Who Is Moshe Ndiki? What is His Age and Does He Have a Child?

Moshe Ndiki (Real Name: Moshelle Obama, born on March 9th, 1992) is a 31 year-old TV and radio personality, YouTuber, actor, and entrepreneur. He is well-known as the host of Moja Love’s reality series, You Promised to Marry Me, and his role as Andile Faku in Gomora. Moshe Ndiki has a son named Thalanda Ilanga Ntaba Alexander Ndiki, whom he had through surrogacy in 2020.

Moshe Ndiki, the Eastern Cape-born rose to fame at the age of 23, in 2015 when he started uploading funny videos of him poking fun at celebrities and himself too on YouTube. Subsequently, he transitioned into a TV star and moved on to try his hands at acting, music, and business which has made him a millionaire.

Moshe Ndiki’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Moshelle Obama
  • Nickname: Moshe Ndiki
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: March 9th, 1992
  • Moshe Ndiki’s Age: 31 years old
  • Ethnicity: Xhosa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Gay
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Moshe Ndiki’s Ex-husband: Phelo Bala
  • Moshe Ndiki’s Children: 1 son; Thalanda Ilanga Ntaba Alexander Ndiki
  • Siblings: Buntu Tsepo (younger brother)
  • Moshe Ndiki’s Net worth: R6.4 million
  • Famous for: Hosting You Promised to Marry Me and his role as Andile Faku in Gomora
  • Moshe Ndiki’s Instagram: @moshendiki
  • Twitter: @MosheNdiki

How Old is Moshe Ndiki?

Moshe Ndiki, whose real name is Moshelle Obama, is 31 years old. He was born in East London located in Eastern Cape Province on March 9th, 1992. He grew up in his birthplace and is of the Xhosa tribe. Though he rarely speaks about his father, Ndiki has been full of praise for his entrepreneurial mother and is thankful for all the sacrifices she made while growing up.

Meet Moshe’s Mother and Younger Brother Brother

The former Gomora actor is grateful to his mum for sacrificing their home to be able to send him to art school where he developed skills that have been pivotal to his career as an entertainer. Showing his gratitude, Moshe purchased a house for his mother worth millions of rands.

He has a younger brother named Buntu Tsepo who is an entrepreneur. In July 2021 when his brother graduated from college, the accomplished media personality took to Instagram to celebrate him. From his post, it can be seen that the two share a strong bond as Moshe refers to Buntu as his best friend and the love of his life.


Moshe Ndiki Became a YouTube Sensation at the Age of 23

After being unemployed for two years following his graduation from City Varsity with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Acting for Camera, Moshe Ndiki decided to pursue his interest in entertainment by launching a YouTube Channel. He then became famous in 2015, at the age of 23 for posting funny videos of him making fun of himself, Rihanna, and other celebrities.

The 31 years old also created videos themed around unemployment and poverty which went viral. Consequently, he has accrued over a million views on YouTube and has huge social media followers. Following his rise to fame, windows of opportunities were opened for him to establish himself in the entertainment industry.

He Veered into TV Presenting in His Early 20s

While still in his early 20s, Moshe Ndiki started bagging TV presenting gigs. He worked as a guest continuity presenter on MTV Africa for five days in January 2016. Afterward, he served as a commentator on the Vuzu Amp countdown show, 10 Over 10 in the fourth season. Later in November 2016, at the age of 24, he bagged a new hosting gig.

Moshe Ndiki worked as the co-host of Vuzu Amp’s late-night show, The V-Table together with Larry Mncube-Nhlane and Nomuzi Mabena. He then replaced Jub Jub as the host of the reality TV series, You Promised to Marry Me aired on Moja Love in November 2020. Soon after taking up his new role, he proved that he was the ideal person for the job when he perfectly handled a messy situation on the show.

His outstanding abilities came to play when a hopeful bride, Nobuhle became violent towards her partner. Moshe calmly reprimanded her for her actions, returning the situation to normalcy. Consequently, impressed viewers of the show took to Twitter to commend him for doing a terrific job.

