Zuma Meets With Black Professionals Because The Color Of Money In SA Is White


In case, some one asked you the color of money in South Africa, you now know the answer. Based on a BDlive report, the International Relations and Co-operation Minister, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane informed South Africans that the color of money in the country is still white and will have to change as real transformation is needed.

That’s probably why Mr president met with black Professionals asking them to join the government and other sectors of the society in implementing the National Development Plan (NDP), which serves as the blueprint for South Africa’s socio-economic development.

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The Minister was giving a lecture as part of the Black Management Forum’s (BMF’s) 40th anniversary celebration on the topic – “Transformation Requires a Patriotic Leadership” when she stated that “the color of money in this country is still white.

“It is a fact…South Africa had a special type of apartheid that said Africans actually do not belong in South Africa…The real transformation needs to start, it hasn’t taken root,” she remarked.

The representatives of the black professionals who met with the president expressed similar sentiment when they highlighted that “economic empowerment should not only benefit a few who are also marginal shareholders in white controlled companies.”

According to them, “black economic empowerment should entail meaningful participation of black people as owners of enterprises and companies, as chief executives and operational managers, shareholders with controlling stakes in companies, and of course as employees.”

The President related that the meeting with the black professionals, “has created a very necessary platform….We appreciate the link that has been made with government,” he said.

Zuma further stated that “the interaction is crucial and necessary. We have made a good start,there is a proposal to have a smaller team following on issues. We have taken a principled decision to form that smaller grouping,” he revealed.

And as well disclosed thus; “We need the delegations of professional organisations represented here to meet and delegate those who will form this grouping; government will do the same and the group will take the matters forward, report on the bigger group, make recommendations so that we take all the matters raised here forward.”

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