, and the more they spent time in studio sessions, the more they got attracted to each other. Even though Makhadzi never imagined dating Master KG, the two artists ended up falling in love with each other.

They started a romantic relationship in 2016. And they worked hard to keep the blooming romance low-key. According to Master KG, Makhadzi’s originality and authenticity swept him off his feet. Makhadzi, on the other hand, had the same respect and adoration for her boo. She has attributed her career success to him as he advised her to stick to her Venda roots.

2020 – Master KG and Makhadzi Made their Relationship Public

According to reports, Master KG and Makhadzi officially announced their relationship in the year 2020, though in an interview, the Limpopo dancer claimed to have made her relationship public in 2016. From the time the two musicians got together till 2020, they worked together on over 7 songs. And this raised eyebrows among their fans, who suspected that they have been bitten by a love bug.

Some social media users browsed through their Instagram accounts and discovered that Makhadzi and Master KG were usually posting about each other. Hence, rumours about the two being a couple began making rounds on the internet. Then on April 1st, 2020, Master KG shared a post on Twitter announcing that he would be getting married to the ‘Riya Venda’ singer when the lockdown ended and that they were also expecting a baby together.

His post confirmed the rumor about their relationship. Nonetheless, Makhadzi was quick to debunk her bae’s claims that she was pregnant. She was asked the truth behind Master KG’s post by a social media user when she shared a post-workout photo of herself.

The singer made it clear that she wasn’t expecting a child with the record producer. She stated that Master KG’s post was for April Fool’s Day and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

August 2020 – The Couple Parted Ways in a Mutual Agreement

While Makhadzi and Kgaogelo Moagi fans were still ecstatic about their relationship, their joy, however, was cut short when Master KG announced his split from Makhadzi in August 2020. He took to Facebook to break the news to their followers. In the post, he stated that the breakup was mutual as they both decided to focus more on their individual careers.

The news didn’t sit well on the fans who accused him of dumping Makhadzi because his career has had an upward trajectory since he dropped the hit song, ‘Jerusalema’, which won him several awards, including the MTV Europe Music Award. Also, Master KG was accused of using Makhadzi by a lot of people who felt entitled to their relationship.

The ‘Ghanama’ hitmaker then confirmed the breakup by commenting on Master KG’s Facebook post. She asked people to respect their decision to go their separate ways. Later on, she further backed up her ex-boyfriend’s statement on Facebook Live. When asked by her fans what really transpired between her and Master KG, she replied that they decided to be a brother and sister and were cool with the decision.

Makhadzi never wanted her personal life to take the spotlight. Instead, she only wanted to be known only for her music. Sadly for the dancer, she has become famously known both for her music career success and public relationship with Kgaogelo Maogi and there is nothing she can do about it. After explaining what happened between her and her former partner, she pleaded with her fans not to revisit the issue.

November 2020 – Makhadzi Referred to Master KG as a Virginity Breaker

Master KG won the Icon of The Year Award in November 2020, and his ex-girlfriend, Makhadzi, congratulated him, letting Mzansi know that he deserves the award and more. In her Twitter post, she referred to Master KG as “Mukwasha,” which was loosely translated to virginity breaker.

Of course, the post set tongues wagging, and many people insinuated that Makhadzi lost her virginity to Master KG. This, like many other speculations about the pair, was never confirmed. Nevertheless, Makhadzi’s level of maturity was applauded as she made it obvious with the post that there was no bad blood between her and her ex-boyfriend.

December 2020 – Master KG was Accused of Cheating on Makhadzi with Queen Lolly

When the pioneer of the ‘bobelodu’ dance announced his split from Makhadzi, he only hinted that they were still young and needed to focus on achieving big things in life. However, he never stated what led them to make the mutual decision to split. Later in December 2020, up-and-coming artist Queen Lolly, whose real name is Nomfundo Shezi, revealed to Sunday World that she was the reason Makhadzi and Master KG’s affair ended abruptly.

She alleged that while the Limpopo-born artist was dating Makhadzi, he was also romantically involved with her. Eventually, she had a physical fight with Makhadzi when she visited her boyfriend’s house and saw her with him. It happened that her issues with Makhadzi started when the ‘Matorokisi’ crooner shared a post about Master KG being in love with only her, and Lolly let the cat out of the bag by commenting that she was sharing Master KG with the singer cum dancer.