The 31 years old entertainer has further upgraded his profile with his role as the co-host of the cooking show, 7 Colours. He presented Honey TV’s biggest cooking show together with veteran actress, Lillian Dube and the two also judged the participants based on their cooking skills. 7 Colours premiered on February 17th, 2022, and had Moshe Ndiki visiting South African homes to see how people prepare their Sunday kos.

Throughout his career, the famed media personality has worked as the presenter of many other TV shows. They include Uyajola99 and the Mzansi Magic dating reality show, Uyang’thanda Na? He also got associated with Metro FM in March 2019. He worked as a contributor on The Drive for some time and during his stint, he was called out by Ntsiki Mazwai for body shaming her.

Moshe Ndiki Famously Hosted the Miss SA Red Carpet in 2022

In July 2022, Moshe Ndiki solidified his status as one of the most sought-after TV presenters when he was announced as the host of the Miss South Africa red carpet. The Miss South Africa pageant took place on August 13th, 2022 at the SunBet Arena at Time Square, Pretoria. And the beloved presenter brought fun and thrills to the red carpet as he interacted with the celebrity guests.

Interestingly, Ndiki was not the only one who was honored to be part of the Miss South Africa legacy as an award-winning radio presenter, Anele Mdoda served as the host of the pageant. In that same 2022, Moshe bagged another presenting gig on Mzansi Wethu. He debuted as the host of Mntase – a sibling rivalry intervention show, in season two on October 22nd, 2022. He served as a replacement for a life coach, Lungi Magwaza.

He Has Been Working as an MC for Over a Decade

Besides his work as a TV and radio presenter, the City Varsity graduate has carried out roles in the capacity of a Master of Ceremony (MC). Between 2013 and 2015, he was the MC for Cruel Summer. Later in the year 2016, he served as the MC for Eastern Cape Trivar. He also emceed Hookah Festival the next year.

Furthermore, Moshe Ndiki has served as the emcee of other events such as Miss CPUT and Mr. and Ms. Freshette Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Moshe Ndiki Made His Acting Debut at 25 Years Old

In December 2017, at the age of 25, Moshe Ndiki had his first acting role in the Mzansi Magic soapie, The Queen. He was cast as Prince in the second, third, and fourth seasons of the TV series. Although he was offered a gay role in The Queen, the radio personality had difficulties fitting into his role. He narrated that he and his on-screen character have different personalities despite being gay.

Later in May 2022, he debuted as Andile Faku in the third season of Gomora. Moshe Ndiki was cast as a Gomora High new teacher who had lost the lavish life he was living at Sandton as well as a cushy private school job to gambling. He then moved to Alex for his new gig which he thinks is beneath him. Thus, he developed an unfavorable attitude toward his work, students, and working environment, fighting with his parents and fellow teachers.

Having featured in one of SA’s most popular soapies, Ndiki’s popularity in the country grew by leaps and bounds. However, he was rumored to have been sacked by Gomora‘s production team in September 2022 by controversial blogger, Musa Khawula.

Was Moshe Ndiki Fired From Gomora?

Following the speculations by Musa that Moshe Ndiki had been axed from the Mzansi Magic telenovela, Gomora, the actor was involved in a physical fight with the entertainment blogger. Musa, who has been on the neck of many celebrities due to his controversial blogging on social media, got more than he anticipated when Moshe attacked him from behind at White Sunninghill Bar Lounge in Johannesburg.

Soon after the incident, Musa Khawula opened an assault case against Ndiki and equally started a petition against him. He then took to Twitter to claim once again that Moshe Ndiki had been fired from Gomora for dragging the name of the show in the mud as a result of the brawl they had. As the rumor gained momentum in the country, Mzansi Magic was forced to release a statement.

M-Net’s local entertainment channels director, Shirley Adonisi denied Musa’s claims that Moshe Ndiki was sacked. She rather clarified that the actor was only on suspension in the TV series. And the episodes for the suspension storyline were shot in advance before Musa Khawula and Ndiki’s physical altercation happened. Moshe, afterward, returned to the show but his character was written out from Gomora in that same year.

