Funniest Break-Up Text Ever: “You Were Rude To My Cat” Goes Viral

The screenshot of what could be classified as one of the funniest break-up text messages ever is going viral on Twitter. The weird breakup message was uploaded on Twitter as a means of shaming the “former boo” by the recipient’s best friend.

It would appear that the guy, known as “Bobo” wasn’t getting what he bargained for in his latest relationship – and he decided to end it with a text message. Please note that it wasn’t the regular short, straight-to-the-point breakup text.

In the text, the man spells six very interesting reasons for the break-up with his 7 weeks old girlfriend, explaining the reason he is dumping her.

The complaints range from very interesting oddities like the girl not updating her Facebook status to her being “rude” to the guy’s cat – and it didn’t stop there.

The explanations, which were both very specific and puzzling are now being shared and retweeted by thousands of people on Twitter and other social media outlets. Read it for yourself in the tweet below:

“My friend just sent me this break-up message she received after 7 weeks of dating. My fav reason for the split is #3″


13 Funniest Break-Up Text Ever

Getting dumped is already complicated as it is but over a text message? It’s like adding insult to injury or salt to an open wound. Below are hilarious and creative break-up text.

1. Table turn

At the mention of Pat’s…did she just have a change of heart?

break-up text

Can someone please tell me whether it’s a male/female or female/male behind this text messages?

break-up text

2. The Recycler

Lol! Okay, this guy obviously suddenly finds himself alone; no girlfriend, and decide to recycle.

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break-up text

3. Taunting Break-up text

Girl just got taunted into self-snitching and made breaking up with her so easy for him.

break-up text

4. The super smart break-up text

Oh now, this girl/dude is super smart, the dude/girl just got the spanky response to a stupid question.

break-up text

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5. Caught in Between

Geez! no wonder some girls can’t be trusted. This is what happens when one tries to play the love triangle.

break-up text

6. Break-up or Divorce?

Talk about self-snitching…

break-up text

7. Brutal sarcasm 

This one really leaves me speechless.

break-up text

8. Movie-over Break-up text

Wow! a confession has just been weaselled out of someone right here.

break-up text

9. Break-up for Bad health

This person is either a geek or sarcastically sneaking out of the relationship.

break-up text

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10. Xbox break-up text

Now this one goes like, “I don’t care if you cheated, so long as my Xbox is still in one piece.” Which is worse? to be hurt that he didn’t love you enough to care about your cheating? Or love his Xbox over you.

break-up text

11. Silent Knight break-up text

I gotta hand it to the aloof kind of dudes giving the girls the silent treatment. Gosh! that must have hurt.

break-up text

12. Honest anger

Dude for real? Still, want to be friends after you break her heart? Well, there’s your nasty answer.

break-up text

Do you think any of these complaints are understandable over a text message? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!

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