Lolly also claimed to have had sexual relations with Master KG on many occasions, which resulted in her being pregnant twice. The artist met the ‘Jerusalema’ hitmaker when she needed a beat for a song she wrote years back. And upon meeting him, they became sexual partners, and she relocated from Durban to Pretoria.

She alleged that she was forced by Master KG to abort her first pregnancy with him after letting him know that she was expecting. She claimed to have aborted the baby during the lockdown after intense pressure from the award-winning producer. She then fell pregnant for the second time and was accused of being delusional by Master KG when she told him about the pregnancy.

Furthermore, Shezi asserted that she would keep her second pregnancy and would not abort it as suggested by the ‘Xola Moya Wam’ crooner. It’s still unclear whether she had the baby or later succumbed to the pressure to go for an abortion.

Early 2021 – Makhadzi Began Showing off her New Guy

A few months after her separation from Master KG, Makhadzi was noticed to have moved on with her life. She was seen hanging out with businessman Zwiyhuya Nelwamondo on many occasions. She also shared some loved-up pictures with her new man on Facebook. In a Facebook Live in August 2021, she hinted that her boyfriend was a jealous type and usually disrupts her live sessions with her fans with constant calls.

Makhadzi’s then-boyfriend, Nelwamondo, is the Chief Executive Officer of Lwams Africa. Being financially well-off, he was rumored to be the sponsor of his girlfriend’s numerous gigs using his company. Also, he reportedly purchased studio equipment and set up a home studio for Makhadzi. The two dated for some months before parting ways, and the reason behind their separation is still under wraps.

However, in January 2022, when Mr. Nelwmondo took to Facebook to sing praises of his former bae, calling her the best performer in the world, he was dragged by Makhadzi’s fans on Facebook. They urged him to move on with his life as the ‘Kokoba’ singer had already moved on with hers.

October 2021 – Makhadzi and Master KG were Rumoured to be Back Together after a Video of their Cosy Studio Session went Viral

Despite ending their romantic relationship, Master KG and Makhadzi continued working together as friends. The two sparked a new dating rumor in October 2021 when Makhadzi shared clips from her studio session with Master KG. They were seen in the video fondling while dancing and singing to an unreleased love song they were working on.

Mzansi seemed to be convinced that the lovebirds had rekindled their romance as Makhadzi performed a lap dance on her man during the studio session. On the other hand, Master KG was all touchy and couldn’t resist his hands from moving around Makhadzi’s body. Their reunion wasn’t surprising as Makhadzi was always full of praise for her ex-boyfriend while still separated.

In May 2021, when she was featured in the CNN documentary African Voices, she was grateful to Master KG for guiding her in her musical journey. She disclosed that not only did the musician advise her to hold tightly to her Venda roots, but she also explained to her the type of music to make that has a huge market as the music she was making at the time had a limited market.

November 2021 – Master KG Surprises his Girlfriend on Stage

Since the rumor about Makhadzi and Master KG getting back together gained traction, fans of Makhadzi have been accusing Master KG of being an opportunist. He was alleged to have left Makhadzi when his career soared to a new height as a result of his hit song, ‘Jerusalema.’ He allegedly wanted Makhadzi back because the hype of the song had seemingly died down, and Makhadzi’s career was on a whole new level.

She released many smash songs throughout the year and equally signed a lucrative partnership with Kicks Sportswear worth R120 million in late 2021. Despite being accused of taking advantage of the ‘Zwivhuya’ hitmaker, Master KG went on to prove his genuine affection for the African Queen by surprising her on stage during one of her gigs in November 2021.

He shared the video on Facebook and captioned it, “Pulled a surprise on Makhadzi yesterday, it was lit.” Makhadzi commented on the post that it was a big surprise.

December 2021 – Babes Wodumo Accused Makhadzi of Cheating

Popular choreographer Babes Wodumo took a swipe at Makhadzi on social media by accusing her of having an affair with her husband, Mampintsha Shimora. Makhadzi has worked together with Babes and her husband at their home studio multiple times, and so ignored Babes’ rant.