Highlights of Moshe Ndiki’s Acting Roles

  • The Queen as Prince
  • Gomora as Andile Faku

The Media Personality Launched His Music Career also at 25

Moshe Ndiki has always dreamt of becoming an all-around entertainer. As a result, he has launched successful careers in TV and radio presenting, video content creation, acting, and MCing. Still unsatisfied with his applaudable achievements, the 31 years old moved on to kick off his musical career in August 2017, aged 25.

He released his first single titled, ‘Choza’ and got to work on a second. He aims to put together enough material to have a 20-minute music set. Even though music is not one of Moshe Ndiki’s primary interests, he took to the career path just to show people that he is an all-around entertainer and cannot be boxed in. Nevertheless, he hopes to find a niche for himself in the entertainment industry over time.

Moshe Ndiki is the Owner of a Mobile Kitchen Franchise

A man with many talents, Moshe Ndiki opened a catering company called Moshe’s Kitchen when he was an unemployed graduate in 2016. After obtaining a BA in performing arts, he waited to be discovered but when no television job was coming, he decided to go into business. His company started out as a soup kitchen and then expanded to have a spice range which was launched in April 2021.

Motshe’s Kitchen spices are MSG-free as they don’t have added preservatives and flavorings. Also, the spices have a shelf life of one year and the ranges include braai grill, chicken spice, curry spice, BBQ, steak n chops, paprika, and five more flavors. In late 2021, the brilliant businessman went on to launch Moshe’s Kitchen Mobile.

It is a fast-food restaurant brand that prides itself in serving its clients quality and delicious meals. The mobile food truck business also offers franchise opportunities all over SA and has identified sites from its national and international property partners. To set up Moshe’s Kitchen Mobile franchise, one needs about R160,000 which includes Vat but excludes rental deposits and the first month’s rent.

Furthermore, Moshe Ndiki followed up his business interest by establishing a television production company. He wishes to tell real South African stories on an international level through his production company. The renowned TV host explained that he developed a passion for business by watching his mother run her catering and security companies.

Moshe Ndiki Got Married to Phelo Bala at the Age of 27

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala – a member of the music group, Bala Brothers, had an unstable relationship for six years. During that time, they dated on and off and shared loved-up pictures on social media. The couple finally tied the knot in 2019 when Ndiki was 27 years old and Phelo was 28. They had a private wedding at Home Affairs attended only by family and friends.

The two, however, kept their marriage secret until their first wedding anniversary. They revealed their secret marriage through IG posts as they celebrated each other. Unfortunately, the union was shortlived as Phelo and Moshe got separated soon after their first wedding anniversary.


Why Did Moshe Ndiki Split From His Husband?

In June 2020, it was reported that Phelo Bala was assaulted by his husband, Moshe Ndiki at their home in Northriding. The former Gomora actor allegedly attacked Phelo with a candle stand on the head and it caused bleeding in the previous month. Hence, Phelo obtained a protection order against his partner in July 2020.

In that same month, the couple called it quits, citing physical and mental abuse as the reason for their breakup. They unfollowed each other on social media after the breakup. They also accused each other of being violent during their marriage. The fight that happened between the two of them in May 2020 was allegedly due to a disagreement about alcohol abuse. Trying to clear his name in July 2020, Moshe Ndiki released a statement on Twitter and denied ever abusing Phelo Bala.

He disclosed that the musician has an alcohol problem and usually gets aggressive when under the influence of alcohol. T However, Moshe Ndiki and Phelo reunited in late 2020. Following the realization that their union wasn’t going to work out, the celebrity couple finally called it quits in March 2022.

Does Moshe Ndiki Have a Son?

While still married to Phelo Bala, Moshe Ndiki welcomed a son christened, Thalanda Ilanga Ntaba Alexander (TINA) Ndiki in September 2020. He had his boy through surrogacy and was over the moon after his arrival, having desired for a long to be a father. Moshe shared the heartwarming news on Twitter and has been gushing over his son since then.

When Thalanda Ndiki graduated from pre-school in November 2022, the proud father took to Instagram to share his excitement with his fans. He posted pictures from the graduation ceremony and was proud to be his father.

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