Who Is Legends Barber Owner?

Sheldon Tatchell is the founder, owner, and chief executive officer of Legends Barber, also known as Legends Barbershop. The barbershop franchise is rated South Africa’s number-one barbershop by the African Hair Awards Council.

In 2011, after working in the corporate space for years, Tatchell decided to launch his business career by establishing a barbershop, which was later renamed Legends Barbershop in 2014.

Who is the Owner of Legends Barber?

The owner of Legends Barber, Sheldon Tatchell, was born in 1988. He is 36 years old. He grew up in Eldorado Park, a rough neighborhood in the south of Johannesburg. He, however, was never influenced by his environment.

Hence, he took his education seriously with the goal of becoming somebody in life. Upon completion of his high school education, the businessman attended Damelin College. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree in the year 2011. Three years later, he enrolled at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship, where he studied Business Administration, Management, and Operations.

He earned an Entrepreneurship Certificate from the institution in 2015. While growing up in the rough neighborhood of Eldorado Park, the Legends Barber’s owner had two options; to steal or work in a corporate organization. Eventually, he heeded his parents’ advice to get a real job by joining Standard Bank as an Account Management Consultant in March 2007. He basically worked as a debt collector for four years before deciding to follow a passion of his youth―cutting hair.

Sheldon Tatchell Relaunched His Unique Barbershop in 2014

While working at Standard Bank, Sheldon Tatchell opened a small barbershop on the stoep in front of his cousin’s internet cafe in Eldorado Park in the year 2011. He was operating there on the condition to be working only at the weekend. Nonetheless, he never stopped dreaming of becoming a full-time barber.

At the age of 14, Sheldon started cutting hair as a means of livelihood. He learned the skills and styles by visiting barbers in his area. Initially, they chased him away, but he kept going back with a bottle of cool drink as a means of bribing them. He later perfected his skills by offering free haircuts to local kids in his area.

Although he wanted to focus solely on barbing, the businessman later fell in love with the art of serving others. Thus, he decided to open not just a salon but a facility to train other barbers. He eventually launched his own barbershop, Legends Barber, in 2014 when he resigned from his work at Standard Bank. More so, Tatchell founded Legends Barber Facilities, where barbers working for the franchise are trained.

He got the inspiration for the name of his barbershop from the community service he renders to the elderly at old age homes in and around Eldorado Park. By giving free haircuts to the aged, whom he refers to as the ‘Legends,’ he came up with the name Legends Barbershop.

Legends Barber is Rated the Number One Barbershop in SA

Having been known for giving classy and nicely done haircuts to South African men and women for many years, the African Hair Awards Council ranked Legends Barbershop as South Africa’s number one barbershop. Little wonder, celebrities like Cassper Nyovest, Lamiez Holworthy, Black Coffee, the late Riky Rick, and Uncle Vinny are among Legends Barbershop’s clients.

Sheldon Tatchell has hair care and beard care products for sale at his barbershops and other retail shops in SA, including Clicks and Dis-chem Pharmacies. He further sells Legends Barbershop products on the barbershop’s website.

How Many Branches Does Legends Barber Have?

To own a franchise shop, one reportedly needs to make an initial deposit of R100,000. Then the total fees for establishing a new Legends Barbershop range from R1.1 million to R1.34 million. The fees depend on the number of barber stations the shop has. A quality and fully equipped Legends Barbershop typically has 10 to 16 barber stations. Today, out of over 50 Legends Barbershops in SA, more than 30 are franchise stores.

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