100 Domestic And International Airports In South Africa

South Africa is one of the most developed countries, attracting tourists, business people, students and people from all works of life. South Africa has a good number of airports both international and domestic airports situated in different provinces and cities in South AfricaThe airports in South Africa play major roles in the country’s economy and indeed the African economy as a whole. Out of all the airports in South Africa, OR Tambo International Airport (JNB), located in the city of Johannesburg, is the busiest airport of Africa.

Cape Town International Airport in Cape Town and King Shaka International Airport in Durban are other notable airports in South Africa. Listed below are all the Airports in South Africa. In all, there are over 100 Airports in South Africa including military airports and this list covers all these South African Airports. We’ve also included the cities they serve, as we well as coordinates.

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Here is our List of 100+ Airports in South Africa

Airport-Cape-Town - Airports in South Africa
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List of Airports in South Africa

City servedProvinceICAOIATAAirport nameCoordinatesElev. (ft)
Civil airports
AggeneysNorthern CapeAggeneys Airport29°16′54″S 018°48′50″E2,648
Alexander BayNorthern CapeAlexander Bay Airport (Kortdoorn Airport)28°34′24″S 016°32′06″E98
Aliwal NorthEastern CapeFAANAliwal North Airport30°41′00″S 026°44′00″E4,410
AlkantpanNorthern CapeFACOAlkantpan Airport29°54′23″S 022°19′00″E3,591
AlldaysLimpopoFAALADYAlldays Airport22°40′44″S 029°03′19″E2,600
BarbertonMpumalangaFABRBarberton Airport25°43′03″S 030°58′30″E2,250
Beeshoek, TsantsabaneNorthern CapeFATFTommy’s Field28°15′36″S 022°59′35″E4,360
BethlehemFree StateFABMBethlehem Airport28°15′00″S 028°20′00″E5,561
BhishoEastern CapeFABEBIYBhisho Airport32°53′42″S 027°17′06″E1,950
BloemfonteinFree StateFABLBFNBloemfontein Airport29°05′38″S 026°18′14″E4,457
BothavilleFree StateFABOBothaville Airport27°22′00″S 026°38′00″E4,236
BrakpanGautengFABBBrakpan Airport26°14′17″S 028°18′21″E5,300
BritsNorth WestFABSBrits Airfield25°31′56″S 027°46′29″E3,740
BultfonteinFree StateFABUUTEBultfontein Airport28°16′21″S 026°08′08″E
CalviniaNorthern CapeFACVCalvinia Airport31°30′01″S 019°43′33″E3,250
CarnarvonNorthern CapeFACNCarnarvon Airport30°59′15″S 022°07′50″E4,150
CradockEastern CapeFACDCDOCradock Airport32°09′20″S 025°38′45″E3,111
Cape TownWestern CapeFACTCPTCape Town International Airport33°58′05″S 018°36′17″E151
DurbanKwaZulu-NatalFADNDURDurban International Airport
29°57′56″S 030°56′57″E33
DurbanKwaZulu-NatalFALEDURKing Shaka International Airport
29°36′52″S 031°06′59″E295
East LondonEastern CapeFAELELSEast London Airport33°02′06″S 027°49′18″E435
