40 Modern Ndebele Traditional Attire for Men

Modern Ndebele traditional attire for men has to do with garments or outfits that are rooted in the past but are now worn by men with slight changes or a modern twist. These traditional dresses are a signifier of their identity and culture.

Ndelebe men also use their traditional clothing to celebrate important events such as marriage and funerals and to also show unity and other things. These days, a lot of creative ideas and crafts go into the modern traditional attire for Ndebele men which ultimately makes them outstanding on every occasion.

Best Ndebele Traditional Attires For a Groom

A typical Ndebele man wears an animal skin apron, beaded breast-plates (iporiyana) which usually hangs from the neck, animal skin headbands, ankle bands as well as a cape. But when it comes to weddings, he usually puts on a different outfit as he sets out to bring in a new member to his family.

The Ndebele traditional outfits on our list are designed for both Ndebele men searching for traditional wear with a modern touch for their big day and those from other tribes getting hitched to Ndelebe brides.

While some men prefer to wear their own native attire while getting married to their Ndebele bride, most men, however, wear matching Ndebele prints with their women during their traditional marriage ceremony.

There are several types of Ndebele print fabrics out there, including the ones on our list, however, we can’t tell if they symbolize anything, unlike their house painting art where colors represent some things.

Check out these amazing Ndebele traditional attires for a groom.

1. Navy Blue Traditional Outfit With Ndebele Print At The Front

You need to take your complexion into consideration before making up your mind whether to choose this color of outfit or not. This particular groom’s outfit is a definition of simplicity and elegance.

The Ndelebe print at the front and its positioning at the chest area make it super cool for anyone who loves simple traditional attires. The placing of the prints on the sleeves gives the outfit some sort of creative touch.

The outfit is simply elegant. You can decide to use a walking stick or carry the Ndebele Knobkerrie/dance mace as clearly seen in the picture above. Do not forget to wear matching shoes and get a nice haircut and you won’t struggle to win the admiration of your in-laws and guests.

2. Ndebele Print-Inspired White Shirt and Trousers

No matter where and how you place Ndebele fabric on a cloth, you can never go wrong with it. These days, Ndelebe grooms mostly incorporate the tribe’s infamous colorful prints on any type of outfit and still look stunning.

As a groom, you can decide to simply wear a nice pair of trousers and a shirt with Ndebele fabric designs. You will still look great on your big day and turn heads. The picture above clearly shows how simple and incredible a Ndebele-inspired shirt could look on anyone who wishes to stand out during their big day.

We love how the bright Ndebele fabric run through the collar of the shirt and how the traditional fabric is also placed vertically on the right part of the outfit. A tiny fabric design towards the end of the sleeve is amazing too.

3. Simple Men’s Wear With Animal Skin Headband and Ndebele Neckpiece

As mentioned earlier, the animal skin headband and ankle band form part of the most common Ndebele traditional attire for men. Don’t you love how simple and elegant the young man in the image above looks?

His headband and colourful neckpiece literally scream ‘Ndebele’ and we absolutely love it. This is one of the best ways to wear a modern traditional attire without becoming an object of scorn or mockery in a typical traditional gathering.

The Ndebele people wear several types of neckpieces, including the ones that are unisex.  Feel free to pick any traditional accessory of your choice that will make you look stunning as a groom on your traditional wedding day.

4. Traditional Top On Jeans With Animal Skin Apron, Beaded Necklace, and Hat

Every other thing the groom is putting on forms part of the Ndebele traditional attire except for his jeans and footwear – now that’s what gives the traditional outfit that modern touch.

Although you can’t see fully his hat due to the way the picture was taken, what the groom is actually putting on is a Ndebele-inspired white hat (it is designed with their traditional fabric). The apron around his shoulder, as well as the beaded staff in his hand, bring the dressing to almost perfection.

If you really love this outfit, you can as well rock with white canvas shoes, plain trousers, or Ndebele fabric trousers.

