Uzalo Teasers for September 2021: What Will Happen In the Month

Uzalo has been a constant viewers’ choice in South Africa and beyond since its debut on February 9, 2015. As it stands, the show is the most-watched TV show in South Africa with an episode that aired on May 13, 2021, gathering more than 8 million viewers. This popular South African soap opera cum crime telenovela has gone on to air every week on South African Broadcasting Corporation channel 1 (SABC 1) from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm (local South African time). The show is currently in its 7th season with more than 1,000 episodes. For September 2021, here are Uzalo teasers to wet your taste buds on the show.

Overview of Uzalo’s Storyline

Uzalo, which has brought many new and budding acts from obscurity to limelight, tells the story of two families living in the same town but with different approaches to life. One family, the Mdletshes, are a religiously pious family and active members of the local Kwamashu Kingdom Church while the other, the Xulu family, constantly involve themselves in car theft.

The show is set at a time when Nelson Mandela was just released from prison in 1990. The township of Kwa Mashu, a suburb of Durban, is the central place where all the events on the show take place. The first episode was set on February 9, 1990, when two boys were switched at birth. This switch would ultimately affect their destinies some 20 years later where the show begins in earnest.

The storyline has changed slightly over the years but still maintains the central theme. New characters have been introduced and new story arcs brought in which has added a little more spice to the show. Some of the show’s former cast has left but Uzalo Teasers remain one of the best shows to ever air in South Africa.

Uzalo Ended in August 2021 With a Discovery That Might Split Sambulo and Zekhethelo

Uzalo teaser
Sambulo and Zekhethelo

For August 2021, Uzalo started with episode 106 where Sambulo is seen preparing to make Zekhethelo his life partner. His jittery face as he plans about it makes the show more suspense-filled as one tends to wonder if Zekhethelo would accept his proposal (which she did in the subsequent episode). Also in this episode, Sibonelo resolved to risk everything for iSwidi.

The month also saw Nosipho put her life in grave danger due to the wrong toes she stepped on. Mjolo’s app gained more users in Kwa Mashu and many others hoped for an improvement. Zekhethelo became more jealous and protective of her man, Sambulo. Nkunzi warns him against breaking Zekhethelo’s heart else he would have him to contend with. Ultimately, Sambulo sought to take Zekhethelo to the altar even as Mjolo app takes over Kwa Mashu. Everyone seems not to get enough of the app after screwdriver’s little input on Sbu’s app.

Sambulo and Zekhethelo’s relationship was threatened. Although they later came back to each other, it didn’t last for long. Sbu and Mrs Madlala started dating after meeting on the Mjolo app. They finally went out on a date together. Sambulo got to meet his parents but they weren’t the kind of people he was expecting. Nosipho puts her business above everything else in life but her relationship with Njeza grew stronger. In later episodes, Njeza took her home but she was rejected by his family.

The show wraps up for the month with Gabisile reappearing out of the blues. This became a shocker for everyone. It was the talk of the town. She even went to plead with the church to give her a second chance but everyone treats her like a plague. Gabisile also took out time to teach some village children about the importance of education. She also got involved in a standoff with the police who initiated investigations. Mthunzi issued threats to Hlelo in a bid to stop her from leaving. Nosipho confronts MaDongwe and had a standoff with her due to double standards.

Zekhethelo advises Pastor Pastor Sambulo Gwala against revealing his real identity as Nkunzi’s son to the Shlobos. Her relationship with Sambulo started experiencing cracks as it became obvious they want different things in life. Nyawo, who was on a quest to find an equally beautiful lady to pose as Samke, got a shock of his life. So far, he hasn’t seen any. The show ended for the month in Episode 127 with a surprise engagement party for Zekhethelo which didn’t start well. Uzalo Teasers for the following month will tell you more.

Uzalo Teasers For September 2021

The fun, suspense, and thrill continue in September. We bring you the projected happenings on the show as written on the show’s page on TVSA’s website. While this isn’t a spoiler, it gives you a glimpse of what you should expect in September.

Episode 128, Wednesday 1 September 2021

Sambulo slowly drifts away from Zekhethelo as she tries too much to impress him and his family members. iSwidi starts to get more recognition on the streets of Kwa Mashu. Nyawo and Cocoa’s alliance is headed for the rocks.

Episode 129, Thursday 2 September 2021

Gabisile gets the shock of her life as the one person she expects to be the most forgiving rejects her. Nyawo asks Cocoa to change her dressing. She declines and this causes a rift between them. Pastor Pastor Sambulo Gwala and Zekhethelo get a surprise.

