Zuma Begs For Respect In Parliament


Our dearest President, Jacob Zuma was speaking in response to the two days debate on his State of the Nation Address in Parliament when he started begging for respect.

Honorable Zuma pleaded with the political parties to treat, act and talk to each other with respect, pointing out that it not ideal for the parties to be ordered to leave the house because of their disruptive attitudes.

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“We know the rules, laws. If the Presiding Officer and all agree, (you) can’t speak when not recognised by the Presiding Officer, and you continue disrespecting the Presiding Officer. If you do so, it is an indirect undermining of honorable members,” he begs.

I think we should change, we are not doing any good for our voters. We have to think about the people who sent us here, what do they learn from us,” Zuma asked.

I believe when we say ‘honourable members’ we mean it. We can’t call ourselves honorable but behave dishonorably . It is not helping image of country,” he added.

With that, Mr. president called on South Africans to intensify the fight against racism. “We must heal the scars of apartheid and build a united nation,” he said.

“Racism is an enemy of humanity. If there is anything that this country must agree on, it is the fight against racism…I think if all of us from all sectors, all nationalities…come out to make our feelings, our voices heard and felt in the country, we would we doing very good for our country, we would be dealing a devastating blow to racism. We should also stand up,” the president inspired.

Also, he highlighted that the nation’s, “together with many other economies in the world, face a challenging economic reality. Eight years since the financial crisis, the global economy continues to show signs of strain,” he asserted.

But then, promised that he’s “still focus on correcting domestic circumstances that have affected confidence and the economy.”

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