If Not Zuma Who Then Owns The Whopping R80‚000 Restaurant Bill?


The presidency has refuted claims that the R80‚359 restaurant bill allegedly squandered in one night at Signature restaurant belongs to President Jacob Zuma and his wives.

The copy of the restaurant bill which has gone viral on social media was rumored to be President Zuma’s but report from the office of the president says such claims are untrue and that it belonged to a wealthy patron whose name was not mentioned.

The receipt‚ which can easily contend for the title of the most expensive eatery bill to surface online‚ says a table of ten spent R73‚053.50 mostly on booze – and finished it off with a tip of R7‚305.50 on May 12.

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The restaurant’s general manager who chose not to be named confirmed the legitimacy of the receipt‚ but denied the allegation that the president and his family visited the restaurant talk more of eating for such a whopping sum.

“Sadly, we can’t say who these people really are,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Zuma’s spokesman Bongani Ngqulunga maintained that the restaurant bill receipt was not for the president as the president was out of the country as at the date of the receipt.

“I have seen the receipt. It does not belong to the president as he was not in the country on the day. He was in Uganda at the inauguration of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Kampala. We don’t know who did this,” he said.

Signature restaurant‚ which is owned by professional civil engineer and business mogul, Desmond Mabuza‚ is usually known for hosting high- class customers including politicians‚ businessmen and celebrities.

The bill has on it foods like four Langoustines with the price tag of  R3‚200‚ lamb shank for R255 and salmon confit for R295 and R65‚198.50 spent at the bar.

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Among the drinks consumed on the list are bottles of water for the table which cost R495, two bottles of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose‚ a snip at R4‚600, six bottles of Veuve Clicquot NV Champagne for R8‚700‚ two bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal Brut for R17‚000 and above all, 30 doubles of 26-year-old Glenfiddich whiskey for R29‚700.

Despite the report by the presidency which tries to wade off claims about Zuma’s wasteful spending, South Africans are still interested in knowing the citizen who could splurge such amount of money at a time when the country is in dire need of funds.