Shona Ferguson’s Parents: Meet The Late Actor’s Mom and Dad

Shona Ferguson‘s parents are the late Pastor Peter Harry Herman Ferguson, who passed away in 2019, and Boitshwarelo Mercy Ferguson.

The late filmmaker was raised in a conservative Christian home in Gaborone, Botswana. He was the fifth child of his parents. Shona’s death has left a huge vacuum that can never be filled, not only in the life of his beloved mother but in the lives of his siblings too.

Who is Shona Ferguson’s Father?

Shona Ferguson was born to his parents, Peter Harry Ferguson and Boitshwarelo Mercy Ferguson, on April 30th, 1974, in Gaborone, Botswana. His dad, Peter Harry Ferguson, whom Shona and his siblings nicknamed Jackson, was a pastor. Hence, he raised his children in Christian ways, teaching them to love unconditionally. This was evident in the life of Shona, who shared a close bond with his dad before he passed on.

Following his father’s death on April 29th, 2019, the late actor struggled to come to terms with his demise. Thus, he often expressed how his death had greatly affected him on social media. He took to Instagram to remember Jackson during his one-year memorial. He stated in an emotional post that his heart was still sore as he would always need his father.

He further expressed that Jackson’s death was one of the most heart-wrenching experiences in his life, as he truly loved and adored his dad. He also paid tribute to his dad on his posthumous birthday celebrations. On his father’s birthday in December 2020, the late actor took to Instagram to wish him a happy birthday in heaven with a heartfelt post.

He shared a picture of him standing beside his late father, citing how he would always miss and love him. His wife, Connie, also described Shona’s dad as a legend and a loving father who left behind a string of unforgettable fond memories. Peter Harry Ferguson was married to his wife for many decades before death separated them.

Where is Shona Ferguson’s Mother Now?

According to reports, Mr. Sho’s mother, Boitshwarelo Mercy Ferguson, is still alive and resides in Botswana. Just like with his father, The King of Joburg star had a strong affinity with his mother, which culminated in an envious mother-and-son relationship. While he was still alive, he proudly referred to himself as a “Momma’s boy.” He never failed to celebrate his mom on her special days, such as birthdays and Mother’s Day.

Celebrating the women in his life on Mother’s Day in May 2019, Uncle Sho, as he fondly called himself, shared a picture of his mother, telling her that he loved her to the moon and back. Little wonder, during his mom’s tribute to him at his funeral, she wished she could hear her beloved son tell her, “I love you, mommy,” one more time.

In her handwritten tribute, Shona’s mom recounted how she knew the Lord blessed her with a special child when she held him in her hands at birth. She was proud to have watched him grow into a God-fearing man who never quit dreaming. In addition to letting her son know that she is proud of him, Mrs. Ferguson also revealed that she would dearly miss the long hours she often spends on the phone talking with Shona Ferguson.

Meet Shona Ferguson’s Siblings

Born Aaron Arthur Ferguson, Shona spent his childhood years creating fond memories with his siblings. He was the fifth child of his parents and had a younger sister named Kiki Nembhard, who works as the host of Yard Connection Podacst. His eldest brother’s name is Dominique Ferguson. Details of Shona Ferguson’s other siblings are unavailable at the moment.

Kiki Nembhard’s Tribute to Her Big Brother

Following the sudden death of Mr. Sho in July 2021, Kiki took to Instagram to pay tribute to her big bro, as she used to call him. She was really struggling to comprehend the untimely death of her brother at the time. In a lengthy Instagram post, Kiki recalled her last conversation with Shona Ferguson, who assured her he was recovering.

Following his assuring words that he was getting better, Kiki was in shock and in total disbelief at losing her older brother. She recounted how her family was waiting for the pandemic to be over to have fun with the former Rockville actor when he visited. And never did they know that their next meeting would be to bid him goodbye. Quite sad!

Dominique Ferguson’s Tribute

Shona Ferguson’s eldest brother, Dominique Ferguson, also paid a tribute on behalf of his family during the late actor’s private funeral service. He remembered his brother as a chubby and bubbly kid who lost some weight in his teens when he got pricked to stay physically fit. Shona, whom he described as a carbon copy of his father, was a spoilt kid.

He was cared for and looked after by his elderly siblings. As a result, Dominique was pained that the late executive producer had left the world before him. He comforted Shona Ferguson’s family by reminding them that his brother stood for love and family and had always loved them.

What was the Cause of Shona Ferguson’s Death?

Shona Ferguson’s death on July 30th, 2021, shut down the whole country, having left a legacy in the South African entertainment industry. The father of two died from COVID-19 complications. He fought a tough 33-day battle after his diagnosis with coronavirus on June 26th, 2022. He was rushed to Pinehaven hospital on July 3rd, and after his condition worsened, he was moved to the hospital’s high-care unit.

Subsequently, Mr. Sho started feeling better and was discharged from the hospital. However, things took a worse turn again, which got him readmitted at Pinehaven on July 11th. With his condition starting to deteriorate, Shona Ferguson was airlifted to Netcare Milpark Private Hospital on July 16th and spent two weeks in ICU.

Despite the doctors affirming that the Botswana native was stable and looking better in the early hours of July 30th, Uncle Sho lost the fight later in the day. Nonetheless, his family was proud of the fight he put up with the condition, which lasted for over a month. The Ferguson Films’ co-founder passed on at the age of 47. A private funeral was held for him at the Fourways Memorial Park, where he was buried on August 4th, 2021.

Although the funeral service was strictly for his family, it was streamed live for his fans and close friends to join in. Two days later, a memorial service was held, which had 50 people in attendance due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

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