The Gqom artist then called her out again in December 2021, still accusing her of sleeping with her man. The Limpopo-born dancer was now forced to reply to Babes on Twitter. She made the tweet in Venda and stated that Mampintsha couldn’t satisfy her, and moreover, she believed that Babes’ social media rant was just a publicity stunt.

Afterward, Babes Wodumo attacked Makhadzi yet again, still on the issue of cheating. This time, Makhadzi blew hot on the choreographer setting the record straight on Facebook Live. She narrated how Babes was acting weird during a studio session with her husband, who found it hard to take his eyes off her. Consequently, Babes had to fight Mampintsha for looking at Makhadzi and also following her around.

The African Queen made it clear that Babes’ man loves women, and she didn’t know where he got her number from and started texting her, but she never replied to any of his text messages. She claimed to have told her boyfriend about how Babes Wodumo was acting up when she went to her home and didn’t want her to record. She then asked Babes to deal with her problem and stop tarnishing her image.

Makhadzi categorically stated that she didn’t take Babes’ man. And that she is not that cheap to be going around taking people’s boyfriends when she has her own boyfriend. Babes Wodumo later admitted that her constant ranting was a publicity stunt to promote her Extended Play titled ‘Crown.’ She was, however, asked to apologize to Makhadzi for attacking her unnecessarily.

January 2022 – The Jerusalema Hitmaker took his Girlfriend home to Meet his Mum

Though they still haven’t confirmed their rekindled romance, Makhadzi and Master KG kept showing off a public display of affection. While the two were performing on stage in December 2021, the ‘Shine Your Light’ singer called Makhadzi his wife and kissed her on stage. Also, when engaged in a challenge called “get out of my f***n plane” with Makhadzi’s backup dancer, Limpopo Boy, he asked him to be careful not to kick his wife out of the plane.

The award-winning record producer then took the ‘Khokhovah’ crooner home to see his mother in January 2022. This was taken to be a pivotal move towards a forever journey for the couple. They have also been rumored to be engaged as Makhadzi was spotted numerous times in the year 2020 rocking a particular ring that was assumed to be an engagement ring.

Even though Makhadzi hinted about getting back with Master KG in a Facebook post she made about missing her man, and Master KG commented with a smiling face with hearts emojis, she officially announced their reunion when she called Master KG her soulmate in a heartwarming birthday post she shared on Instagram on his birthday in February 2022.

May 2022 – The Couple’s Relationship was Rumoured to be Over

Master KG and Makhadzi have stolen the hearts of many people with their continuous public display of affection. Hence, they are considered one of the most loved power couples in Mzansi. In May 2022, Sunday World got their fans rattled when they reported that the couple had broken up again. The article, however, failed to disclose the circumstances that led to the alleged breakup.

Soon after, the news started gaining momentum, but Master KG was quick enough to shut down the fake news by commenting on the publication’s Facebook post about his alleged split from Makhadzi. He said, “Baloi please drink water because this is not happening.” His comment brought huge relief to their fans, who were almost devastated by the news.

December 2022 – Makhadzi sent a Strong Warning to Eva Modika, Asking Her to Stay Away from Her Husband

Famed musician cum dancer Makhadzi trended on social media in December 2022 when Whatsapp messages of her sternly warning slay queen Eva Modika to leave her husband alone were leaked online. She accused Modika of sleeping with Master KG, whom she referred to as her husband in the leaked messages. This all started when Eva Modika asked Makhadzi for VIP tickets to her gig.

It was then Makhadzi went furious, hurling insults at her as she accused the slay queen of sleeping with Master KG behind her back. She disclosed in one of her messages that her man, Master KG slept with Eva when he visited her at her rental house. She asked Eva Modika if she wanted just to be a side chick or to have Master KG to herself.

The ‘Tshintsha Magear’ hitmaker further told Modika that she is free to have him, but she should stop playing a game with her, claiming to be a friend when she has been sleeping with her husband behind her back and still have the nerves to ask her for VIP tickets. She later vowed never to leave her man for another lady or let ‘STI ladies’ steal him away from her.

Eva Modika responded to her messages by refuting her allegations and claimed not to know what Makhadzi was talking about. She calmly told Makhadzi that she had a lot of things going on in her life at the time and thus, was seeking only peace and didn’t wish to be part of any drama. She asserted that she didn’t do what the ‘Haka Matorokisi’ singer was accusing her of.

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