Episode 130, Friday 3 September 2021

Zekhethelo gets disappointed on the day that was supposed to be her happiest on earth. Nyawo finally finds a beautiful lady.

Episode 131, Monday 6 September 2021

Another interesting Uzalo teaser for September 2021 is what will happen in episode 131. Cocoa finally leaves Nyawo but she left him without a single rand to his name. Hlelo on the other hand, tells Gabisile of the dark secrets of her past.

Episode 132, Tuesday 7 September 2021

Trouble sets in everywhere. Njeza begins to anger Nosipho and gets on her nerves. Zekhethelo and Pastor Sambulo’s cracked relationship was discovered by the church community which leaves them surprised. Nyawo is involved in a fracas with some delivery guys at the Police Station.

Episode 133, Wednesday 8 September 2021

Njeza and Nosipho’s relationship reaches a breaking point. Pastor Sambulo feels he is no longer respected by the women of the Church. An advert of iSwidi makes Nkunzi livid.

Episode 134, Thursday 9 September 2021

Many people won’t expect this, but it’s a certain Uzalo teaser. Nyawo gets a day with destiny as his lies finally catch up with him. Sibonelo’s dream of becoming an owner of a successful liquor brand suffers a temporary setback. Pastor Pastor Sambulo Gwala goes to beg Zekhethelo to take him back.

Episode 135, Friday 10 September 2021

Nyawo’s worst fears come true. Struggling Hlelo and Gabisile decide to rebuild their lives from scratch. Kwa Mashu loses a beloved daughter as she moves on to try out new things.

Episode 136, Monday 13 September 2021

Pastor Sambulo Gwala begins to regret his past decision about Zekhethelo. Nyawo surprisingly gets a new girlfriend while Hlelo resumes work at her new place.

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Episode 137, Tuesday 14 September 2021

Everyone now seems to spite Pastor Pastor Sambulo Gwala. He feels no one loves or appreciates him anymore. Nyawo and Cocoa have sex. Gabisile gives words of encouragement to Hlelo.

Episode 138, Wednesday 15 September 2021

Pastor Pastor Sambulo Gwala is sinking under the weight of the current happenings. Hlelo faces a daunting task at work as she battles to cope with her past. Njeza feels his girlfriend is letting him out of her business.

Episode 139, Thursday 16 September 2021

Nyawo wins once more. Pastor Pastor Sambulo Gwala still maintains his generous spirit. Hlelo resolves to return to her old life.

Episode 140, Friday 17 September 2021

Hlelo decides to cut ties with Mthunzi. She soon realizes she needs to gain back the trust of the only person that always stood by her. How does she do this? We have to wait to find out.

Episode 141, Monday 20 September 2021

Nkunzi is asked to intervene in Pastor Pastor Sambulo Gwala’s situation by MaMlambo. Nyawo pays back all his debt and ends ties with Cocoa. At Shisanyama, Hlelo is demoted to a cleaner and runner.

Episode 142, Tuesday 21 September 2021

Nkunzi finds out that he and Pastor Pastor Sambulo Gwala have a lot of things in common during a game of chess. The duo has an undying love for literature. Sibonelo needs 3.5 Million to build a distillery. Will he be able to get it? Let’s wait and see.

Episode 143, Wednesday 22 September 2021

Gabisile makes a final request to the church. Nkunzi’s kindness causes ripples in his home. Nyawo continues to evade Nosipho. It all ends in tears.

Episode 144, Thursday 23 September 2021

Kwa Mashu welcomes a special guest. Hlelo’s antics at her place of work shocks Gabisile. Nkunzi unintentionally causes friction between brothers.

Episode 145, Friday 24 September 2021

Njeza hits Nosipho. Sibonelo is confident that his distillery project would see the light of day. He assures Gabisile of this. Heritage Day Events kickstarts.

Episode 146, Monday 27 September 2021

An unexpected twist of fate changes the tides of Njeza and Cocoa’s relationship. Sbu starts eyeing Hlelo.

Episode 147, Tuesday 28 September 2021

Another interesting Uzalo teaser is what happens in episode 147, Nyawo finally hits a tempting proposal. Nkunzi makes a move that finally starts a fire between two brothers. Hlelo’s wife experiences a down twist.

Episode 148, Wednesday 29 September 2021

Nyawo starts enjoying the good life and the problems that come with it. Njeza doesn’t want to be a loser. Sibonelo refuses to give up on his dream.

