I’m Fleeing SA, Zuma’s Legal Fees Cost The Public Huge Millions Of Rands


Presidency has spent more than R43 million on Zuma’s legal fees since he became President.

This is according to the Presidency Budget, which showed that aside the use of funds from alternative budgets, the Presidency spent more than R43 million on legal fees since Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma came to office.

Revealing this, DA said the President must stop his “foot-dragging – which has cost the public millions of rands -” and embrace the 783 charges of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money laundering in a Court of Law.

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“Stop wasting other people’s money to avoid answering for the very serious charges of corruption against you. It is now time that you accept the judgment and explain yourself before a court of this country.

These valuable resources should rather be directed to where they are needed most, like in Zandspruit, Johannesburg – which still has no electricity and sanitation,” DA told Mr President.

Adding to that, the party’s leader stated: “I therefore urge the President not to appeal what was a unanimous judgement by a full bench of the North Gauteng High Court.

Taking this fight all the way to the Supreme Court of Appeal, and Constitutional Court if need be, will only continue to delay him having to answer for these charges, and in doing so, waste money that should be spent on delivering better services and creating jobs.”

As presented, a break down of Zuma’s legal fees since he became President is as presented below.

Financial Year Amount Spent in Millions
2009/2010 11.6
2010/2011 6.3
2011/2012 6.3
2012/2013 4.4
2013/2014 5.9
2014/2015 6.8
2015/2016 1.7
Total 2009-2016 43.0

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With the above, the opposition party further related that a reply to a DA parliamentary question in 2013, revealed that the President spent R1,262,479.70 on a court case.

“While we do not yet have an updated figure at this stage, it is apparent that millions of rands of the people’s money are being used to keep the President from having his day in court,” Maimane wailed.

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