Inside Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala’s Love Story and Messy Breakup

Moshe Ndiki who is also known as Moshe Obama and Phelo Bala are a South African gay couple whose love story moved from friendship to romance, from romance to horror, and from horror back to romance. The two celebrities are popular in the entertainment industry. Moshe Ndiki is a content creator, influencer, actor, presenter, MC, and vlogger. His bae on the other hand is a musician who is famous for being a member of the Bala Brothers, a trio vocal squad popularly known in South Africa.

How Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala Met

The couple met in 2010 and moved from friendship to an on and off thing until 27th June when they got into a proper relationship. Nothing is known of where and how they met. However, in September 2019, Bala took the bold step of popping the big question which led to them tying the knot two months later.

Their relationship was one to be envied as they couldn’t stop gushing over each other. their social media pages continuously told tales of how beautiful love is as they saturated the internet with memories of their love affair. Their family could not help but be happy for them as they remained their support system.

Verbal Abuses, Beating, and Drinking Problems Ended Their Once Happy Union

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala’s blissful relationship turned into courtroom drama at some point. There were a series of accusations against both parties. Meanwhile, there is always the last one that broke the camel’s back which happened to be the beating that left the musician with blood on the head.

Before the beating, there was a series of physical and verbal abuse that may have paved the way for others. After the beating and recovery, the court gave an interim order to Bala to restrict Moshe from coming close to him. They appeared before the magistrate some weeks later where the media personality relayed his side of the story and why the interim restriction order against him should not be made permanent.

Moshe didn’t just come to the court; he came with a counter interim order. In his court papers, he revealed how his relationship with his husband had been abusive. He informed the magistrate that his musician lover had a drinking problem which made him aggressive and violent.

The actor also relayed that his lover was the jealous type who never failed to accuse him of having a roving eye. His drinking also made him violent towards admirers and fans, noted Moshe. He recounted a story of how a fan had pulled a gun and almost shot the musician.  Speaking on this issue, he noted that the fan had wanted to take a picture with him and Bala became abusive towards him. This made the gentleman pull out his gun in self-defense.

Bala Became Aggressive Towards Moshe’s Family and Friends

Bala’s aggression didn’t just stop with his admirers, it extended to their friends and families who would correct him for acting out of jealousy. Recounting an ugly incident that happened in one Christmas holiday, Moshe called him a monster who threatened to beat up his own mother.

The media jockey turned actor also talked about how he was abused physically by his husband who also seized his phone because he told Phelo that it was over between them at a friend’s house. In his court article also, Moshe made mention of another ugly incident where Phelo had forcefully kissed a man who gave him a lift in front of his wife during an Easter holiday.

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala
Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala

Talking about the last stroke that broke the camel’s back, the influencer narrated the incident that had led to the ghastly fight that night. According to Ndiki, they had a bottle of whiskey and he was ready to call it a day when Phelo attempted to open a second bottle. To prevent any ugly incident, Moshe tried to dissuade him from doing so. The fight that ensued was a result of him trying to prevent his lover from opening another bottle of whiskey. Wrestling with the second bottle, Moshe recounted how he picked up a candle holder and threw it at Phelo, leaving him with blood on the head.

In his court submission, Moshe felt bad for having done that, saying he shouldn’t have fought fire with fire, rather, he should have involved security in the situation. He however blamed his husband’s physical and verbal abuse for his drinking problem. The abuse according to him left him drained, confused, and battered.

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The Controversial Sunday Sun Article and Moshe Ndiki’s Tweet

After their marriage had hit the rock, there was total silence on both ends. However, that silence was broken when the reality TV show host decided to clear the air through social media in an article that was all over the internet. The article published by Sunday Sun cited the court articles and referred to Moshe as an abusive husband, hence, forcing Moshe to take to his Twitter page to defend himself.

Like he did in his court articles, the media personality gave several instances of how his lover had abused not just him, but his friends and well-wishers. He however didn’t fail to note that the abuse was a result of his drinking habit. He further noted that incidents contained in the court articles are private and he has been advised against making comments concerning them because they are pending court proceedings.

Also, he expressed his solace in the knowledge that their friends and families are aware of his partner’s drinking and abusive habit, hence, he perhaps felt it vindicated him from the allegations. He also expressed his disappointment in the publication of the article and confessed that being abusive is not in his nature. He further stated that he’d speak about the incident when he is emotionally ready to do so. The actor further requested for time and space to nurse the wounds of his separation.

Phelo Bala’s Response to Moshe’s Tweets

In his bid to clear the air, Phelo Bala pointed out alleged lies in his partner’s post. The first lie was that Moshe had mentioned that they were together when he got a call from the (Daily Sun) paper. The second lie was that he referred to him as ‘’his Phelo’’ in his already-deleted tweet. The musician also stated that he can’t afford a PR spin, therefore wanted everything to be as it is meant to be. According to him, however, no matter how complex the truth is, it isn’t enough reason to stick to comfortable lies.

Ndiki’s Response to Phelo’s Tweet

To defend himself in the usage of “my Phelo”, Ndiki responded to his partner’s tweet referring to the controversial usage as a typo. He confessed that he had earlier typed “my partner”, but deleted it and typed his name.

He also responded to other typos that a follower pointed out saying that he typed the tweet while crying, hence, the typos.

How Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala Got Back Together

In October 2020, Bala publicly expressed that he had missed his husband. This led to a different reaction from the followers on Twitter. While some urged him to call or text him, others were confused as to why he’d want to go back to his husband. Also, there was a rumor that Bala was starting a thing with the popular makeup artist, Vuyo Vayori. To make matters worse, Bala posted some pictures which the fans relied on to make their conclusion.

Ndiki, on the other hand, had revealed that in the previous September, he had consulted a fertility lab and had gotten himself a surrogate. In preparation for fatherhood, he had named the child who was yet to be born as of then Thalanda, Ilanga, Ntaba, Alexander Ndiki, all initial alphabets spelling out Tina. When Bala made his post, the actor didn’t react, but they had followed each other once again on social media.

They Had A Secret Wedding

The couple kept away from their fans and social media the details of their wedding until it was time to celebrate their anniversary. Releasing the news on their Twitter page gave their followers a shock as they announced that they had been married for one year. Making it public, they took to their social media to announce that they are back together. Ndiki was the first to break the silence by posting a video in celebration of their anniversary. The video included images of their relationship from June 27, 2018, when they got engaged to 2020 when they had reconciled.

For their comeback, the celebrity couple dropped a video clip of their wedding day on social media. The video which showed the couple surrounded by their family and close friends in an environment similar to that of an office at the Department of Home Affairs showed the couple as they exchanged their vows. As usual, the post wasn’t void of the normal expression of their undying love for each other.

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