The River Teasers September 2021: What’s New on the 1Magic Drama Series

The River is a popular South African TV series that was originally released on the 29th of January 2018 and has continued to air to date. It may not be as old as soapies like Muvhango and Generations: The Legacy, but it is carving its own niche in the already saturated television industry and gathering loyal viewers. Big names in the South African movie industry like Sindi Dlathu, Presley Chweneyagae, Lawrence Maleka, Hlomla Dandala, and many others are part of the cast of the series which tells the story of the affluent mine owners of Pretoria.

In order to keep viewers anticipating what to expect in the following months, the movie producers have tried to keep them updated by releasing teasers before the beginning of the new month. These teasers are not the type you should see as spoilers because instead of informing you of all that will happen in each episode, it just makes you want to watch it already. Want to know what will happen in the September 2021 edition of The River? If yes, then keep reading.

An Overview Of What We Saw In The River In August 2021

In the August 2021 episodes of The River, Cobra makes the decision not to listen to anyone’s opinion about who he wants to rebuild his life with, but his decision does not go so well and unfortunately lands him in trouble. Instead of rebuilding his life with Angelica, which was his desire, he now has to find a way to always escape from her plans against him.

The River Teasers September 2021

Cobra is not the only person in August who made a decision that ends up with consequences – Nomonde does the same as well. Andile also proved that he was ready to fight for Nomonde, irrespective of the consequences. At the end of the month, we saw Cobra react to his nasty surprise and Lindiwe and Zolani making efforts to ensure that Andile does not regain his memory.

How often will Cobra continue to escape from Angelina’s wrath? Can Andile regain his consciousness? All these and more may be unveiled in September, so don’t miss an episode.

The River Teasers For September 2021

You don’t necessarily have to remain in suspense before watching a new episode, you can have a glimpse of what to expect even without feeling like you just got a movie spoiler.

Lost Keys | Episode 148
Wednesday 1, September 2021

Angelina gets a false idea and carries on with it. Lindiwe tries to stay hopeful, but fear gets the better part of her.

The Silent Witness | Episode 149
Thursday 2, September 2021

Cobra gets saved from Angelina’s wrath when an unexpected ally intervenes. Just when the Dikanas are about to give up, a murder suspect shows up.

The Horror of All Times | Episode 150
Friday 3, September 2021

While Cobra’s double standard life catches up with him, the noose around Andile’s neck tightens more.

Up in Flames | Episode 151
Monday 6, September 2021

Cobra faces the consequences of his actions in an unfortunate way. The Dikanas struggle to deal with the fear of losing one of their own.

A Haunted Bloodline | Episode 152
Tuesday 7, September 2021

Lindiwe desperately wants to save Andile, but the walls keep closing in. Angelina’s mind is made up when it comes to making sure Cobra faces the consequences of his actions.

Waiter in Waiting | Episode 153
Wednesday 8, September 2021

Everything is about to change as a result of the discovery of new information. Cobra is unable to find his way out of Angelina’s demands.

Terms and Conditions | Episode 154
Thursday 9, September 2021

The court now waits to hear what the verdict will be, with the unveiling of the new information. Angelina pulls an unexpected move.

Brand New Storm | Episode 155
Friday 10, September 2021

The newly found peace of Lindiwe is cut short. Morena fears that Cobra has finally broken their family.

The Sinker | Episode 156
Monday 13, September 2021

The entire atmosphere is tensed as everyone runs around to find the truth about Khanyisa.

Trying Times | Episode 157
Tuesday 14, September 2021

Khanyisa comes up with a new drama that everyone is watching to find out what the end will be like.

Plan of Action | Episode 158
Wednesday 15, September 2021

Mabutho and Cobra have no option but to come to terms with their reality.

Two Rights | Episode 159
Thursday 16 September 2021

Lindiwe finds himself at a dead-end.

Trespassers | Episode 160
Friday 17, September 2021

Mohumi gets back at Lindiwe in the best way she knows how to and takes her joy away.

Refilwe’s Heroes | Episode 161
Monday 20, September 2021

The people of Refilwe take up arms to express their disapproval towards the way their heroes are treated like criminals.

With Us or Against Us | Episode 162
Tuesday 21, September 2021

Refilwe begins to get ready for a revolution and Lindiwe is left with no choice than to make hard decisions.

Turning Tides | Episode 163
Wednesday 22, September 2021

Refilwe finally gets to boiling point as Lindiwe fails to heed Zolani’s warning.

Nice For What? | Episode 164
Thursday 23, September 2021

Mohumi makes a big decision and Zolani, unfortunately, hits a brick wall.

Sleeping Lioness | Episode 165
Friday 24, September 2021

A big surprise awaits Lindiwe as she does all she can to get approval.

An Unexpected Truce | Episode 166
Monday 27, September 2021

The news of what happened to Lindiwe does not meet the Dikanas family well as they are devastated by it.

Envy | Episode 167
Tuesday 28, September 2021

Zolani questions himself as a result of Emma’s new endeavors. Zodwa is furious about the arrival of her old enemies.

Let them drink acid | Episode 168
Wednesday 29, September 2021

Zolani dies in silence as Emma continues to succeed.

Bubbling Rage | Episode 169
Thursday 30, September 2021

Zolani continues to find a place for himself with the new reality that Emma is currently experiencing. Kedibone’s decision brings joy to the heart of everyone.

The River Airs On Mzansi From Mondays To Fridays

The River has a running time of 22-24 minutes and airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays through Fridays by 7 pm. The series which is created by Phathutshedzo Makwarela and Gwydion Beynon tells the story of Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana, the Khanyisa Diamonds mine owner, her flamboyant lifestyle, and how far she is willing to go to protect her family.

The River Teasers September 2021
The River Teasers September 2021

In order to properly depict the life of mine owners and the poor people who live around the city, the series is shot in Pretoria, which happens to be the center of South Africa’s mining sector. The Khanyida Diamond mine which is located in the poor township of Refilwe slowly became a curse disguised as a blessing.

The TV series also tells the story of the Mokoena family; Malefu Mokoena and her three children (Thuso, Dimpho, and Itumeleng) who are residents of Refilwe. Malefu tries to keep it a secret that Tumi was actually adopted after her adoptive father, Thato Mokoena, who is now late was found by a riverside. This may be the inspiration for the name of the movie “The River”, however, it is not clear if that is the case or not.

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