EllisrasLimpopoFAERELLEllisras Airport (Mitimba Airport)23°43′36″S 027°41′18″E2,793
EmpangeniKwaZulu-NatalFAEMEMGEmpangeni Airport28°43′07″S 031°53′34″E238
ErmeloMpumalangaFAEOErmelo Airport26°30′00″S 029°59′00″E5,700
FicksburgFree StateFAFBFCBFicksburg Airport28°49′30″S 027°54′30″E5,315
Fisantekraal / DurbanvilleWestern CapeFAFKFisantekraal Airfield33°46′10″S 018°44′00″E400
Gariep DamFree StateFAHVGariep Dam Airport30°33′44″S 025°31′48″E4,176
GeorgeWestern CapeFAGGGRJGeorge Airport34°00′24″S 022°22′30″E648
GiyaniLimpopoFAGIGIYGiyani Airport23°17′00″S 030°39′00″E1,575
Graaff ReinetEastern CapeFAGRGraaff Reinet Airport32°11′41″S 024°32′28″E2,588
GrahamstownEastern CapeFAGTGrahamstown Airport33°17′00″S 026°30′00″E2,135
GreytownKwaZulu-NatalFAGYGreytown Airport29°07′25″S 030°34′56″E3,531
Harmony, VirginiaFree StateFAHAHarmony Airport28°04′43″S 026°51′40″E4,399
HarrismithFree StateFAHRHRSHarrismith Airport28°14′00″S 029°06′00″E5,585
HazyviewMpumalangaFAHWHZVHazyview Airport25°03′00″S 031°07′55″E
HeidelbergGautengFAHGHeidelberg Airport26°30′30″S 028°23′30″E
HluhluweKwaZulu-NatalFAHLHLWHluhluwe Airport28°00′30″S 032°16′30″E249
HoedspruitLimpopoFAHSHDSHoedspruit Airport (Eastgate Airport)[1]24°21′17″S 031°03′01″E1,738
JohannesburgGautengFAGCGCJGrand Central Airport25°59′13″S 028°08′26″E5,325
JohannesburgGautengFALAHLALanseria International Airport25°56′23″S 027°55′29″E4,517
JohannesburgGautengFAORJNBO.R. Tambo International Airport26°08′01″S 028°14′32″E5,558
JohannesburgGautengFAGMQRARand Airport26°14′31″S 028°09′05″E5,483
KimberleyNorthern CapeFAKMKIMKimberley Airport28°48′06″S 024°45′49″E3,950
KleinzeeNorthern CapeFAKZKLZKleinzee Airport29°40′59″S 017°05′35″E270
KlerksdorpNorth WestFAKDKXEKlerksdorp Airport (P.C. Pelser Airport)26°52′00″S 026°43′00″E4,444
Koiingnaas (Koingnaas)Northern CapeKIGKoiingnaas Airport (Koingnaas Airport)30°11′16″S 017°16′45″E
KomatipoortMpumalangaFAKPKOFKomatipoort Airport25°26′26″S 031°55′49″E
KroonstadFree StateFAKSKroonstad Airport27°39′44″S 027°18′46″E4,700
KrugersdorpGautengFAKRKrugersdorp Airport26°04′54″S 027°43′32″E5,499
KurumanNorthern CapeFAKUKMHJohan Pienaar Airport27°27′35″S 023°24′45″E4,370
LadysmithKwaZulu-NatalFALYLAYLadysmith Airport28°34′48″S 029°45′10″E3,548
LichtenburgNorth WestFALILichtenburg Airport26°10′00″S 026°11′00″E4,875
Lime Acres / Finsch MineNorthern CapeFALCLMRFinsch Mine Airport28°21′30″S 023°26′30″E4,900
Louis Trichardt (was Makhado)LimpopoFALOLCDLouis Trichardt Airport23°03′42″S 029°51′53″E3,025
LusikisikiEastern CapeFALKLUJLusikisiki Airport31°17′00″S 029°31′00″E
Mafikeng / MmabathoNorth WestFAMMMBDMafikeng Airport (Mmabatho Airport)25°48′27″S 025°32′40″E4,181
Majuba Power StationMpumalangaFAMJMajuba Power Station Airport27°04′45″S 029°46′42″E5,600
Mala MalaMpumalangaFAMDAAMMala Mala Airport24°49′03″S 031°32′41″E1,100
MalelaneMpumalangaFAMNLLEMalelane Airport25°28′24″S 031°33′56″E1,153
