Forget Zuma, This Splinter Group Insist That South Africa Must Fall


South Africa Must Fall: The urge for protests and marches intensified sequel to Zuma’s sudden Cabinet reshuffle which had a lot of people taking to the streets to kick against his administration.

Notwithstanding, there’s a new group in town made up of 50 members who are neither interested in the anti-Zuma protests nor the ZumaMustFall marches. In fact, this splinter group is not interested in Jacob Zuma in any way. Instead, they want South Africa itself to fall.

Controversial pastor Xola Skosana who claims that Jesus had HIV led the group of 50 protesters. Laden with a large-sized wooden cross, they walked 11.5km from Gugulethu to Khayelitsha in Cape Town on Saturday to highlight townships’ existence as “breeding grounds for black pain”.

According to the belief of the South Africa Must Fall protesters, “the colonial construct” which is South Africa must come to an end. They are against everything the nation stands for including; the flag‚ the anthem‚ the constitution‚ the electoral system and of course, parliament.

The dedicated marchers said they were “breaking ranks” and were not interested in the issue of whether Zuma must fall or not. For them, the real issue was for South Africa to fall. This is because the land issue was central‚ and any talk of development wouldn’t go far.

Speaking on the matter, one of the protesters‚ Andreas Banetsi Mphunga said; “It is part of white psychology that says, ‘if we put people together in one place, all hell will break loose.’ Even social housing is built in those same areas‚ far away from all resources.”

In addition, he pointed out that Hendrik Verwoerd was a psychology professor who had used his expertise to suppress black South Africans.

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Thus, he called on South Africans to seek answers from their belief systems instead of white psychology.

This other protester lamented over the ignorance that that has bedeviled black people for many years, saying that during apartheid‚ those in the liberation struggle knew who the enemy was. “But now‚ the enemy is assimilated and it is harder to know who is who when we are oppressed by the black bourgeoisie.”

Besides, another warned of Asian imperialism which he said is worst that white imperialism. Apparently, he was referring to Chinese interests in South Africa.

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