Who Are Desmond Dube Parents? Is Lillian Dube Desmond Dube’s Mother?

South African veteran actress Lilian Dube is not the biological mother of sensational actor Desmond Dube. Unfortunately, the identities of Desmond’s biological parents are not known publicly. This is because the actor has never introduced them to the public or even share their photos.

Over the years, actress Lilian’s relationship with Desmond Dube has dominated discussions about their individual lives, with most people assuming that the two are related by blood. This is not the case as their connection, and identical surname are pure coincidence.

Are Desmond Dube and Lillian Dube Related?

No. Actor Desmond Dube and actress Lilian Dube are not related by blood. However, the two have known and worked together for over a decade. According to the actor, his path and that of the actress crossed before he even joined the show business.

At the time of their meeting, Mam Dube already owned a talent agency that managed several artists in the township. The actor considers the actress his mom, having known and worked with her on several projects in the industry for many years.

People have, on several occasions, stopped the two South African thespians to know if they are truly related. Desmond shared that the actress often jokingly tells people she is waiting for paternity tests.

The actor added that he sees her as one of his family members and that it is a fact that he cannot shake off. When Desmond got married, his biological mother and Lilian Dube jointly gave the motherly speech that day. He said his mother went and grabbed Lilian’s hand and took her to the stage for the speech.

Obviously, the actor is only related to actress Lilian by heart. Their identical surnames are mere coincidence, a fact that many people do not know.

Who Is Desmond Dube’s Mother?

The name of Desmond Dube’s biological mother is not public knowledge. The actor has kept fans in the dark about his family background, parents, and family members for many years.

He has never talked about their lives or occupations or even mentioned their names and whereabouts. It is not clear too if his parents are still together. Similarly, it is unknown if he is the only child of his parents as he has never introduced anyone as his sibling to his fans. Information about Desmond’s relationship with his birth parents is difficult to come by.

This is because the actor hasn’t disclosed this aspect of his life publicly. However, going by his relationship with actress Linda, it is fair to assume that he would have an amazing relationship with his biological parents. Although the actor hasn’t mentioned it, many believe his biological parents would be very proud of him and all his achievements so far in the industry.

Although both Desmond and Lilian have worked together on some projects in the South African film and TV industries, they individually boast a fantastic career profile. Desmond, who was born on January 25, 1969, in South Africa, has starred in popular productions such as The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, Hotel Rwanda, Friends Indeed, Suburban Bliss, and Joburg Blues.

Though an actor, mime artist, singer, and entertainer, he is easily recognized for his role in the “Amaglugglug” commercial for the Sandton-based company, SASOL. Mam Lilian, who was born on September 30, 1945, in South Africa, rose to immense popularity for portraying Masebobe in the popular local soap opera, Generations.

Some of her notable works are Mapantsula (1988), Sweet ‘n Short (1991), and Mia and the White Lion (2018). Actress Lilian underwent surgery and chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.

Desmond Dube Is Happily Married To Tlotliso Matsela

One aspect of the actor’s life that is not a secret is his marriage to a South African woman called Tlotliso Matsela. The couple reportedly started seeing each other in 1997 and eventually exchanged marital vows on March 2, 2002.

However, there’s no information about their family life and children.

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