Zimbabwe Reacts To Nigerian Media’s Harassment Of President Mugabe


To say that president Mugabe had a nasty time during his very short visit to Nigeria would be the understatement of the year. The 91-year-old experienced things he would not forget in a hurry the next time he decides to visit Nigeria. So, all heads of states in Africa were invited to the inauguration of Nigeria’s newly elected president Muhammadu Buhari and it looked like a lot of them were quite happy to attend the program and witness the transition of Nigerian democracy into the change they have been clamoring for. For president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe however, his visit to Nigeria turned sour after he was harassed by a group of reporters who had made up their minds not to quit until the silent Mugabe was properly worn out.

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This group of reporters rounded on him when he arrive the venue of the inauguration ceremony and confronted him about democracy in his country, asking him when there will be change in Zimbabwe like there is in Nigeria and when he was planning on relinquishing power and giving his tired self some rest.

What made the attitude of the reporters even more hilarious to the audience was the fact that as much as his entourage and aides tried to keep the reporters at bay, they kept pressing on, bombarding the president with more questions even though he had given them no answer to their previous questions. Watch the video below:

Now, as much as other people around the world might find this act of harassment hilarious, the people of Zimbabwe are not taking it lightly. They have voiced out their disappointment at what they referred to as poor journalism on the part of Nigerian reporters. Zimbabweans have referred to the acts of the journalists as an ambush which should not have happened considering the fact that the president was only there to honor an invitation.

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In another light, media and political analysts have expressed sincere shock at the very poor security accorded to president Mugabe by the Nigerian authorities. In reaction to the video making rounds, minister for media and broadcasting services, Professor Jonathan Moyo said that the action of the journalists seemed pre-planned and that the journalists looked more like would be Nollywood actors and Boko Haram members.

Prof Moyo expressed complete shock over Nigeria’s inability to organize a better protection detail for a visiting head of state who was in VVIP area when he was assaulted. He went on to say that the journalists had only succeeded in embarrassing themselves and their countries rather than president Mugabe as they had intended by the questions they asked him. He concluded by saying that Nigeria feels like its democracy should be emulated, but that there was nothing to emulate since uncouth journalists cannot be called to order.