ANC Disappoints SA Yet Again As Zuma Wins Battle To Resign


Who would believe with all the power tussle between Zuma and the top ANC members, over the controversial cabinet reshuffle, the ANC will watch as Zuma wins the battle to resign yet again.

Before now, Zuma’s decision to have his detractors replaced in the controversial cabinet reshuffled fetched him growing criticism and moves from top members of the ruling Party as they emerged in their numbers to declare their support against his moves.

We could recall the likes of ANC’s Secretary General Gwede Mantashe coming out to say that himself and the rest of the party faithfuls are not happy with the cabinet reshuffle.

Mantashe was reported as saying that the ANC has never supported the move against Gordhan or the reshuffling that has rocked South Africa’s markets and currency.

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He added to it by saying that in his own view he is uncomfortable with Zuma’s idea because areas where ministers do not perform, have not been touched and Ministers have been moved and the majority of them were good performing ministers. ” I’m very much uncomfortable with it,” Mantashe said to the media.

His comments were followed by that of the deputy finance minister Cyril Ramaphosa who reportedly called for South Africans to unite and put up a fight against ‘greedy’ and ‘corrupt’ people in the country, referring to the President, Jacob Zuma.

Commenting for the first time since Zuma removed Gordhan and Jonas, Ramaphosa described Zuma’s decision as “totally, totally unacceptable”. He appealed to South Africa to remain hopeful and brave up for upcoming events in the country and also support the efforts that are going to be made by those who want to make sure the country lives up to the values of leaders who fought for the country’s freedom.

These two were among the great number of ANC top six who publicly spoke against Zuma, giving South Africans hope to fight and ensure Zuma is finally out.

But, in a latest emerging comment from the party’s secretary, President Jacob Zuma won the battle to resign yet again. What a way to dash people’s hopes.

Speaking after the ANC’s national working committee (NWC) held a meeting over several calls for Zuma to step down, Mantashe told news media that the party has accepted Zuma’s reasons for firing Gordhan and Jonas.

According to him, Zuma explained that it was following the “irretrievable breakdown” in the relationship between the treasury and the state government.

“Against this background and following in-depth discussions by national officials, they acknowledge the Cabinet reshuffle. While the president is not obliged to make public the reasons of the removal of ministers from Cabinet, officials reported to the NWC, particularly on the removal of Pravin Gordhan as minister of finance,” says Mantashe, confirming that embattled Zuma wins battle to resign.

A breakdown in the relationship between Zuma and Gordhan, who had feuded over the affordability of building nuclear power plants and the management of state-owned companies, led to the cabinet reshuffle, Mantashe said.

This singular decision taken by the top ANC officials stands a great threat to achieving the Zuma must fall move at the parliament looking at the very fact that the ruling party still has the upper hand at the house.

BuzzSouthAfrica reported that about six opposition parties have so far united to fight for the president’s removal at the parliament saying South Africa and Zuma cannot co-exist, one must leave.

The latest news saying Zuma won the battle to resign could in a way, weaken the nationwide shutdown moves planned for Friday.

Ralph Mathekga, a political analyst at the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, a Johannesburg-based research group, said by phone on Wednesday that Zuma would not carry out a controversial cabinet reshuffle such as this one without lining up his support within the party to push back against the backlash. “Even if you have those members speaking openly against him, the balance is such that he’s still quite firm within the party.”

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As Zuma is apparently scheduled to step down as party leader in December and as the nation’s president in 2019, many ANC officials may believe it’s not yet time to have him removed, said Daryl Glaser, a political science professor at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

“The ANC is not going to go into the next election under Zuma, and I guess there will be some in the ANC who think that if they can just sit it out until the elective conference or until the next election in 2019, then the ANC can hold on electorally under new leadership,” he said.

With the NWC- ANC’s second most important decision-making body- folding its arms to watch as Zuma wins the battle to resign, organizations are still determined to move on with the protest match against the president believing it will yield fruits.

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