Zuma’s Birthday Wish Is Not To Remain President


Our President is definitely, a troubled man. Like never, his prestigious status as the leader of the nation is hugely threatened. From Guptas to Nkandla, the calls for the President to step down is strengthened each day. But Zuma is a man with a large heart. He wouldn’t waste his birthday wish on him alone, and wish away all his troubles. Zuma’s birthday wish is not to remain president.

The President is grateful for the gift of life. 74 years is a long time to live. I mean, that’s way above the average life expectancy in South Africa. So, Zuma ought to be really grateful, and he is. He said: “I am grateful for the gift of life and to celebrate this special day in my life.”

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Undoubtedly, the President would be more grateful if he’s celebrating his special day without being troubled all around. It wouldn’t have been abnormal if he wished to be left alone to remain President, and for those calling for his resignation to be rendered effectively mute.

But Mr President will always put the nation first. As such, he wished for the benefit of South Africa and all South Africans. Zuma’s birthday wish is the advancement of South Africa.

Our beloved leader specifically stated that his “birthday wish is to see South Africa increasingly becoming a better place for all.”

So sweet huh? That’s not all. Honorable President Jacob Zuma further related that his birthday wish is for the nation to unite together and fatten the economy, destroy joblessness, eliminate poverty and kill inequality. He said;

“I wish for our country to continue working together to address our common challenges, particularly in this difficult economic climate of joblessness; rising fuel and food prices and high levels of poverty and inequality.

It is only through our unity as South Africans that we will be able to overcome the current challenges and build a prosperous South Africa.”

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