Did You Know SA Taxpayers Lavished R10 Million On Zuma’s Legal Fees? 


The Democratic Alliance (DA) party carried out a research which showed that SA taxpayers lavished almost R10 million on Zuma’s legal fees.

The opposition party issued a ‘Zuma Corruption Charges’ statement wherein it asserted that Mr president has spent R10 million of taxpayer money evading justice.

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Based on the DA’s research, the party asserted that “South African taxpayers have footed the bill for almost R10 million in legal fees for President Jacob Zuma’s legal fees and the exorbitant legal counsel.

Our research reveals that since 2009 President Zuma has spent an inordinate amount of taxpayers’ money on keeping himself from facing justice. This is despite (the lack of) basic services for the millions of South Africans who so deserve them,” wailed DA.

DA specified that President Zuma spent the money as shown below.

Nov 2013 – Present Advocate’s fees R4 795 000,00
Attorney’s fees R400 000,00
Correspondent fees etc. R 300 000,00
Admin fees R4 000,00
Cost orders R1 200 000,00
Start – Nov 2013 Written Reply R2 337 569,53
R9 036 569,53

ANC Preoccupied With Protecting Zuma

With the, above facts, DA argued that “it is easy for the State to pursue litigation using other peoples’ money.

This is the hallmark of frivolous expenditure for one man…(it) is indicative of how much the ANC State has become preoccupied with protecting President Zuma and that alone.

It is our contention that the Ministers and Directors-General be held liable and be made to pay personally for these exercises in wasting valuable financial resources,” added the party.

DA recalled that reports released earlier this year revealed “that government departments enter into and proceed with costly litigation despite senior legal advice that these cases are without any legal merit…”

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This sort of frivolous litigation is something that we have seen play out in our courts time and time again, DA lamented.