‘Zuma Wives’ Cars Could Have Funded 116 Students’ – Shadow Minister Of Police


Zakhele Mbhele, the Shadow Minister of Police said the money spent on Zuma’s wives cars could’ve have been used to fund 166 university students.

This follows the revelation that the police department bought ten new cars worth a total of about R9m for President Jacob Zuma’s wives from the budget meant for the department.

Police Minister Nkosinathi Nhleko was replying a parliamentary question by DA MP Zakhele Mbhele, when he divulged that part of the budget mapped out for the police department between 2013 and 2016 were used to purchase new cars for Mr President’s wives.

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Although Nhleko argued that the purchases were necessary to provide adequate protection for the President’s wives, the Shadow Minister of Police believes the money could’ve been used better instead of being spent on Zuma’s wives cars

Mbhele issued a statement which said:

“R8.6 million was spent on Zuma’s wives’ cars in the last five financial years, according to a parliamentary reply received today. These cars include such high-end luxury makes as Range Rovers, Land Rover Discoveries and Audi Q7s.

This amount of money could have funded 116 university students for a year, or 38 students for the course of a three-year degree. This amount could have been used to hire an additional 61 police officers for a year. This amount could have been used to provide jobs to 1 315 EPWP workers.

Yet the President decided to rather spend this gigantic amount on lavish VIP vehicles for his wives. South Africa’s economy is in a dire state. The economy is bleeding jobs, while President Zuma continues to bleed South Africans dry.”

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Mbhele thereafter, called on South Africans to vote for a DA government “which would put their needs over those of a self-indulgent crony elite.”

South Africans do not need to be bled dry, he said. “On 3 August, they have an opportunity to put an end to the flagrant misuse of state funds, and vote for a DA government.”

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