Who is Connie Ferguson’s Husband Shona Ferguson?

Shona Ferguson (Real Name: Aaron Arthur Ferguson, April 30, 1974 – July 30, 2021) was a South Africa-based Motswana actor, executive producer and co-founder of Ferguson Films, alongside his wife, Connie Ferguson.

Unlike other celebrity marriages and relationships that start off looking so rosy but end up with separations and the signing of divorce papers, Shona and his wife Connie had proven that celebrities could be married for years without getting divorced and still loving themselves every day. The duo had been married since 2001 and had also collaborated on several businesses together, with the obvious one being the television and film production company, Ferguson Films, established in 2010 before his tragic death on the 30th of July, 2021 due to complications of COVID-19.

They had been able to draw a line between fame, business, and family, thus becoming one of South Africa’s power couples. Together they were able to build an empire for themselves and their children. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about the union was that despite being married for more than two decades, they were still head over heels in love with each other before his tragic death; with so much public show of affection as if they had just started dating each other.

Quick Profile of Shona Ferguson

  • Name: Aaron Arthur Ferguson
  • Known as: Shona Ferguson
  • Age: 47 years old
  • Date of birth: April 30, 1974
  • Date of death: 30th July, 2021
  • Place of birth: Gaborone, Botswana
  • Nationality: Botswana, South African
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Spouse: Connie Ferguson (m. 2001)
  • Children: One (Alicia Angel Ferguson)
  • Occupation: Actor, Director, Producer, and Businessman
  • Cause of Death: Complications of COVID-19

Shona Ferguson Met His Wife, Connie, By Chance – And She is Older

Shona Ferguson was married to iconic South African actress, producer, and entrepreneur, Connie Ferguson. However, he was not her first husband. The actress was initially married to Neo Matsunyane, an actor and producer, in 1993. There is nothing out there about the details of their union, which lasted for five years. Neo and Connie have a daughter together who is named Lesedi Matsunyane, however, her birth was not enough to keep the family together as they got divorced in 1998.

Three years after that divorce, Shona Ferguson would meet his future wife most unexpectedly. In September 2001, Shona had gone to drop off some friends at Connie’s house as he knew her sister, Lorato. He came into the house and sat for a glass of water, and Connie came to say ‘hello’ – that was it! For them, it was love at first sight as after two months of meeting each other; they got married in November 2001. Their white wedding photo made it to the cover of Drum magazine – December 2001 issue.

They had been happily married since then and ended up building an empire together, however, people criticize their union based on their age difference. The fact is that Shona Ferguson is younger than his wife, Connie. He was born in April 1974, while his wife was born in June 1970, which makes her 54 years old. Usually, people, especially in South Africans, would expect that the husband would be older than his wife, but that is not the case.

Despite the above stated, the lovebirds decided not to give ears to the critics, and together, they proved that age was just a number in marriage and nothing more. They had mutual respect and have shown that their age difference had nothing to do with how successful a marriage could be.

Their Marriage Produced a Daughter- Alicia Angel Ferguson

Shona and Connie’s 19 years old marriage was blessed with a daughter, Alicia Angel Ferguson, born on the 7th of June 2002. The child came after doctors had told him that his family might not have biological children. Alicia graduated from high school in 2021 and made her mother so proud when she passed all her papers.

Besides being good in school and passing all her final exams, Alicia is also interested in music. She is so good at playing instruments like drums and piano. She also loves dancing – a trait she must have picked up from her mother.

Shona Had Been A Good Stepfather To Lesedi Matsunyane

Connie Ferguson’s daughter with her first husband, Neo Matsunyane, remained with her after their divorce, and so, Shona Ferguson, after getting married to the former, accepted the young lady, Lesedi Matsunyane, as his own daughter. Together with Connie, he has raised her as though she is a fruit of their union.

Lesedi Matsunyane is a content creator, actress, and cast coordinator. She works with her parents at Ferguson Films. Lesedi got pregnant out of wedlock in her final year at AFDA, but she had the support of her family, and with their assistance, she was able to round up her studies even with the pregnancy. She now has a son who the family, especially her mother, Connie Ferguson, loves so much.

After 10 Years of Marriage, Shona Ferguson And His Wife Renewed Their Marital Vows

In 2011, after 10 years of marriage, Shona Ferguson decided to renew his marriage vows with his wife, Connie Ferguson. It was a grand event that just 70 guests attended. After 10 years of marriage and a child, the couple still looked so young and madly in love as they stood before the altar staring into each other’s eyes.

Shona’s wife, Connie, graced the day with a beautiful Biji gown. The gown’s top was elegantly styled with Swarovski crystals, pearls, lace, and silver beads, with the gown’s second skin made of ivory sheaths. Shona Ferguson was also dressed perfectly, looking like a perfect gentleman in a crisp Fabiani white shirt, fitted suit, and a dark blue bow tie to fit.

