Zille’s Colonialism Tweets: Mmusi Maimane Vows To Grill “His Madam”


Many South Africans refused to believe Mmusi Maimane is the true leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) party. It has always been expressed that he’s a puppet, and Helen Zille, “his madam”.

For instance, the EFF leader, Julius Malema once told black voters to avoid being misled by the DA.

“The DA has two leaders,” he said. “It’s Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane. Mmusi is used to attract black voters; the real leader is Helen Zille who is the white leader of the DA.”

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Now, an opportunity has presented itself for Pastor Maimane to clear major doubts and assert himself the leader of the Democratic Alliance.

The opportunity is Zille’s colonialism tweets, and Maimane wouldn’t waste the chance to show he isn’t “Helen’s boy”.

What did Zille tweet? Well, she angered many South Africans this morning when she decided to debate the legacy of colonialism as shown below:

She also contended thus:

And, added this:

After South Africans lashed her saying it’s wrong to justify one of the greatest evil against humanity, the Western Cape Premier begged for forgiveness as indicated below:

Her apology however, wouldn’t spare her the wrath that would come with a disciplinary process the DA leader confirmed.

Maimane distanced himself and the DA from Zille’s colonialism tweets saying they were unacceptable. To the DA leader, colonialism is like apartheid and, both can never be justified because they were all about oppression and subjugation.

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Maimane stressed that Zille’s colonialism tweets breached the DA’s social media policy and, that she will be held responsible for that.

The matter “has been referred to a disciplinary process,” he said. “I have come out as a South African and condemned it. The wording is indefensible,” added Pastor Maimane.

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