Episode 149, Thursday 30 September 2021

Njeza goes the extra mile to raise money for Nosipho’s event. Hlelo seeks to wash away her past sins but can’t. Nyawo gets into bad debt trying to get money to please a woman.

With these Uzalo teasers for September 2021, Uzalo promises to be an exciting watch in September. There are absolutely no dull moments with this show. The suspense, drama, and uncertainty embedded in it make it a must-watch. To find out how all these will play out, you just have to sit back, relax and follow the show.

Duma Ndlovu is the Brain Behind Uzalo But Not the Only Writer

Duma Ndlovu


Not many people know that the award-winning South African actor, poet, producer, journalist, and playwright is the creator of this show. Duma created this show and it became an instant success, replacing Muvhango, his other work which he created in 1997, as the most-watched show in South Africa at the time. A few years down the line, Uzalo also surpassed Generations: The Legacy in terms of viewership.

Uzalo is undoubtedly the brainchild of Duma Ndlovu but as the show progressed, the need for fresh ideas from new writers became inevitable. The show is now co-written by 11 writers (including Duma Ndlovu) who keep viewers at the edge of their seats always. The writers are:

  1. Duma Ndlovu
  2. Mamitse Thabedi
  3. Salah Sabiti
  4. Precious Sithole
  5. Bridgette Madiba
  6. Busisiwe Matonsi
  7. Clive Madiya
  8. K.G. Mogale
  9. Kristen Adams
  10. Julian Koboekae
  11. Siphosethu Tshapu

No doubt, these writers work hard to keep the show crisp as it comes with twists and storylines that keep viewers tightly seated while watching the show, the Uzalo teasers above are a testament to this. Little wonder Uzalo teasers for September 2021 are already drawing huge attention to the show. It is also important to give credit to the numerous actors and actresses who play various characters on the show.

Current Uzalo Actors and Actresses and Their Characters Include;

  1. Thandeka Dawn King – Lindiwe MaNgcobo
  2. Gugu Gumede – Hlengiwe Mlambo- Mhlongo
  3. Nompilo Maphumulo – Nosipho
  4. Thuthuka Mthembu – Nonkanyiso
  5. Masoja Msiza – Nkunzi
  6. Nelisa Mchunu – Fikile
  7. Noxolo Mathula – Lily
  8. Nkanyiso Makhanya – Njenza
  9. Wiseman Mncube – Sibonelo
  10. Thembinkosi Thwala – Mondli
  11. Baby Cele Maloka – Gabisile
  12. Khaya Dladla – Ghamakulu Cetshwayo
  13. Simphiwe Majozi – Sbusiso
  14. Sibonile Ngubane – Khataza
  15. Nyalleng Thibedi – Zekhethelo Mhlongo
  16. Don Mlangeni Nawa – Dlomo
  17. Bonga Dlamini – Mkhondo Xulu
  18. Bheki Mkhwane – Melusi
  19. Londeka Mlaba – Sibahle
  20. Leleti Khumalo – Zandile Mdletshe
  21. Londiwe Mthembu – Maphindi
  22. Luthuli Dlamini – Bheki Zulu
  23. Ayanda Mdeltshe – Khumbulani
  24. Khabonina Qubeka – Nokuthula
  25. Nokuthula Mabika – Thobile
  26. Nay Maps – Mxolisi
  27. Shauwn Mhkize as herself
  28. Ntokozo Dlamini as Mastermind
Uzalo teasers
Cross-section of Uzalo actors and actresses

Uzalo is Produced by Stained Glass Productions and Others

The popular show is produced by Stained Glass productions, a television film production outfit owned by Kobedi “Pepsi” Pokane and Gugu Zuma-Ncube. This company handles all pre-production works for the show and works with SABC’s producers for post-production to ensure that the show is in line with the channel’s standards.

Uzalo has brought lots of fame to this production outfit. Their work on the award-winning telenovela has seen it constantly rank among one of the best production outfits in the country. Stained Glass however doesn’t do this alone. It has to work with Duma Ndlovu, 3 experienced movie producers, 5 top-notch directors, and a host of other filmmakers.

The producer of the show is Khumbulani Hlongwane whose wealth of experience has contributed in no small measure to the successes the show is recording. Other producers are Gontse Lekgetho and Mamitse Thibedi. Mamitse Thibedi also doubles as the show’s creative director while Sello Letsatsi, Fikile Mogodi, Sabelo Ndlovu, and Kgatontle Mdleleni work as the show’s directors amongst other crew members that work behind the scene.

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