WSU Semester Registration Process and the Requirements Needed

Each academic year, both returning and new students of the Walter Sisulu University like other South African universities are expected to duly register themselves as students of the institution ahead of the new semester. For the students of the university, the WSU semester registration process is a very easy one that one can start and get done within a short while once you have all that is required.

The processes and requirements may alter each year, depending on the course that one is studying. For the current academic year, the process to follow is rather straightforward and easy. Long before now, registration can only be done offline, but it is now possible for one to do it both online and offline based on one’s convenience, and it can also be done online even when you are off-campus. Here is a look at the processes involved.

Important Things To Know Before You Can Start Your WSU Semester Registration Process

Before you can start the registration process of the university, it is important to note that one is expected to register for the first semester as it starts, as well as the second semester since a single registration does not cover both.

Another important thing is that one’s registration is not an automatic process. There are can be some restrictions placed on you, which may likely stop you from registering for the academic session. The restrictions are only temporary, and they can be done off with once you can handle what caused the restriction in the first place, which might be in the form of not meeting the registration requirements.

Finally, the registration process should be completed at least a month before tests for the semester starts. This is to ensure that you are duly registered for the courses you want. Your inability to finish the registration on time may make it impossible for you to sit for the test.

How To Go About WSU Semester Registration Process

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After you are sure that there are no restrictions on you or anything that will invalidate your registration process. As stated, the process is straightforward to follow and with everything one needs, it will not take you a very long time.

Here are steps to take in carrying out your WSU Semester registration process:

  1. The first thing you want to do is to go to the WSU students registration portal via this link:
  2. Next, select student
  3. Login by putting in your student Number and Pin in the appropriate fields and then click on Log In.
  4. On the menu, Select Academic Registration on the drop-down that appears on the left as indicated
  5. Before anything else, you may need to check that you do not have registration restrictions on your registration process that may include things such as Finance, NSFAS, International, among other things.
  6. In the case of any restriction placed on you, your registration process will be halted and you may need to contact the respective department or the appropriate channel so that they can remove the hold before you can proceed.
  7. Next, you will want to go through the rules and regulations.
  8. Note that you will not be allowed to proceed with the registration process unless you accept the rules and regulations.
  9. After you must have agreed to the terms of the rules, you can now continue to Select Add Subjects to a registration
  10. The details of your qualification will be displayed
  11. Now, you can kindly select the qualification code highlighted in blue.
  12. When you are done, there will be a need to verify your selection, and if you are satisfied click on Continue.
  13. The registration cost will be displayed.
  14. With that done, you can simply view your registration and then print or save it as proof of registration.
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What Documents Do I Need For WSU Semester Registration?

Before you get on with the WSU semester registration process, it is essential to note that there are several important things that one is expected to have. Below are some of the most important:

  • Before you can register, you must first of all be a student and so, you will need to have access to the student’s registration portal, which is accessed using your student ID number and password.
  • As a new student, you will need to submit your original matriculation certificate or any other qualification required for admission to a particular course. The submission must be done to the Office of the Registrar on Campus for recording purposes on or before 31 August of the first year. The registration of a new student is subject to this.
  • If you are a foreign student, your study permits should be available and must remain valid
  • South Africans will need to have a valid SA ID number or passport number
  • Needless to say, you finally need to have internet connectivity.

Important Things To Know About The WSU Semester Registration Process

Before you can proceed to get your registration done, there are a few important things one must know to avoid any problems during the process, or in the future as there are things one may do that may lead to one being deregistered.

Unless you have been notified by the university administration that you have been offered admission, as a prospective student, you cannot register for the semester. Hence, the registration process is only applicable to new students who have been given their admission letter, as well as returning students.

Here are other important things you must take note of during the registration process:

  • Ensure that you meet both general and faculty rules before you start the registration
  • Your registration is not final because you can be deregistered even after registration for several reasons, including not meeting the minimum requirements for registration, registration due to human error, registration through fraudulent means, and failure to submit required documents.
  • You can also be deregistered automatically if, after registration, you decide to cancel all subjects/modules.
  • After you are through with your registration, it is important to have proof of registration, and as soon as possible, you need to verify that it is correct.
  • After your registration, you must have a student card as all registered students are expected to have one.
  • Late registration will attract a fee that will be decided by the university.
  • Finally, each registration you make does not carry over to the next semester. Hence, you will need to have a fresh registration for each new semester.

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