Treasury Reveals Zuma’s Nkandla Bill, Do You Think The Figures Are Justified?


As all eyes focus on the Treasury to reveal the amount President Jacob Zuma is expected to pay back for the upgrades at his private home, BuzzSouthAfrica has gathered that the Treasury has finally informed the Constitutional Court that it has fixed Zuma’s Nkandla bill at just over R7.8 million.

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The decision was made after two independent quantity surveying firms were allegedly contracted to conduct two separate investigations on the property, after which the Treasury reviewed the results and came to a conclusion on the Nkandla bill.

According to the finance ministry, out of the five facilities that were under review, a reasonable percentage of the estimated costs that the president would have to pay personally comes to nearly 88 percent of their total cost. And judging by 2009 prices, the amount corresponds to a final figure of R7,814,105.

The figure was released by the National Treasury a day earlier than the 28 June deadline set in the Constitutional Court ruling in March this year.

The highest court in the country decided that Treasury would be given 60 court days to determine the amount that Zuma should pay back for the upgrades done to his private homestead.

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During the ruling, the Constitutional Court found that President Zuma failed to uphold, defend and respect the Constitution as the supreme law of the land in the way he handled the Nkandla fiasco.

There were speculations that President Jacob Zuma may only pay back a million rand of the R246- million of taxpayers’ money spent on his Nkandla home. The ‘probable’ Nkandla bill was arrived at following a legal opinion and comments from lawyers representing his adversaries

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