5. White Ndebele-inspired Bishop Collar Shirt, Trousers, and Canvas Shoes

Not everyone can put up with the apron, headband, and beaded staff. If you belong to this category, then you must be a lover of simple-elegant outfits. The attire in the image above can help save you from the discomfort that comes with putting on weighty or multiple wears on your big day.

We love the groom’s choice of footwear because it befits his white shirt. Also, we admire the way the fabric is creatively placed on the shirt. It gives it some sort of incredible effect.

6. Ndebele-inspired Short Sleeve Kaftan on Jeans and Sneakers

No one is ever going to send you away for wearing jeans on your big day. We love the groom’s choice for neutral-colored outfits, starting from his hat. Although the groom has no staff or any other accessory, his Ndebele-inspired kaftan is enough.

You might decide to wear a different color of trousers, hat, or footwear. What matters most is that people will easily notice you are proud to be associated with the Ndebeles through your top.

7. Simple White Kaftan and Hat with Ndebele Print

This colorful attire is for those who want cool and simple attire. The two-toned outfit is neatly achieved by attaching the Ndebele print fabric on one side of the cloth, leaving the other side without any design.

The matching hat makes it more mature, which is the reason it is ideal for men with great fashion sense. You are free to wear the top with white trousers, any color of trousers of your choice, or better still matching Ndebele print trousers.

All you need is elegant footwear to look more like a prince on your day – whether you decide to put on a canvas or leather shoes.

8. Multiple Colour Navy Blue Outfit With Shoulder Buttons

This groom obviously does not follow the crowd. Hence, the reason he went for something that is a bit different from what most grooms would wear on their big day. The colors on both towards the end of his sleeve and chest area were nicely combined.

You too can look this nice and simple if you want to make an outfit for your traditional marriage. The color of your material doesn’t matter, all you need is a good fashion designer. You can decide to wear the same color of top and trousers or different colors.

The inclusion of the shoulder buttons is also a great fashion idea while beaded knobkerrie is another Ndebele traditional accessory that perfected this groom’s elegance. But you can always follow your heart.

9. White Short Sleeve Ndelebe Print Collar Top and Black Trousers

We can’t help but notice this groom’s simplicity. Not everyone would like it but it sure befits this handsome groom. To achieve his top, you need white material and a few pieces of Ndebele print fabric.

The fabric clearly runs from his shoulder down to his waist, around his collar from where it neatly runs down to the center front. You could also see the other fabrics sitting pretty well towards the end of his sleeve.

You could also wear white canvas shoes or any other color of shoes.

10. Black Men’s Wear With Ndebele Print At The Front

This is a common style but what matters most is it that makes every groom elegant and charming. We love how the Ndebele print fabric brightened the attire and the fact that it matches perfectly with that of the bride.

Although the groom is not wearing an accessory, you can choose to look different or better upgrade the dressing by using a knobkerrie, animal skin headband, or animal skin apron.

11. Ndebele Print-inspired Navy Blue Long Sleeve Kaftan

The groom’s outfit is simple and fabulous. The design at the front with the Ndelebe fabric clearly shows the attire was sewn by a creative fashion designer. Down below his trousers, you could also see where the Ndebele print was fixed, giving the attire that modern touch.

A yellow canvas, as worn by the groom, is not bad. However, you can still go for any color or wear leather shoes.

12. Simple Men’s Top With Ndebele Print and Black Trousers

The word here is simplicity. The groom’s choice of attire is great. Just a yellow top with a small design with the Ndebele print fabric, black trousers, and matching black shoes. Everyone may not like it this simple but whatever be the case, we love the fitting of the attire on him.

Feel free to wear a different color of the top on your big day or rock this attire with white canvas shoes.

13. Red Traditional Wear With Ndebele Neckpiece

Red looks good on most people but the color is not for everyone. As for this groom, he looks gorgeous in red. You could also see some patches of the Ndebele print around the collar of his top and on the sleeve of his clothes.

The front of the top also came with some simple and elegant designs, which apparently match the color of his shoes. We love this. He is rocking a beautifully designed beaded Ndebele neckpiece around his neck, which is so nice.

