New Book On Zuma Poisoning: First Lady MaNtuli Breaks Silence


Zuma Poisoning – First Lady Nompumelelo MaNtuli Zuma has described the book – Kill Zuma By Any Means Necessary – by ex-convict-turned businessman and author Gayton McKenzie as ‘rubbish’.

Reacting through her lawyer, Ulrich Roux, the first lady said she will not take the claims to heart because he lacks credibility.

“The book is rubbish. I will not even bother to read it because McKenzie lacks credibility. This is just nonsense,” Roux said.

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In Kill Zuma By Any Means Necessary, the author McKenzie detailed how MaNtuli, Zuma’s fourth wife, tried without success to kill the president by poisoning him.

The book alleged that MaNtuli was approached by a man named Bill Harvey who promised that they would receive R10-million if Zuma was murdered. So, in 2014, MaNtuli allegedly poisoned Zuma’s cornbread and when South African hospitals did not detect the poison in his body, he was sent to Russia’s  Central Clinical Hospital for tests and treatment.

McKenzie, who revealed that the name of the poison used is ricin, claimed that MaNtuli’s role in the poisoning attempt was the reason she was evicted from the president’s ancestral home in Nkandla.

Sometime in August, we reported that MaNtuli has been rooting for the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to “charge her” or stop accusing her of poisoning Zuma in June 2014.

She made the call a few days after the president told his supporters in Phongolo, north of KwaZulu-Natal that he had been poisoned three times for demanding Radical Economic Transformation (RET) for black South Africans.

Though Zuma did not mention names or go into details, it was clear he was referring to MaNtuli’s saga.

“I was poisoned by witches who were trying to finish me off in broad daylight. If I didn’t have friends overseas, today you would be saying there was a man from Nkandla but he died,” he said at the time.

National Prosecuting Authority had identified MaNtuli as a chief suspect in the incident after investigations despite the first lady insisting that she was not involved in the scandal.

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Prior to the incident, the first lady was said to be unhappy for being sidelined for allegedly having an affair a few years ago.

Recently, it was reported the NPA has assigned Advocate Torie Pretorius to the case.