Marble HallLimpopoFAMIMarble Hall Airport24°59′30″S 029°17′00″E2,980
MargateKwaZulu-NatalFAMGMGHMargate Airport30°51′00″S 030°21′00″E495
MiddelburgMpumalangaFAMBMiddelburg Airport25°41′08″S 029°26′26″E4,886
Mkuze (Mkuzi)KwaZulu-NatalFAMUMZQMkuze Airport (Mkuzi Airport)27°37′33″S 032°02′39″E400
Modimolle (was Nylstroom)LimpopoFANYModimolle Airport (Nylstroom Airport)24°41′08″S 028°25′59″E
Mossel BayWestern CapeFAMOMZYMossel Bay Airport34°09′26″S 022°03′41″E526
Mthatha (was Umtata)Eastern CapeFAUTUTTMthatha Airport (was K.D. Matanzima Airport)31°32′52″S 028°40′27″E2,425
Mtubatuba / DukudukuKwaZulu-NatalFADKDUKMtubatuba Airport28°22′06″S 032°14′53″E210
MusinaLimpopoFAMSMEZMusina Airport (Morningside Farm Airport)22°21′20″S 029°59′00″E1,881
Mzamba / Wild CoastEastern CapeFAMWMZFWild Coast Sun Airport (Mzamba Airport)
Nelspruit (Kruger National Park)MpumalangaFAKNMQPKruger Mpumalanga International Airport25°23′30″S 031°05′57″E2,829
NelspruitMpumalangaFANSNLPNelspruit Airport25°30′08″S 030°54′43″E2,901
NewcastleKwaZulu-NatalFANCNCSNewcastle Airport27°46′22″S 029°58′35″E4,074
NgalaMpumalangaFANGNGLNgala Airfield
OudtshoornWestern CapeFAOHOUHOudtshoorn Airport33°36′00″S 022°11′00″E1063
ParysFree StateFAPYParys Airport26°53′14″S 027°30′19″E4,740
PhalaborwaLimpopoFAPHPHWHendrik Van Eck Airport (Phalaborwa Airport)23°56′10″S 031°09′18″E1,432
PhindaKwaZulu-NatalFADQPZLZulu Inyala Airport27°50′58″S 032°18′35″E
Piet RetiefMpumalangaFAPFPiet Retief Airport27°00′00″S 030°50′36″E4,420
PietermaritzburgKwaZulu-NatalFAPMPZBPietermaritzburg Airport29°38′48″S 030°23′52″E2,423
Pilanesberg / Sun City)North WestFAPNNTYPilanesberg International Airport25°20′08″S 027°10′18″E3,412
Plettenberg BayWestern CapeFAPGPBZPlettenberg Bay Airport34°05′17″S 023°19′43″E465
Polokwane (was Pietersburg)LimpopoFAPPPTGPolokwane International Airport (Pietersburg Int’l)23°50′43″S 029°27′31″E4,076
Polokwane (was Pietersburg)LimpopoFAPIPietersburg Municipal Airport23°55′35″S 029°29′04″E4,354
PongolaKwaZulu-NatalFAPLPongola Airport27°21′42″S 031°36′20″E942
Port AlfredEastern CapeFAPAAFDPort Alfred Airport33°35′00″S 026°53′00″E275
Port ElizabethEastern CapeFAPEPLZPort Elizabeth Airport33°59′24″S 025°36′37″E226
Port St. JohnsEastern CapeFAPJJOHPort St. Johns Airport31°37′00″S 029°31′00″E1,227
PotchefstroomNorth WestFAPSPotchefstroom Airport26°40′05″S 027°05′05″E4,520
PretoriaGautengFAWBPRYWonderboom Airport25°39′13″S 028°13′27″E4,095
PrieskaNorthern CapeFAPKPRKPrieska Airport29°41′01″S 022°46′14″E3104
QueenstownEastern CapeFAQTUTWQueenstown Airport31°55′00″S 026°53′00″E3,637
ReiviloNorth WestFARIRVOReivilo Airport27°32′50″S 024°10′23″E4,691
Richards BayKwaZulu-NatalFARBRCBRichards Bay Airport28°44′25″S 032°05′36″E109
RobertsonWestern CapeFARSRODRobertson Airfield33°49′00″S 019°54′00″E640