You can also look this gorgeous on your traditional wedding day.

14. Ndebele Print-inspired Royal Blue Collar Wear With Center Zipper

Now, this is what we are talking about. Dare to look different, elegant, and outstanding on your big day. Who wouldn’t love this outfit and how well it sits pretty on the groom? To replicate this, you need a good fashion designer.

The center zipper actually gives the attire that modern twist we’ve been talking about and it looks cool. Great shoes as well. This is absolutely your regular Ndebele grooms’ wear.

15. Ndebele Print Top, Black Trousers, and Ndebele Traditional Accessories

This groom must be a lover of Ndelebe culture and everything it represents. We love his traditional top and the way the traditional fabric was beautifully maximized on the top. His footwear is lovely and a clear reflection of his love for Ndebele culture.

On his head is the animal skin headband. He is also putting on a royal blue neckpiece, which apparently matches the color of his attire. The animal skin small apron hanging from his neck is a symbol of manhood while the knobkerrie in his hands makes everything about his attire gorgeous.

You can replace his footwear with canvas shoes or any other type of shoes if you do not want to look so simple on your big day. Whichever way you want it, you can never go wrong in this attire.

16. Ndebele Print Fabric Shirt and White Trousers

If you love white outfits, why not give this outfit a try? The Ndebele fabric is not only used on the front of his shirt, the sleeves and some portions of his outfit on the back also have a small quantity of the fabric on them. Just simple and elegant.

The groom’s shoes obviously match the design of the Ndebele fabric they used and you could also see an animal headband around his head.

17. White Multi-coloured Traditional Top, Navy Blue Trousers, and Neckpiece

We love how simple and stunning the groom looks in the image above. The colors on his top are cool and the way they are placed on the top makes the outfit so stunning. The groom also has a royal blue neckpiece around his neck, which complements the royal blue color on the bride’s bridal apron.

Next is to wear matching shoes and maybe up your fashion game with knobkerrie or animal skin headband or ankle band.

18. White Shirt With Ndelebe Fabric and White Sneakers 

We love this particular Ndebele print fabric and how the fashion designer creatively used it. The white sneakers footwear is a good choice because it matches the white shirt. Apart from black trousers, you can also rock the shirt with any other color of trousers, including the colors represented on the groom’s shirt.

However, you can decide to wear shoes or any kind of footwear.

19. Simple Traditional Top and Navy Blue Trousers

The Ndebele print fabric is very noticeable on this particular white top. We love the style and how scanty the traditional fabric is, it clearly shows the groom loves simplicity. This kind of outfit is usually worn with matching shoes, canvas shoes, or sneakers.

If you love the top but do not appreciate the way the patches of the traditional fabric are placed, you can ask your fashion designer to add more fabric to the top.

20. White Shirt With Ndebele Print, Navy Blue Trousers, and Matching Hat

No matter your age, you can never go wrong in this simple attire. The groom paired the shirt with a white hat that has the same design as the Ndelebe fabric on his shirt. He also has a beaded Ndebele walking stick.

Generally, he looks great and he can also rock the shirt with another color of trousers. Do not forget to put on nice shoes, preferably the one that matches your belt. You can also slay in this outfit with any of the numerous Ndebele beautiful neckpieces.

21. Ndebele Collar Traditional Shirt and White Trousers

The groom is the only one wearing white trousers, the rest are the groom’s men. We appreciate the creativity of his fashion design and how the person was able to beautifully put the fabric to good use.

The attire is unique because of the way it creates a special effect on the sleeves and around his neck on the white top. We love the fact that he rocked it with matching sneakers.

22. White Traditional Wear With Ndebele Print Fabrics and White Hat

This collar traditional wear with buttons looks so elegant and gorgeous. By the right side of the groom’s white top are colorful patches of Ndebele print fabric, which were creatively achieved.

The white hat is nice as well and it helped in making the groom look like a gentleman. You can also replace the hat with an animal headband and carry a knobkerrie or traditional walking stick.

