Zuma Goes To School To Bag BCom Degree – A Prank?


BuzzSouthAfrica has authenticated that the circulating reports about honorable President Zuma studying to earn a Bcom degree at one College of Uttar Pradesh, cannot be substantiated.

It is probably, the April Fools’ Day prank usually characterized with spreading hoaxes.

Following reports like that of Times Live which related that the President got enrolled at a correspondence university in India, and is expected to graduate by the end of this year, BuzzSouthAfrica contacted some high-ranking ANC members close to the President to authenticate the story.

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Speaking, one of the source stated that he’s not aware of any of such arrangement when he was asked if it was the ANC that mandated the President to get educated.

He however added that he wouldn’t be surprise if Zuma have been studying and is about to graduate. “The President is a very private man at times, he likes learning about things and knowing how they work… he, Zuma is very intelligent. You may never know that if you don’t know him.” The source added as he pleaded not to be named.

Another insider commented that it is not in his place to share what the President doesn’t want to make public. According to this insider, the president understands that a leader must always learn, and has been learning a lot.

Meanwhile the circulating reports have it that the College of Uttar Pradesh rector‚ Professor Rapil Koje-Gupta‚ confirmed that Mr Zuma registered with the institution.

“We can confirm that Mr Zuma has registered with us…As president of South Africa‚ he effectively earns several credits in first- and second-year subjects including economics‚ accounting‚ corporate governance and pubic administration. That means he is entitled to go straight into final year. His two majors are Micro-Economics and Ethical Leadership.”

The institution reportedly stated in an email.

Nonetheless, BuzzSouthAfrica is on a process to better authenticate this story and will update it as soon as the information is available.

But most likely, it’s a hoax. Today is 1st April.

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