Zimbabwean Government Hands Lands Back To White Farmers To Help Redevelop The Nation’s Economy


The Zimbabwean government is in a move to mend the broken economy of the country, and based on emerging reports, have started issuing lands to white commercial farmers. The land and Rural Resettlement Minister of the country, Dr Douglas Mombeshora as captured in The Herald, disclosed that the government has commenced issuing leases to white farmers who were recommended to remain on their properties all over Zimbabwe.

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According to the Minister, the white farmers are getting the lease based on a recommendation by their various provinces to remain on their land being that their activities therein are considered to be of uncommon economic benefits.

“We have in fact already started issuing leases to white farmers after receiving recommendations that they must remain on their properties from their respective provinces. I cannot tell the number of leases we have given out or that we are going to give but all I can say is we are giving white farmers leases,” Dr Mombeshora stated.

Arguing that the government is not giving white farmers special treatment by giving them leases whereas the indigenous black farmers are getting offer letters, Dr Mombeshora emphasized that the indigenous black farmers who benefited under the land reform policy will also get leases after they must have proved their ability to work on the land, and added that the duration of the leases issued to the white farmers are varied and dependent on the nature of their farming operations.

“Indigenous black farmers will also get leases but that will happen after about three years. During this time, we will be monitoring things such as production levels and also whether they would have taken up their properties because most of them are still fairly new in farming,” he said.

The land and Rural Resettlement Minister explained that the country is giving the white farmers leases right away because their capabilities are authenticated. “We already know their production history on the properties they were recommended to stay. The white farmers who are getting leases have been on their properties for too long that everyone knows their capabilities.”

It was as well disclosed that provincial land committees all over the country with their political leader are the determiners of the white farmers that are to remain in their properties.

Meanwhile BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the provinces of the country recommended that many white farmers be allowed to remain in their properties so as to help revive agricultural production in the country which will in turn help to enhance the economic conditions of the country.

Land reform in Zimbabwe can be traced back to 1980 when the Lancaster House Agreement was signed in order to enable a more equitably distribute land between black subsistence farmers and white Zimbabweans of European ancestry, who were enjoying superior political and economic status.

But over the years, the land reform literally became the seizure of land from white farmers, and is widely regarded as the major factor that contributed to Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown.

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