Verdeelde Liefde Story, Cast, Teasers, Seasons and Episodes

Verdeelde Liefde is a unique true-life story that follows the journey of a lady in a precarious position where she must make crucial decisions. The drama has a gorgeous musical score, fantastic casting, first-rate directing, a lovely storyline, and relatable chemistry between the main actors.

The drama’s original protagonists translate their on-screen interactions flawlessly, and a deeper look into the lives and minds of the major characters is provided by each episode of this drama, which is expertly created with great attention to detail. Verdeelde Liefde has it all: love, loss, adventure, suspense, humor, and more.

Is Verdeelde Liefde a Turkish Series?

Verdeelde Liefde is a Turkish series with the original title: Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir, (translated into English as My Home My Destiny).

Verdeelde Liefde (translated into Help! Mommy’s Back in South Africa) is based on a real-life case that Turkish psychiatrist, writer, and TV presenter Gülseren Budayicioglu witnessed.

The drama airs on weekdays, Mondays to Fridays, on the channel eExtra at 20:30 pm.

Verdeelde Liefde Full Story

Verdeelde Liefde is a gripping drama that follows a young girl named Zeynep, who seeks to find her place in the world while being torn between two families, two worlds, and two men.

She consults a therapist after each episode, and the viewer empathizes with her as she makes difficult decisions in her life while putting everyone else before herself.

The poor and innocent girl would grow up into a bright and educated young woman and later marry her ideal husband, a member of society’s upper class.

Verdeelde Liefde Story, Cast, Teasers, Seasons and Episodes
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The drama inspires reflection on intentionality, life, and purpose. It prompts viewers to consider if they are dependent on fate or living their own lives and if possibilities for avoiding violence exist for them.

While viewers found season one of the series thrilling and fascinating, the same cannot be said of season 2, as most viewers found it not so interesting with a botched storyline.

Verdeelde Liefde Cast Members 

Here are the names of South African actors and actresses and the characters they voiced on Verdeelde Liefde.

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  • Mari Molefe van Heerden as Zeyney
  • Theodore Jantjies as Mehdi
  • Roelien Spruÿt as Sultan
  • Zane Meas as Ekrem
  • Vasti Welthagen as Mujgan
  • De Waal Stemmet as Faruk
  • Christelle van den Berg as Cemile
  • Magda van Biljon as Zeliha
  • Shemane Harris as  Sakine
  • Annabel Kohl as Emine
  • Pieter de Weerdt voiced Ali
  • Andreas Jordaan as Bayram
  • Mariëtte Engelen as Nermin
  •  Izel Bezuidenhout as Yasemin
  • Reginald Hufkie as Nuh
  • Melissa Massyn as Kibrit
  • Eloise Cupido as Benal

When Does Verdeelde Liefde Teasers Come Out?

Verdeelde Liefde teasers are released every month. The TV program airs for 45 minutes on the screen.

Verdeelde Liefde Seasons 

Verdeelde Liefde has two seasons. The first season of the drama ended in December 2022, while season 2 premiered on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, and ended in April 2023.

  1. Season 1 – Episodes 1- 98
  2. Season 2 – 96 – over 105 episodes.

The producers of the show have not mentioned if there is going to be season 3 or not. However, a lot of viewers on the show have shown a great interest in seeing season 3 of the show run on their screens.

Well, only time can tell, as no one has a clue if that will certainly happen or not.

How Many Episodes Does Verdeelde Liefde Have?

The drama series had a total of over 100 episodes. The TV series aired its 18th episode for season 2 on Friday, February 24, 2023. Though it was its 18th episode for season 2, it was the show’s 113th episode for both seasons.

How Does Verdeelde Liefde End?

Verdeelde Liefde Story, Cast, Teasers, Seasons and Episodes
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Verdeelde Liefde, which premiered on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, on eExtra at 20h30, came to a shocking conclusion when Zeynep’s birth mother appeared, attempting to reclaim control of her daughter’s life and return her to the house where she was born.

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