Putting on a beaded neckpiece will also harness the glow that this outfit already exudes. Whichever way you decide to rock your modern traditional attire and Ndebele accessories, you can never go wrong.

23. White Native Top With Fabric Designs And Black Trousers 

We love how the fabric design around the chest area of the groom looks like a firework. The way they are artistically placed and how larger portions of the fabric run from his both shoulders down to the end of his sleeves clearly show the kind of creativity that was put in the attire.

Black trousers and brown shoes as worn by the groom are not bad choices. However, if you think you have a better fashion sense, you can try to bring in better ideas to look smarter.

24. Ndebele-inspired White Shirt, Trousers, and Animal Skin Headband

This groom looks stunning in his simple attire. The animal skin headband is a nice choice as it makes him look more fabulous. He completed his looks with nice white canvas shoes and as it is obvious it greatly matches his white Ndebele-inspired shirt.

25. Navy Blue Ndebele-inspired Traditional Wear

This groom’s attire is all shades of creativity. From the design with Ndebele fabric at the front area to the ones on his sleeves and the beautifully stitched fabric on his trousers, we absolutely love everything about this traditional attire.

It obviously has that modern twist that can make you look outstanding on your traditional wedding day. If you feel his black shoes are not so fashionable or befitting, feel free to wear any nice shoes of your choice.

26. Long Sleeve Native Wear With Ndebele Print Fabric and Navy Blue Trousers

There are various types of Ndebele print fabrics out there and all of them often look so beautiful on a white outfit. As you can see, the groom’s top looks gorgeous and incredible. We love how the designer creatively placed it at the center of the white material and the color of his sleeve band.

You can achieve this great look with the help of a good fashion designer. His navy blue trousers match the fabric on his top and the knobkerrie in his hand really shows he meant business.

27. White Three Quarter Sleeve With Ndebele Fabric and White Jeans Trousers

Who doesn’t love 3/4 sleeves? Well, the sleeve pattern seems to have made a comeback lately and most men are rocking it proudly. We love how the fabrics are aligned to highlight the ever colorful Ndebele prints.

A pair of white jeans is what the groom loves and it’s so great. You can exchange it with traditional white trousers or any of the colors on his white collar shirt.

28. White Outfit With Multiple Colour Design and Neckpiece

You too can look fabulous like this groom. The bright colors on his top are well placed and they also complement the traditional neckpiece he wears. You can still choose to go for any type of footwear or stick with the canvas he’s wearing.

29. Ndebele-inspired Navy Blue Long Sleeve Collar Kaftan

We love how the beaded knobkerrie rhymes with the traditional print fabric on this groom’s outfit. With or without black shoes, any groom will still slay in this outfit. If you are a younger groom, white canvas shoes won’t be a bad choice.

30. Royal Blue Short Sleeve Shirt with Ndebele Print and Jeans

Some people love it simple and cool. This outfit is every shade of simplicity. Although not everyone will love it but in the end what matters most is the fitting it gives to the groom and his excitement on his big day.

Feel free to rock any footwear of your choice – it must not always be shoes, sneakers, or canvas shoes.

31. Ndebele-inspired Polo, Red Trousers with Print, and Red Hat

You can’t go wrong in this attire. You could also decide not to wear a suit and focus on looking great for your bride with the Ndebele-inspired trousers and shirt. The hat, which matches with the groom’s trousers, is a great choice. To look more ‘Ndebele’, he decided to use a knobkerrie. Amazing!

32. White Shirt, Animal Skin Apron, and Headband

This groom really meant business and we absolutely love his choices for Ndebele traditional accessories. We also love his brown beaded necklace, which obviously complements his black and brown animal skin apron and headband.

You could recreate this traditional outfit for your big day.

33. Black Traditional Men’s Attire, Neckpiece, and Animal Skin Headband

This is a unique and attention-grabbing outfit. We love how the groom’s traditional top is beautifully designed with red materials. The neckpiece is also adorable while his animal headband looks amazing.

