‘Zuma Is A ‘Caring And Wonderful’ President’ – Minister Zulu


It is no news that the parliament elected President Zuma again. Now, regarding DA’s call for a vote of no confidence in the president,  if a majority of parliament members support DA’s no-confidence motion, the president is automatically obliged to resign, along with his cabinet. This fact underscores the reason behind DA’s persistent calls for South Africans to support the motion and eliminate the president.

However, the Democratic Alliance’s insistence on having a vote of no confidence hit the rock again in less than a year, as the motion was defeated by 225 votes to 99. DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s lively argument was enveloped by Minister of Small Business Development Lindiwe Zulu’s counter-argument.

Zulu seized the opportunity to pour extravagant praises on President Zuma whom she said has so far carried everyone along and led a caring government. Zulu didn’t mince words when she said President Zuma is a ‘caring president’ because he had bettered the lives of poor South Africans.

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She maintained that the ruling party have got the backs of the electorates and will continue to enjoy the confidence of the masses. Zulu enumerated President Zuma’s landmark achievements, starting from the provision of electricity, water, housing, good roads and sanitation.

Zulu further eulogized the Zuma’s led-administration in her argument saying, “this government has produced a sound Budget. South Africa has a good government, led by a good president.” She boasted that “the ANC will always protect its members, including its president”.

DA’s leader had argued that the country had experienced severe hardship under Zuma’s administration for 22 years because “Social grants won’t keep up with food-price inflation, and unemployment looks sure to keep rising”. Also, that he had caused remarkable pains and anguish to South Africans. He accused the president of selling the country out.

Maimane said the president’s bid for political power “was never about a more prosperous South Africa but rather a more prosperous Jacob Zuma”.

“To deny your citizens their promised freedom so that you can carry on living a life of unimaginable luxury is surely the greatest act of treachery.”

“To unstitch our democratic constitution, thread by thread, so that you and your friends can loot at will is surely the ultimate betrayal.”


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Maimane argued that “Every one of the 8.2 million unemployed citizens in our country feels a sense of betrayal”.

Economic Freedom Fighter’s early withdrawal from the motion might have probably necessitated the African People’s Convention (APC) to stay away from supporting DA’s motion. The EFF pulled out because they had wanted the motion to come up after Zuma’s case in the Constitutional court.

On the other hand, the APC threw its weight behind the ruling party. That notwithstanding, other political leaders of opposition parties made remarkable speeches while debate on the motion lasted. The DA maintained that Zuma’s “irrational, irresponsible and reckless leadership has done immeasurable damage to the economy”.