Zuma Is Extremely Powerful – Julius Malema


Do you know that the thought that Malema, together with other collaborators dislodged former President Thabo Mbeki and brought now ANC president cum SA president Jacob Zuma to power has stopped haunting him for long? – well, the reason is because he had openly apologized for the ‘mistake’.

So, having cleared his conscience, the coast became very clear for Malema to fire political arrows and darts at South Africa’s sitting president. Of course, his criticism has never gone low, rather it got intensified immediately Zuma received Nkandla’s damning judgement.

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader has once again launched an attack on President Zuma. Malema, who appeared to have belittled his prowess in the political ring asserted that President Jacob Zuma can easily lead the African National Congress (ANC) for a third term if he so wishes because he is extremely powerful’.

But, at the drop of a hat, he drove home his assertions, alleging that Zuma is only ‘powerful’ in the ANC, because he has enfeebled party stooges by making them docile.

Zuma May Emerge ANC President If He Wants

“Zuma is extremely powerful. At least in the ANC. Zuma, if wants to be the president of the ANC, he will be the president of the ANC for the third time and no one will stop him because they are all scared of him. He has built this power,” said Malema.

The opposition party leader disclosed that his assertions are not mere criticism because in the ANC, before the commencement of the party’s conference, songs are usually composed for an incoming president but till now, nothing has been done- which means Zuma has suppressed the party’s debate for a successor and would likely show up for third term.

“A year before the ANC conference there are new songs, songs, I want to give you a simple example, about the incoming president. That’s preparing for succession. There is no song today about the possible president because that debate is suppressed,” said EFF leader.

He accused President Zuma of suffocating debates on his successor, Gupta, state capture because he doesn’t want to be destooled.

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“Why is Zuma so in love with the Presidency? It’s not because he’s got something to offer to South Africa, he’s scared to go to prison. And he knows, the only way of not going to prison is when you are in charge of Presidency and then you can control the NPA,” Malema queried.

The EFF has cut the mustard as a political party ahead of the forthcoming elections, daring other political parties and promising to achieve a laudable and resounding victory in most provinces.

There is news on the grapevine that Zuma has his sight set on a third term as ANC president. However, if the reports are anything to go by, Zuma would be first to seek a third term tenure since the inception of the party.

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