You can also replace the shoes with white canvas shoes or sneakers. Modern Ndebele traditional attires for men cannot be exhausted because new designs keep flooding the fashion world on a daily basis.

Ndebele Outfits for Lobola Ceremony

Before we delve into the outfits that are suitable for the Lobola ceremony, let’s get to know the meaning of Lobola, at least, for the interest of readers that have no idea what the term actually means.

Lobola is a traditional marriage practice in Ndebele that involves a prospective husband or head of his family giving a property (livestock or cash or both) to the head of his wife-to-be’s family in gratitude of letting the man marry their daughter. The bride’s family, in return, provides food and gifts to their prospective in-laws.

In the Ndebele culture, the process of marriage begins with Lobola. And a couple is not considered married until a bride’s Lobola has been paid. Here are some wonderful outfits to choose from for your Lobola ceremony.

34. Ndebele-inspired Outfit and Animal Skin Headband

As a prospective husband, there’s no specific attire for the payment of lobola in Ndebele. You choose what you want, how you want to look, and the kind of accessories that will be suitable for your dressing.

The groom above decided to wear a black suit, but not without showcasing the major part of the Ndebele traditional outfit – the print fabric on his right shoulder and the animal headband around his head.

You too can look this incredible on the day you want to pay your wife-to-be’s lobola.

35. Short Sleeve White with Ndebele Print, Trousers, and Hat

The groom must be happy with the way he looks. We love how simple and gorgeous he looks and then with the way he paired his top with a matching hat. Did you notice he also has a brown walking stick? Most grooms prefer the knobkerrie but that doesn’t matter either. You have to choose what makes you comfortable.

36. Ndebele-inspired Red Collar Wear, Jeans, and Headband

It must not always be plain trousers, you can also rock jeans and still look great with your Ndebele outfit. We love the groom’s red outfit and how the Ndebele print fabric is beautifully placed on the collar attire.

The headband is also a great choice as it shows the groom’s love for the Ndebele people and their culture. This outfit can be rocked with black shoes, white canvass shoes, or any other color of footwear, including sneakers.

37. White Native Wear with Multiple Colors, Trousers, and Sneakers

This simple outfit won’t be a bad choice for your lobola ceremony. It naturally loves colorful and nice. We love the colorful designs on his white top and the fact that these colors form part of the beautiful Ndebele colors.

We love his sneakers but you can also replace them with a white one if you want. The groom used the same outfit for his lobola and traditional wedding ceremonies.

38. Black Suit, White Shirt, Beaded Ndebele Neckpiece

The groom apparently used this outfit for his lobola before the actual wedding ceremony commenced. We love his simplicity and the fact that he has the Ndebele neckpiece hanging from his neck.

The beaded neckpiece is creatively designed using beads with Ndebele colors. As you already know, the Ndelebes are highly respected for their beadworks and house painting.

The groom is putting on matching black shoes. However, you can still slay in any other type of footwear such as sneakers or canvas shoes.

39. White and Red Outfit with Hat and Beaded Knobkerrie

This groom obviously paid his lobola with livestock and probably other things. The piece of the Ndebele print fabric on the native shirt and trousers and around his hat is so amazing. You can also spot the colorful beaded knobkerrie in his hands, showing he is clearly proud of the Ndebele culture.

You can recreate this outfit with the help of a creative fashion designer. His white canvas is a great choice and a nice complement to the sparkling white top.

40. Ndebele-inspired Shirt, Apron, and Beaded Headband

Whichever way you rock the Ndebele print fabric, you will always stand out. In the picture above, the duo paired their polo with white trousers. Their headbands also look beautiful and colorful, showing that great energy was invested in creating them.

We love how the headbands match the five-panel aprons around their shoulders. The bridal apron is an essential accessory that is worn by Ndebele brides on their big day. It is colorful and usually looks great for every bride and this gay couple rocked it perfectly.

You can also rock this attire with white canvas shoes or sneakers or leather shoes. These Ndelebe-inspired outfits are simply gorgeous and elegant.

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