RustenburgNorth WestFARGRustenburg Airfield25°39′00″S 027°17′00″E3,700
SecundaMpumalangaFASCZECSecunda Airport26°31′14″S 029°10′20″E5,250
SishenNorthern CapeFASSSISSishen Airport27°39′00″S 023°00′00″E3,848
SkukuzaMpumalangaFASZSZKSkukuza Airport24°58′00″S 031°36′00″E1,020
SpringbokNorthern CapeFASBSBUSpringbok Airport29°41′22″S 017°56′20″E2,690
SpringsGautengFASISprings Airport26°14′54″S 028°23′51″E5,340
SwellendamWestern CapeFASXHendrik Swellengrebel Airport34°03′00″S 020°29′00″E407
Tempe, BloemfonteinFree StateFATPNew Tempe Airport29°01′58″S 026°09′29″E4,526
Thaba NchuFree StateFATNTCUThaba Nchu Airport29°19′03″S 026°49′20″E4,938
ThohoyandouLimpopoFATHTHYP.R. Mphephu Airport23°04′37″S 030°23′00″E2,018
Tutuka Power StationMpumalangaFATTTutuka Power Station Airport26°46′29″S 029°20′16″E5,313
TzaneenLimpopoFATZLTATzaneen Airport23°49′48″S 030°19′00″E1,914
UlundiKwaZulu-NatalFAULULDUlundi Airport (Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi Airport)28°19′10″S 031°25′01″E1,720
UpingtonNorthern CapeFAUPUTNUpington Airport28°24′04″S 021°15′36″E2,791
Venetia MineLimpopoFAVMVenetia Mine Airport22°26′53″S 029°20′15″E2,333
VereenigingGautengFAVVVereeniging Airport26°34′12″S 027°57′36″E4,846
Victoria WestNorthern CapeFAVWVictoria West Airport31°24′00″S 023°09′00″E4,120
Virginia, DurbanKwaZulu-NatalFAVGVIRVirginia Airport29°46′14″S 031°03′30″E20
Vredenburg / Saldanha BayWestern CapeFASDVredenburg Airport32°57′48″S 017°58′12″E50
VredendalWestern CapeFAVRVREVredendal Airport31°38′35″S 018°32′22″E330
VryburgNorth WestFAVBVRUVryburg Airport26°58′00″S 024°44′00″E3,920
VryheidKwaZulu-NatalFAVYVYDVryheid Airport27°47′00″S 030°48′00″E3,800
WelkomFree StateFAWMWELWelkom Airport27°59′52″S 026°40′10″E4,399
WitbankMpumalangaFAWIWitbank Airport25°49′56″S 029°11′31″E5,078
ZeerustNorth WestFAZRZeerust Airport25°35′56″S 026°02′32″E4,258
Military airports
BloemfonteinFree StateFABLBFNAFB Bloemspruit[2] / Bloemfontein Airport29°05′38″S 026°18′14″E4,457
Cape TownWestern CapeFAYPAFB Ysterplaat[3]33°54′04″S 018°29′00″E49
DurbanKwaZulu-NatalFADNAFB Durban[4] / Durban International Airport29°57′56″S 030°56′57″E33
HoedspruitLimpopoFAHSHDSAFB Hoedspruit[5] / Hoedspruit Airport24°21′17″S 031°03′01″E1,738
Langebaanweg / Saldanha BayWestern CapeFALWSDBAFB Langebaanweg[6]32°58′08″S 018°09′55″E108
Louis Trichardt (was Makhado)LimpopoFALMAFB Makhado[7] (was AFB Louis Trichardt)23°09′35″S 029°41′47″E3,069
OverbergWestern CapeFAOBAFB Overberg[8]34°33′17″S 020°15′02″E52
Polokwane (was Pietersburg)LimpopoFAPBAFB Pietersburg[9] (disbanded)23°50′43″S 029°27′31″E4,076
Port ElizabethEastern CapeFAPEPLZAFS Port Elizabeth[10] / Port Elizabeth Airport33°59′24″S 025°36′37″E226
PretoriaGautengFAWKAFB Waterkloof[11]25°49′40″S 028°13′15″E4,940
PretoriaGautengFASKAFB Swartkop[12] (Zwartkop)25°48′35″S 028°09′53″E4,780
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