Zuma’s R1.3 Billion Jet: DA Reveals Further Details


South Africa’s official opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has made further revelations about Daddy Zuma’s R1.3 billion jet.

The opposition party said it came to their attention that the estimated expenditure increase in the Department of Defence’s budget for 2017/18 is R1.38 billion.

And, that the amount is almost, exactly the same price as the new presidential jet the Department is procuring.

Also, DA exposed that the estimated expenditure on the Special Defence Account (SDA) – an account used for the procurement of weapons, equipment and to cover the costs of covert operations – is expected to increase by R1.53 billion.

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Adding that the Department wants to cut about 11,581 jobs by 2019/20 to ensure decreased spending on the compensation of employees, Maimane’s party indicated that it will submit further parliamentary questions to Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Ngqakula so as to find out the reason(s) behind the increase on SDA expenditure.

“The possible increase in spending on a new presidential jet comes at a time when South Africa’s defence capabilities are severely hampered by a lack of funding and under-staffing.

“It is apparently more important to the ANC government to ensure that the President travels in luxury than ensure the safety and security of the country’s citizens,” DA asserted.

Thereafter, the party disclosed that it has been “reliably informed” that the presidential jet – Inkwazi – is fully operational and has conducted not fewer than eight flights since the beginning of February this year.

“This is yet more proof that the ANC’s supposed ‘radical economic transformation’ is not based on providing opportunities for the millions of South Africans that cannot find employment, but rather on ensuring that an elite few benefits from the tax-payers’ money.

“If this deal is approved, money that could have been spent on improving the standard of education and skills that young people need to access opportunity will be wasted once again on a President who puts his needs above the people’s,” added DA.

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Above all, DA expressed that it is vehemently opposed to spending billions on a luxury jet while many South Africans are jobless, poor and with no quality education.

“The billions for the new luxury jet should be spent on providing our people with the skills they need to find employment. Improving the lives of South Africans should be the priority not one mans’ unjustifiable need for luxury,” DA emphasized.