30 Photos That Prove South Africa Is The Craziest Place On Earth

South Africa can be a crazy place, just how crazy you may ask? Oftentimes when we think of South Africa as our beloved country, there are so many reasons to feel good about it. The rainbow nation is truly a hospitable bunch, with diverse cultures and great pride in their country. The climate is rated as one of the best in the world. Even winter has sunshine, few countries in the world have the quality of drinking water from their tap direct, the wildlife – Unrivaled, one massive country with so many different regions, a constitution that is held in high regard by world leaders, tourism is one of the top performing sectors of the economy, and it is not difficult to see why when you are here. Still, South Africa is a crazy place for some funny reasons.

There are dubious honours of being at the butt end of some pretty awful moments in the last 5 years. Who could forget our fake sign interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service or Thamsanqa Jantjie, or Idols contestant Buhle Mkwanazi, singing ‘Killing me softly’ and dancing like a lizard. BuzzFeed recently compiled this collection of photos on why South Africa is so unique. Check these photos for your answer.

30+ Pictures That Prove South Africa Is A Crazy Place

1. Planking like this:

south africa20

2. Smart Policemen…

south africa8

In our beloved country, you’ll find different kinds of policemen including those who have no intention of saving their own asses.

3. Guys Chilling:

south africa15

Yea, we love to have fun and no matter where we are when the need for chilling arises, we simply create a suitable environment for it. Life is that simple you know?

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4. Texts like this:

south africa23

5. Great Giveaways:

south africa13

6. Three Day Fast Growth Penis, Breast and Hip Enlargement:

south africa27

7. These Used Dentures for Sale on the Side of Road:

south africa2

This is bizarre but real. In case you are wondering who buys them, wonder no more because there are people who need it but cannot afford to buy new ones so they simply make do with these. I don’t want to say it’s disgusting though…

8. 30 Minute Abortion

south africa30

9. “Monkey Gland Sauce” Potato Chips:

south africa24

10. Welcoming Visitors:south africa6

Short of words…Somebody borrow me some vocabulary, please.

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11. Really Cool Ways People Take Their Dogs for a Walk

south africa31

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12. Friendly Requests:

south africa29

13. Viagra on the West Coast:

south africa14

 14. Enticing Bookstores!

south africa5

15. Little Girl in Pink Tutus on Pink Motorbikes with Teddy Bears:

south africa21

16. Man in Tiger Suit on Motorbike:

south africa3

17. And Jaywalkers with no Respect! 

south africa17

It’s a free world anyway, everyone has a right to express his/her/its freedom of movement right?

18. Super Welcoming Bumper Stickers! 

south africa1

A word is enough for the wise…!

19. In the Memory of the King

south africa26

Born in 1813, Richard Philip Dick King was an English trader and colonist at a British trading station at Port Natal (present-day Old Fort, Durban). The colonialist is famous for completing a journey of 960 kilometres in 10 days on a mission to ask for help for the besieged British garrison at Port Natal. If only he knows the meaning of his name in today’s world!

20. Smarter Speed Traps: 

south africa9

In a country where some people enjoy breaking the rules, this comes in handy!

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21. Cars like this: 

south africa4

In a city full of crazy drivers one has to devise a means of protecting oneself from accidents. It is only in South Africa that you can find ‘smart, intelligent’ drivers like this. So in case you want to keep yourself safe from a road accident, build a shield around your car just like the picture above shows. *winks*

22. Signs that warn you of…Something?

south africa7

23. Toilet Roll Dispensers:

south africa11

24. Dead Whales Being Transported

south africa25

25. Casual Warning Signs:

south africa12

26. Less Casual Headlines:

south africa28

Death is an inevitable end of all men but most times we feel uncomfortable discussing it. Don’t you think it’s cool to get your own tombstone while you are still alive…Just sign up for whatever competition the above picture is advertising…I’m not interested though.

27. Dead Zulu Singer Zombies:

south africa16

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28. Vampire Hunts:

south africa22

29. Handicapped Signs Like this:

south africa19

30. OMG WTF STFU Takalani Sesame:

south africa18

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