NSFAS Application: Requirements and How To Apply Online

NSFAS is a scholarship program for students who lack the financial resources to pay for their education and are unable to access bank loans, study loans, or bursaries. It is supported by the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Students from low-income and working-class backgrounds who are enrolled in one of South Africa’s public universities or TVET colleges are given financial aid by NSFAS. The NSFAS bursary provides funding for transportation, housing, and other necessities for students in addition to paying beneficiaries’ tuition costs.

How to Apply for NSFAS

  • Go to www.nsfas.org.za and click on the ‘myNSFAS’ tab.
  • Create a myNSFAS account.
  • Click on the ‘APPLY’ tab and complete the sections on the screen.
  • Upload required supporting documents where applicable.
  • Click on ‘Submit’

Applications for NSFAS are usually available for a brief while at the end of the year. Before, NSFAS financial assistance was provided in the form of loans, which must still be repaid when recipients secure employment after completing their studies.

How to Create NSFAS Account

  • Type in first names (as per ID number)
  • Type in Surname (as per ID number)
  • Type in your ID number (will your username)
  • Type in your own Email address
  • Type in your own Cellphone number
  • Accept terms and conditions by ticking the box provided to allow NSFAS to check the information provided (compulsory)
  • Create a Password, To (protect your account)

Note: The Department of Home Affairs database is used to validate the ID number, names, and surnames. Only authentic South African ID data will be recognized.

NSFAS Requirements for Application

Here are the requirements you must meet to be deemed eligible to receive funding from NSFAS.

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • For people with a disability: Combined household income must not be more than R600 000 per annum.
  • Your household must have a combined household income of less than R350 000 annually.
  • All Sassa grant recipients qualify for NSFAS funding
  • You must be a student who started studying before 2018, and your household income is not more than R122,000 per annum.

NSFAS Application Form

You can obtain the NSFAS application form by downloading it on the NSFAS website or via the link. You are expected to fill out all of the sections with black ink.

You are expected to fill out the following sections by inputting the correct data or information.

  • Personal Details
  • Parents/Guardian Details
  • Course of Study
  • Level of Study
  • Financial Status
  • Family Income

Go ahead to append your signature and also fill out the date. Your parents or guardians are also expected to do the same. Feel free to familiarize yourself with other sections on the form before submitting it.

You will Need the Following Document to Complete your NSFAS Application:

  • Your own cellphone number and email address.
  • A copy of your ID or birth certificate.
  • A court order (where applicable).
  • Applicants with a disability must submit a completed and signed Disability Annexure A Form.
  • Your proof of income or one year’s IRP5 (if applicable).
  • Your parents, guardian, or spouse’s proof of income; if you are a SASSA grant recipient, no proof of income will be required.
  • ID copies of parents, guardians, or spouses (or death certificate where applicable).
  • Marriage certificate (where applicable).
  • An applicant who is recognized as a Vulnerable Child by the Department of Social Development must provide a completed and signed Vulnerable Child Declaration and Consent Form.


  • As instructed by the portal, students must upload the required documentation. Affidavits won’t be accepted, so keep that in mind.
  • No Application fees are payable.
  • In the event that the supplied information does not agree with the third party, the application system may request supporting documentation.
  • Additionally, applications for NSFAS bursaries may be submitted via WhatsApp, USSD, and the NSFAS mobile app.

How to Upload your Application after Filling it Out

  • On your computer, phone, or tablet browser, go to www.nsfas.org.za.
  • Log into your MyNSFAS account by entering the username and password you used while registering on the MyNSFAS portal. If you don’t have a myNsfas account, click on ‘Create Account’. Go back to one of the sections above in this article to begin creating your account.
  • Select Upload Outstanding Supporting Documents
  • A window will appear on your computer, phone, or tablet screen that needs you to upload the necessary supporting information.
  • Select the Submit Documents tab Wait for feedback that reads ‘Outstanding Documents have been Successfully Uploaded’.
  • Create a myNSFAS account


  • You will be required to upload supporting documents since NSFAS need them in order to process your application.
  • As an applicant, you will have the option to pause the procedure and resume it at a later time without beginning over. However, you must make sure to finish and submit the application prior to the deadline.
  • Once NSFAS has confirmation from the institution that an academic offer has been made to you, the results of your application will be shared with you. This will be communicated to you before the start of the academic year via SMS, email, and through your myNSFAS account.

NSFAS Consent Form

The NSFAS consent form can be found on the NSFAS website (www.nsfas.org.za), or you can follow the link. You can as well contact their toll-free number, 08600067327, for any queries.

After filling out the form, you can send NSFAS consent form online via email, link, or fax. You can also download it, export it or print it out.

NSFAS Late Application

You might be curious as to whether the NSFAS will accept late applications. The bursary program previously extended the application process past the initial cutoff date to accommodate late applications.

However, the bursary program has stated that no late applications will be accepted for 2023 funding. Not only that, but an incomplete application is also not accepted.

Applicants who submit an NSFAS application after the deadline (31 January 2023) will be rejected and will receive an ‘Application Received After Closing Date’ NSFAS status.

Applications must be submitted before the deadline because applicants cannot challenge this rejection status.

NSFAS Registration

NSFAS takes little or no time when the applicant has the necessary data or documents handy. To begin, you need your ID number, email address, and cellphone number.

Here’s how to navigate:

  • Log onto www.nsfas.org.za
  • Click on ‘register’. Then go ahead to complete the required fields (ID number
    cellphone number and email address)
  • Upload a copy of your ID or birth certificate. If you are uploading a copy of a Smart ID and please ensure that both sides are visible on the copy.

NSFAS Email Address to Send Documents

If you wish to email your supporting documents to NSFAS after completing the application, just scan them and submit them to [email protected].

Email is one of the simplest ways to submit papers to NSFAS. You can send them documentation using various means, including hand delivery, faxing, sending to your school or the financial aid office, etc.

Make sure to thoroughly review, check for errors, and make any necessary corrections to your documents before sending them.

How to Cancel NSFAS Application

After submitting your application, you may opt to cancel it. Yes, it is possible to cancel your NSFAS application. There are many reasons people cancel their applications, most of which are that they’ve found financing elsewhere, no longer need funds, or have just made the decision to end their journey with NSFAS.

Here are the steps to follow if, for any reason, you want to cancel your Nsfas online application:

  • Access your myNsfas account by logging in to the Nsfas website.
  • Scroll down to “View Applications” in the Application Tracker section of the Nsfas dashboard.
  • Pick the Track Application option.
  • Choose “Cancel Application.”
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