Zuma’s Removal: 18th April Is The Day, More Threats For Anti-Zumas


BuzzSouthAfrica has confirmed that 18th April is the day to debate Zuma’s removal in Parliament. And, the pro-Zumas have issued more threats of violence for those agitating against Daddy Zuma.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, schedule a debate on Zuma’s removal on 18 April. The schedule follows the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Motion of No Confidence in the President.

Already, DA has expressed that it’s pleased the Speaker acceded to the request to reconvene the House urgently to debate the motion.

“This is something which the DA and many other parties and organisations have been calling for. The time has now come for our Parliament to stand up for our hard-won democracy and Constitution and put South Africa first again,” stated DA.

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Urging MPs from all parties to support the motion DA added thus:

“Each and every one of us have sworn an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. We are now called on to do so because Jacob Zuma is recklessly undermining what so many struggled for.

We must stand together and send a loud and clear message on 18 April that South Africa will not allow itself to be abused by a man determined to put himself, and his friends, first.

It is time to put South Africa first again. Our people deserve nothing less.”

Yesterday, the DA laid criminal charges against the ANC and its members who threatened to harm the anti-Zuma protesters. That was after ANC Youth League’s Sifiso Mtsweni said:

“The President of the African National Congress and the country will serve the remainder of his term as President of the ANC, and President of South Africa

“We want to say to Mmusi Maimane, and his DA friends, we are waiting for you, on Friday, you will find the ANC youth league with sjamboks, and all weapons available at our disposal.”

But, the DA criminal charges wouldn’t scare ANCYL away, the league’s Limpopo branch has promised to “take care” of those that would be marching against the President on Friday.

“We are warning those that will be marching for the removal of the president of the ANC that they will not leave Luthuli House in good condition. (We will) take care of them and teach them proper and correct politics of the congress movement,” stated the Youth League.

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Meanwhile, ANC expressed that it is concerned at reports of sporadic violence and intimidation in the run-up to the planned Friday protests.

“Such actions have no place in democratic South Africa and threaten to turn the country back to a time where civic activism by citizens was stifled in the name of ‘preserving law and order’.

“In the same vein, the ANC distances itself from and has not organised any marches to its Headquarters, Chief Albert Luthuli House, whether in protest or in defence of the African National Congress.

“We condemn in the harshest possible terms reports of people seeking to take up arms in the name of the ANC. Such behaviour has no place in a democratic society,” stated the ruling party.

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