On their 19th anniversary, Shona posted a loved-up picture of himself and his wife, Connie Ferguson, on Instagram with a lovely caption which read in parts, “…This life journey is super easy with you by my side….” Connie, on her part, also took to IG to celebrate her marriage with a post of a playful Shona and herself with a caption which read in parts ‘…the fact that 19 years later you still manage to make me laugh is everything…’.

What makes the marriage between Shona Ferguson and Connie really outstanding is not just their wealth, popular wedding, or glamorous renewal of vows, but rather their commitment to each other and how they managed to settle their relationship issues without making it a public matter. They must have had quarrels and bad days, just like any ordinary couple, but they had always pulled through together.

Shona Ferguson And Connie Ferguson Are Couple Goals

On several occasions, Shona and his wife have proven to be everyone’s couple goals. Despite being married for almost 20 years, their public show of affection is so heartwarming. In 2020, Shona visited his wife while shooting for their television series production, The Queen. He could not stop admiring his wife, whom he has been married to for almost two decades. He doesn’t fail to credit his wife for being so beautiful, and during her birthday, he took to Instagram to praise her and wish her a happy birthday with heart-melting words.

In 2017, Shona Ferguson surprised his wife with a brand new Mercedes Benz AMG63. Connie was so surprised to see the gift when she got back home, and she expressed her surprise and gratitude on Instagram. Connie counts herself lucky to have married Shona Ferguson – a feeling that we know has been very much mutual.

Each time they celebrate each other on social media during anniversaries, birthdays, and even normal days, this couple continually serves the public couple’s goals. Shona says he is a private person, but he forgets the meaning of being private when it comes to showing his love for Connie and his kids.

He Started His Entertainment Career As A DJ

Though born in Botswana, Shona Ferguson started his journey to fame in the entertainment industry in South Africa, working as a DJ in 1992. He worked at Palace Hotel Night Club in Lesotho, after which he moved back to Botswana, where his parents stayed. This time, he didn’t continue working as a DJ; rather, he took a job as a salesman at EDUTECH. He was so diligent in his job that he won the company’s top sales manager award for two years – 1998 and 1999.

Shona had a good start in the South African movie industry, but he preferred to work behind the scenes. His first appearance on TV was in one of South Africa’s most popular television series, Generations. Shona has since said it was his stepdaughter who encouraged him to give acting a try. He went for auditions and got the role of Ace on the TV show. Although he was applauded for his debut performance on TV, he felt he need to do more to prove himself as an actor, and so he went in to try again and auditioned for a role on another TV series, Muvhango, in 2006.

He was given the role of Dr. Leabua, and he joined the show in April 2006. This time, he did better and gained fame for his role. However, he would later resign from the show after one year, in March 2007. That was the beginning of an acting career for Shona Ferguson. Together with his wife Connie, he starred in The Wild, where he played Itumeleng Tladi from 2011 till 2013. Shona has also starred in popular Mzansi soap operas like The Gift and Rockville, and he is currently a member of the cast of The Queen.

Although Shona did not like his debut performance in the Generations series, he has polished his acting skills so much over the years. His character as Jerry Maake in The Queen looked so real that most viewers got emotional after watching a particular scene where he reacted to his sister’s (played by Mara Louw) betrayal. His act looked so real that even his wife cried while watching.

Shona Ferguson And His Wife Co-founded a TV Production Company

In 2010, Connie Ferguson had to leave Generations to “pursue other career options.” This was a huge step for her and her husband at that time, but they took on the challenge, and that same year, they launched their own film and television production company, christened Ferguson Films. They made their first television series titled Rockville after M-Net commissioned the series. They produced other soapies like The Gift, iGazi, The River, The Imposter, and The Throne. Their soap opera, The Queen, is one of the most popular and most viewed TV series in South Africa.

Shona Ferguson

Shona Ferguson and his wife, Connie Ferguson, are also cast members in some of their own film productions like The Queen and The River. Taking on the challenge of starting their own production company was certainly not easy, but it has definitely paid off. Shona and Connie have faced several allegations concerning how they fire actors and actresses from the shows, especially from The Queen. They have responded by saying it is a long TV show and that the audience will get bored seeing the same faces repeatedly. One thing is sure, the couple had learned how not to allow sentiments to get into their business, and this way, they have managed their business so well.

Connie Ferguson is Richer Than Her Husband

The Fergusons are both millionaires, but Connie Ferguson was the richer of the power couple judging from net worth estimates. This is because even though they are both actors and co-founded their company, Connie Ferguson had more income sources. As an actress, she has appeared in several TV productions since 1994 and has become one of the highest-paid actresses in the South African film and television industry.

Connie has also worked as a model for several brands. Today, she also has her own line of beauty products on display and sold in major superstores across the country. Her net worth value has been put at $2 million, while Shona is worth $1.5 million. Despite this fact, she is a great support system to her family – a loving wife to her husband, Shona Ferguson, and a caring mother to their children.

Here Are A Few Times The Fergusons Has Given Us Couple Goals

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